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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Anyone else think this looks like butt crack? This part of the book gets a solid five stars. It was intense, surprising, and mind-blowing. I absolutely loved it. After the amazing action sequence in the beginning of the volume, the rest of the book had a hard time keeping it at the same level of intensity.

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I enjoyed the Soul Reaper captains battling it out with the Espadas, but the long-winded explanations of how-my-power-is-better-than-your-power gets pretty old. Just fight already! Because of this, I felt a little disappointed in the eagerly anticipated fight with Hitsugaya and Halibel.

Even with the excessive talking, discovering the Espadas' powers was really interesting, and I'm looking forward to finding out more. I hope this really isn't the end for you. It's more of a 3. It was pretty okay. Some ask why did they bone in that fic, and I ask why not? Fanfiction was made so that characters can bone. Have I said bone enough?

Bone bone Peter Bone. Also, it gets a 4 because the preview makes it look like this frakking series will finally get out of its rut and do something, which is always a plus. And Yammy's powered-up berserker upgrade was pretty cool too. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite Espadas.

So, you know, one of three. Y'all need to feed my shonen manga need much better than this! Ulquiorra is finally defeated and fades to dust which was a great.

Bleach Vol. 41

In the last volume Ulquiorra had the upper hand and was totally awesome and badass but now it's the other way around and Ichigo is now the strongest. Ichigo says that it was not him because he was in his hollowfied form and it did not count. Ichigo did not want to take the victory because he was not conscious throughout the whole battle. There was a moment between Ulquiorra and Orihime that he asks her again whether she is afraid Ulquiorra is finally defeated and fades to dust which was a great. There was a moment between Ulquiorra and Orihime that he asks her again whether she is afraid of him and she says she's not which was a bit bittersweet for him.

He was starting to understand a little bit of emotions but he ended up dying. Yammy being the strongest of the espadas was a bit of a shock because of how he acts. Renji and Chad, And Rukia were shocked when they found out that Yammy was not Espada 10 but 0 and he was the strongest of the espadas. Can't wait to read what kind of strategy they will come up with to defeat Yammy now that they found out how strong he is. The battle between Barragan and Soi Fon was good so far can't wait to see how it would end. Soi Fon is having trouble in trying to figure out how to defeat him without having to get close to him because of his ability and power.

What I found interesting is that Barragan tells the captain that each Espada embody a certain aspect of death: Stark-solitude, Halibel-sacrifice, Ulquiorra-nothingness, Nnoitora-despair, Grimmjow-destruction, Zomaire-ecstacy, Szayel Aporro-madness, Aaroniroe-greed, Yammy-rage. I love how each each espada personify an aspect of death like Barragan said it is their abilities, their thoughts, and their reason for existing.

The fight between my favorite character Hitsugaya and Espada 3 Halibel was great because they are in a stand still because of both their ability to manipulate water they evenly matched. Here's another favorite volume of mine. Ichigo goes totally beserk, and we see a great battle. The volume's mostly focused on Ichigo's continued fight, but we do see Rukkia, Renji and Chad facing off Yammy, and the captains facing off the three highest Espada.

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These battles do not look good. The only good news so far is that Ichigo defeats Ulquorria, and even that has consequences we have yet to see. The artwork continues to be great and the story has got me on the edge of my seat. So satisfying to see what Ichigo could become when his Hollow is in control for a while. He truly was a monster, even in Orihime's defense. The remainder of the volume was good, just not as great, though it's still entertaining to read Barragan releasing his powers for the first time in this fight.

Now this was an awesome volume. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Gosh, this was amazing!! Ichigo transforms into a full Hollow, which I assume is his 'inner Hollow', but yet he just turned into a hollow and not the one that's insane and looks like him with white hair. While Ichigo is distracted, Ulquiorra gives his last blow, which pulls Ichigo out of his Hollow transformation.

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He refuses to finish Ulquiorra off, because his sense of justice and equality overcame him, but Ulquiorra was basically already finished off from before. When you think of it, the Espadas wouldn't wait a second to take advantage and kill you unless you're like the Espada Spark, but yet Ichigo still has a sense of fairness, when he's conscious I'm actually really surprised that Yammy is the 0 Espada, if that even makes sense grammatically because he was the one who was beaten up really bad from before.

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Maybe he didn't have enough power then? I didn't exactly understand the whole "storing energy" thing Yammy was talking about. Just before that gets started, we jump over to the World of the Living, which actually made me pretty angry where everyone is struggling, especially Soi Fon and her Assistant Captain Omaeda against Barragan, whom I'm still not sure what rank he can be considered as.

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He controls the power of senescence, and can easily make someone's bone's age, technically destroying the person. Orihime answers that she is not. The two reach for each other's hands, but Ulquiorra completely fades to ash before they can touch. Ulquiorra finally understands what a heart is and dies. Meanwhile, Hitsugaya and Harribel continue their fight. Ulquiorra experiences his last thoughts before he dies. During this time, he finally realizes what Orihime meant by a "heart" and dies. Yammy is shocked that Ulquiorra got defeated, stating that he was going to go help him out after defeating Rukia, Renji, and Sado.

