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Follow them as they travel between two planets trying to save loved ones and avoid enemies. This is a full k sci-fi romance novel, featuring a growly Alien Alpha general and a feisty, curvy human woman going against all the odds. It is part of a series but can and should be read as a standalone novel! No cheating and a guaranteed HEA!

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Aria Harris has been fighting for recognition all her life. Well, Ambassador… on a trial period, anyway. You know you want to find out! Battle-hardened, alpha soldiers. Men and women who never give up.

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But not everyone is happy with artificial life living amongst humans, least of all Peyton Chase, a doctor with a harrowing past. He nicknames her Hell. She nicknames him lots of unladylike things, at least in her mind. Because there are rules to a relationship like theirs.

Master and Slave. Unfortunately, time is running out for Hell. Her own desperate past is about to catch up to her with deadly results. When the Templar continues to cut a swath through San Francisco, his victims begin to show a new pattern, however—a pattern that appears to have Miri at its center. To complicate everything, Miri and Black are going through a Seer-mate bonding, and having a strange effect on everyone around them as a result. When Black decides to use his old black ops connections to try and find the killer, Miri is left in San Francisco to try and help Nick, until the killer forces both of them into a final showdown.

The search leads him to more trouble than just an irritating sibling when he finds himself in the embrace of a tantalizing stranger. What turns out to be a chance encounter will change his life forever. Jez Baldovino owes a life debt to an influential Wolven. To pay up, she must complete what she thought would be a simple task — retrieve some stolen data. The situation quickly becomes complicated and she is forced to use a handsome, unsuspecting stranger.

Malachi realizes that not everything is what it seems; unknown enemies and a beautiful female determined to escape him was not in his plans for the day. His plans change when danger surrounds Jez.

There is only one male that is allowed to hunt the woman who ambushed him with a kiss — him! With the lack of privacy, where can Hell and Peyton find a moment alone to talk, let alone do anything else? Peyton has some explaining to do. But so does Hell. It is not a standalone story and is meant to be read in sequence following Project Hell — Part 1 and Part 2.

Can two wounded souls who have lost everything learn to trust and forgive in order to fulfill the prophecy, and find a love that will last for eternity? Hell Squad sniper Shaw Baird is a man on a mission. His squad is his family and now the invading aliens have done the unforgivable…taken one of his team.

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Claudia Frost—soldier, friend, and all-round badass—is running on borrowed time. Claudia Frost is surviving…barely. But she knows her squad is coming for her…knows Shaw is coming.

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But rescuing Claudia is only the first dangerous step. Not only is he hunting their band of human survivors through the forests of the Blue Mountains, but he wants Claudia. Shapeshifter Gabriel MacSweeny loves a challenge. Brielle Connors, former officer for the elite bounty hunters the Cavalier Security Corp, is on a mission. To get her job back and make her old boss and ex-boyfriend look like a fool.

After weeks of research and leg work, she finally discovers the holy grail of bounties and sets out to reel it in.


Only, the alien Tulan bounty hunter, Finn Strydom, beats her to it. Rushing to the payload and bickering all the way, the two find themselves stranded on an abandoned ship with no hope of rescue. A last minute confession leads to a hot close encounter as the two face death. Get it now on Audible! Sale ends Friday! They can change without notice. Sunday is the last day! Check out this collection of smart and sexy sci fi romance reads collected just for you!

Grab three award-winning, stand-alone romances in the Phoenix Adventures Box Set. What do you get when you have an IQ that is off the charts, the inability to let go of someone you love and a lot of spare parts? The man of your dreams, of course. Aeron Braxton is on the verge of unveiling her newest creation—a droid who can pass as either human or Vanos. An alien race took the man she loved away from her, but her revenge is at hand. Aeron has rebuilt Brad into a living, breathing killing machine she hopes will save the outer quadrants from a mass Vanos invasion.

This general will never lose… This is a full k sci-fi romance novel, featuring a growly Alien Alpha general and a feisty, curvy human woman going against all the odds. Heroes will rise…when they have someone to live for.

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From what reporters are able to learn about them, they seem incredibly arrogant and boring anyway. The battle of survival against the invading aliens heats up…but Hell Squad never quits. Buy As Gift.

They've caught the town in the crossfire of a war between their families, a battle that has raged for hundreds of years and through more than one world. When an innocent falls, Tristan and Julian reveal themselves to Grace as Seelie and Unseelie princes--fae--whose only chance at peace is to sire a new tribe through the one mortal woman they both desire.

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Warning: Explicit sexual content. Intended for mature readers only. All characters depicted in this story are 18 years or older, and all sexual activities are of a consensual nature. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Erika Masten is the girl-next-door with an unexpected wicked streak and an addiction to sexy high heels. She loves turning forbidden desires and secret fantasies into erotic tales with literary flare and a dirty mouth. Visit her at On Twitter, she is ErikaMasten. Average Review. Write a Review.