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Using the structure of a worship backing tracks system can help you establish and share set lists, and help musicians arrive ready to go, with everything well-planned in advance. With some systems, this can include chord charts and planned arrangements as well. Learning to play to a click is helpful for most musicians in worship settings, and will help to keep the band together. MultiTracks and custom mixes can be used for rehearsal and practice by team members. Some worship song tracks systems can duplicate the performance environment at home, helping musicians be familiar with the set and ready to play.

There are also some negative things MultiTracks can do. They are computer automation, and they can fail to work. A computer may crash. The automation may cause confusion, similar to an airplane cockpit when things go wrong. The band may get off the click. The sound may not work for your church body. Like anything else in your service, having a plan for these situations is a good thing. You also should consider hardware—both for performance, and for individual rehearsal. How will you control the tracks? Will the system also be handling lyrics? Psalm Fanny Crosby is the greatest hymn writer that ever lived, writing over 9, songs!

Before Fanny got saved, at 45 years old, she wrote many secular songs. Here's what Fanny said about mixing Christian and worldly music:. Fanny Crosby wrote over 9, songs to the Lord! Fanny used over different pen names because she wanted to make sure God got the glory and not her. Fanny J. Crosby How different are todays CCM performers. They copy the world's tunes. Many try to "crossover" into the worldly music world. They copy the world's looks and "hip-hop" language.

They fellowship with the world. Time magazine, December, 16, , p. How different from the words of the Lord Jesus in Luke , "And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.

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Amazing Grace? Blessed Assurance? OH NO! Kurt Cobain decorated his home with blood-splattered baby dolls hanging by their necks! The inside of Nirvana's album In Utero, which is the album dcTalk got "All Apololgies" from, is pictures of chopped up babies! Look at it. Cobain's first band was called "Fecal Matter".

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Des Barres, Pamela, Rock Bottom , pp. Their song "The Son of Jesus" spews their hatred and blasphemy of the Lord Jesus Christ, they sing, Jesus was involved in the occult, had illegitimate children by Mary Magdalene, and that God the Father was sexually attracted to Jesus' daughter. They have actually given invitations during their concerts for young people to receive Satan. Their song N. Nativity In Black is one of the most openly satanic songs ever recorded. It is a love-song from Lucifer, in which Lucifer invites the listener to "please take my hand", the lyrics:.

Here's a short list of some so-called Christian Contemporary performers who sing "worldly-secular-rock" songs.

Many, many more examples could be given. See our other articles for more examples. Acts says, ". God is no respecter of persons".

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Numbers Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become NEW. The message in Christian music should be clear, not vague, or unclear.

The apostle Paul didn't try to "trick" anybody, he wanted to make sure he was understood:. Martin Luther, the German Reformer, also avoided any worldly influence and wanted the message clear:. Look how clear these songs praise the Lord.

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And literally thousands of examples could be given:. Most of CCM music is vague, or it is sung in a "worldly-hip-hop-cool-lingo". Rather than "Jesus", they will say "he", "you", "I", etc. Here's some samples of the unclear, vague, ridiculous and nonsense messages in CCM: And we could give hundreds! Moser freely admits:. Christian musicians today are so caught up with their "music" and just the "right-sound" that the message takes a backseat. A lot of Christian music especially with the "canned" accompaniment tapes is a "performance" rather than a message.

When that happens, the "performance" completely destroys the message by pointing all the attention to self or the music. Consequently, the musician "robs" the Lord of any praise and from a Christian perspective, it's fruitless. Sadly, many musicians and not just limited to CCM are like the chief rulers that the Lord Jesus addressed in John HM magazine says, "a lot of Christian bands do not feel it necessary to speak about God or Christ":.

Ghoti Hook now how's that for a Christian name , says "point-blank", they, "don't mention God onstage Much of Christian music today is more entertainment than ministry. A lot of Christian musicians and not limited to CCM or Christian Rock are far more interested in impressing their audience and "flaunting" their musical talent than ministering to the Lord. You can not sing to "please men" and sing unto the Lord. It's one or the other. Christian music is not entertainment. Christian music is spiritual "food".

Real Christian music admonishes [reprove mildly], while praising the Lord. Christian music is from the heart, not just the voice. Beautiful voices are a "dime a dozen". But beautiful hearts are "more priceless than gold". A church we once attended had a man, named "J. When "J.

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And when "J. Frank Garlock, author of several books on Christian music, and an instructor in Christian music for over 40 years. Garlock writes in his book, Music in the Balance:. Hebrew While I realize there are exceptions, the primary place for Christian music, excluding tapes, CD's and other recordings is the church. CCM'ers justify their performing in worldly concert halls, auditoriums, et. A lot of CCM performers rarely ever perform at church services. When they do perform at a church, it's a "concert-only-service" rather than a "church" service.

Moser says:. We as an industry weren't running away from the church at that time, but I do think we walked away , hoping to bring enough of the church along so we could still make a living-so we could still, basically, get rich.

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Materialism, a lot of it, crept in and started affecting our values. In fact , I would probably be more inclined to call the industry "commercial Christian music," rather than "contemporary Christian music. Farner plays the same bars and nighclubs as before he was saved. I usually turn to Ephesians and Colossians , and they surprisingly "eye" them for the very "first time".

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Apparently it's important enough to the Lord to list them twice. And that is why the world "loves" rock music. A few "testimonies" from the world:. Rock is the quintessence of vulgarity. It's crude, loud, and tasteless. What is the main characteristic of rock music? What makes rock different from other music? Why does rock appeal to the flesh? What is it about rock that is has "taken-over" the music world?

In order to answer that question, let's examine the components of music. Music is composed of three main components; melody, harmony and rhythm. If these ingredients are not present, then it's not music, but noise. Webster's Dictionary defines melody as; 1. Sweetness of sound; music 2.

The chief theme of a musical composition. A tune; song The Grosset Webster Dictionary, p. Melody is the most prominent part of music. Melody is the theme of the tune. Without the melody line, there is no music. Melody is the horizontal line the notes follow on the music score. Here's a few quotes from famous musicians on melody:. Webster's Dictionary defines harmony as; Agreeable proportion of sound.

A succession of chords. The Grosset Webster Dictionary, p. So, here are some artists to get you started. When you find contemporary Christian music you like, share it with your friends and family! It can be a great yet simple way to reach others with the Gospel. An easy way to do this is to suggest listening to your local contemporary Christian radio station when in the car. You can also invite friends and family to go to Christian concerts with you.

I use an app called BandsInTown to find out when my favorite Christian artists are going to be in town. You can track certain artists, and the app sends you an email every time they announce that they are performing in your city. That way, you get notified and can snag those cheap early bird tickets! In all, I truly believe that contemporary Christian music has the capacity to change lives. So go out there and get listening! Your new favorite playlist awaits you. Click here to download the application. The email should be in your inbox shortly.