Yammy becomes infuriated that they are the only people he gets to use his stored up power on, ripping his Arrancar outfit in the process, revealing his 10 tattoo. Rukia, Renji, and Sado discuss between themselves that they could easily defeat Yammy, since they had fought other Espada with higher ranking numbers than him. Yammy then remarks that the Espada ranks don't go from , but They watch the fights happening before them. He comments to Starrk that he's pretty strong. Starrk replies saying that he's surprised at how he can keep on dodging his attacks like that without losing his hat or kimono.

Hitsugaya and Harribel continue to fight. Harribel shoots a projectile at Hitsugaya called " Ola Azul " and it comes right at him. Baraggan comments that they can't even budge him. Before Hitsugaya can react, the right half of his body is cut off. The sliced half of Hitsugaya's body crashes to the ground and blood spurts out of his wound. Before she can even make a move, Hitsugaya, now in one piece, slices at Harribel's face, but Harribel dodges. She attempts to swing her blade at Hitsugaya, but he swiftly jumps over it. Hitsugaya says that he was surprised how much stronger and faster Harribel was after releasing and tells her that it was a good thing he came prepared.

The air around him starts to crack and it is shown that it was actually ice. He tells Harribel that he can only use that technique once and to not underestimate the strength of the Shinigami. Just from Baraggan's swing, a whole building was sliced in two. Baraggan grabs her leg and swings her around, throwing her on the roof of a building. She quickly regains her composure and tries to figure out what Baraggan's power is that causes her movements to slow down.

He tells her that each of the Espada embody an aspect of death and their powers represent that. He reveals that his aspect is " old age ," and that it is the most powerful of all the aspects of death because it's the only guaranteed method of death. Suddenly, he appears next to her side and places his hand on her shoulder. Alarmed, she quickly jumps away and Baraggan tells her with just a touch, he can age her very bones. Harribel and Hitsugaya continue their fight, with both vying for dominance using water. The released Baraggan walks toward them on the surface of a roof.

The roof rots beneath him just from him walking on it. He then releases a strange smoke-like miasma from his body, rotting everything it touches. The arm falls to the ground, now completely turned to bone. Baraggan finds it funny that even Shinigami fear death. Harribel shoots off a blast of water at Hitsugaya, engulfing him. The ice quickly wraps around Harribel's sword arm, but she quickly dispels it by slicing her blade in the air.

Harribel tells him that he's the one doing the overestimating and blocks his attack with a shield of water. She continues to tell him that if water can become his weapon, the opposite is true as well. She then shoots a giant surge of water directly at Hitsugaya, engulfing him. Harribel and Hitsugaya continue their fight. Harribel's attack, with Hitsugaya inside, crashes to the ground. As the water clears away, it is revealed that Hitsugaya turned part of the water into ice to form a large shield, protecting him from the blow. He slices the shield in half once Harribel's move was finished and tells her that he was aware that if one could use another's attack as a weapon, the opposite is true as well.

He shoots off spears of ice in Harribel's direction and she tells him that all his attacks will have the same results. She then melts his ice spears, rendering them harmless. Hitsugaya suddenly appears behind her and using the melted ice, creates another ice attack and launches it toward her. She quickly breaks out of the ice and Hitsugaya tells her that one is in the most danger during their strongest attack. She slightly smiles at this comment. Marechiyo freaks out, insisting to her that both of them need to escape while they still can. Unintentionally going with the plan, he starts to run away from Baraggan, who starts to chase him.

Harribel shoots spears of water at Hitsugaya and he dodges all of them. Suddenly, she appears right behind him and shoots a Cero at him, cutting off part of one of his ice wings. Hitsugaya notes that it was a weak attack, but says that she is waiting for the same thing he is: For the battle field to be filled with condensation so she can finish him off in one blow. Reforming the broken ice wing, he says that they'll get nowhere trying to achieve the same thing. He then tells her that he has never done this technique in Bankai before, but there is a first time for everything.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The Lust 4 King of the Clouds Viz Media Contents [ show ]. Cover of The Lust 4 Within his subconscious, Ichigo hears Orihime Inoue calling out to him and tells himself to stand up and protect her.

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The Lust5 Orihime asks if that is really Ichigo standing there, clutching Ulquiorra's severed arm. The Lust 6 Rukia Kuchiki freezes Rudbornn's branches, saying if he breeds new soldiers like fruit, the solution to stop that growth is to simply freeze the branches. Tyrant of Skulls The sliced half of Hitsugaya's body crashes to the ground and blood spurts out of his wound. King of the Clouds Harribel's attack, with Hitsugaya inside, crashes to the ground.

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