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Oh my friends, be my Santa, Just like my Mama and Papa. Gifts and cash are so much welcome, That would surely bring me so much fun. Make them burst with laughter with this Christmas poems with funny wordings just for adults. Christmas is my favorite, Filling my desk with gifts, Christmas party there and here, Bringing so much Christmas cheer. But guys, just take it easy.

Poems about Christmas

Eat treats and drink beer moderately. You can always have short funny christmas poems to share to your loved ones and friends this Christmas.

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Enjoy these short christmas poems funny. Santa, Santa, where are you?

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Here are some of examples of humorous poems that you can use. Yes, these are also created by me. One poem is even made perfect partner of 12 gifts ideas for Christmas!

Expect them to come in whole year round. Merry Christmas! Rather than singing the twelve days of Christmas, I will ask for twelve gifts of Christmas Laptop, new phone, ipad, clothes, ring and jewelry box Add some gift basket, more gadgets and cash. My Christmas wish list is something simple, yet still twelve. Happiness in life, love, peace, prosperity, success and good health. Sexy figure, handsome boyfriend, career, some cash, yummy treats and wealth.

Want more humorous and funny Christmas poems for your children.

I hope you enjoy this funny poems about Christmas that you would enjoy! How Christmas is a time for fun, When all you save for the year are gone Buying gifts and be stuck in the shopping craze Long lines in the cashier lane never fail me to be amazed. Christmas is time for sharing the love, and you have to remember that.

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Want to put a dash of silliness and fun in your Christmas greetings? Christmas is here and the best part is the good cheer, Everyone will understand the music gets loud in the car, This is the only time to hit it hard with good beer, But be careful not to end up in cheesy bar.

Christmas is here, Kids wish for plenty, And our pockets get empty, Santa is praised, you get to pay. Reading Christmas poems is one of my past time especially when holiday is approaching.

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Hope you enjoy them too. So I decided to write to the Santa again, Asking why he let all the holidays go to my waist, Post-Christmas does not have such a great taste, Every last bit of food that I like must be banished. While I guard the stockings and tree in the house, I chase away all the greedy cats and mouse, Time to have hot biscuits, or warm milk, or pie, No one will know because they think Santa always eats.

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Christmas Poems For Kids

The office was decorated with tinsel and lights, and got very busy making yummy delights. We played games but not the reindeer kind, for some came for fun and some came to unwind. Christmas carols were sung and stockings were hung; selfies were taken and taste buds awakened. Remember this season to do a good deed and reach out your hands to people in need.

Christmas Poems - Poems For Christmas - - Poem by | Poem Hunter

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