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Lucas also spends a few lines of dialogue demonstrating the breadth of the NES videogame lineup, as he casually mentions he has 97 titles for the console and apparently is an expert at all of them. According to unverifiable internet lore , the sounds emitted by the Power Glove during the Rad Racer scene are the five tones from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

That's pretty bad. The movie also shows tons of Nintendo's PlayChoice arcade games, which allowed gamers to play from a selection of NES titles for a limited time. While I do remember seeing these in arcades, in the world of the movie, the PlayChoice is conveniently located in virtually all public places, from restaurants to bus depots to There's a lot of action in the second act set in restaurants and diners because of the requirement that NES games be played frequently. When a PlayChoice is unavailable or utterly implausible as in the interior motel scenes , Christian Slater!!

The glove story behind Bain's reunion with his former mentor

Oh, did I fail to mention that Christian Slater appears in this movie? He's the older brother of Corey and older half-brother of Jimmy Luke Edwards , and serves only as a comedic baffle for the father figure Beau Bridges , who otherwise would be driving around looking for his runaway kids by himself. I should note that Slater had just done Heathers in , so this seems like an odd career choice.

The Wizard was the first look for U.

Calgary's Hot Little Rocket blasts off for Stampede reunion show

Interestingly, the word "Nintendo" is rarely spoken in the movie -- the only time I heard it actually mentioned was during a brief scene where we see the hip cubicle farm behind the Nintendo Power Line a paid phone help service NES gamers could call for tips. Don't get me wrong, Nintendo games and products are shown constantly, but the script seems to tiptoe around actually using the word "Nintendo.

Let's leave aside the movie for a moment and talk about that Power Glove. It was released in the U. It was produced by Mattel in the US, and it had an ambitious goal: replace the NES controller with a more natural interface. Sound familiar, Wii users? Indeed, the Wii controller succeeded with some of the technical areas the Power Glove pioneered -- just a couple decades later. The Power Glove was actually based on an earlier class of peripherals called Datagloves , which were too expensive to reach the mass market.

The Power Glove had sensors built into the fingers minus the pinky, which tends to follow the ring finger's movement , which allowed very basic hand gestures to be recognized. In addition to the finger tracking, the glove could be tracked in 2D or 3D space using ultrasonic microphones and emitters, allowing some Wii-like behavior The glove also had a modified NES controller strapped to the wrist, with a series of ten hotkeys that could be programmed to do useful things think "finishing moves," but then think, "oh, right, NES".

One of the finishing moves for the glove's use in the real world was that you had to hold your whole arm up in a limited space -- which gets tiring really fast. Oh, and have you noted that it's only available in a right-handed model? At the end of the day, the product was way ahead of its time in that it envisioned a more natural mode of interacting with games but so technically limited that it hardly made any sense.

You might also enjoy this 20th Anniversary fan-made mod watch the video , with schematics available. And, back to the movie! Seems like a lighthearted romp, eh?

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What's weirdest about The Wizard is its complicated relationship with gambling, death, violence, and mental health problems. The plot is instigated by a repeat-runaway boy Jimmy whose diagnosis isn't specified in the movie, though it's pretty clear he's supposed to be an autistic savant and also suffering from some sort of undiagnosed emotional shock over the death of his twin sister. Jimmy is in a mental institution. The plot involves Corey busting Jimmy out of the nuthouse and getting him to "California" the only word Jimmy can speak for the first half of the movie from Utah as they're chased by a bounty hunter whose primary job is retrieving lost kids.

It's not explained why law enforcement isn't involved, and why three prepubescent kids running around the western U. Oh, and Haley is picked up by the half-brothers Corey and Jimmy I won't get into why they're half-brothers; it's overly complex as Haley is hanging out by herself in a bus depot, reading Cosmo. The trek to California is accomplished primarily by gambling -- a series of double-your-money hustles instigated by the queerly parentless Haley. We actually get to see Haley's trailer home at one point, though her father a trucker is on the road.


In addition to video game-related hustles, the trio end up at one point in an actual casino, wherein Haley's skill at craps allows an adult "Spankey," a mentally challenged "trucker friend" of her father's, played by Frank McRae to win hundreds. It's later revealed that Haley's deceased mother had a gambling problem, which apparently led to Haley's hustling skills.

Corey's mother is also dead. Workers at General Motors ' factories might possibly have one of the most thoughtful employers. No, GM hasn't paid us or anything to say this, but in fact the American carmaker is working on a special robotic glove for factory workers that reduces the strain on hands and also improves grip while handling heavy and power tools. Using the same technology GM and NASA will help Bioservo now to develop RoboGlove, a battery-powered wearable that is used for multiplying force, which could be highly beneficial for factory workers who assemble cars.

Rebel Without a Glove part 1

GM also intends to be the first U. As for the glove itself, RoboGlove uses special sensors and "tendon-like" servos to help multiply the wearer's gripping or lifting force.

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  • The operator wears a belt-mounted battery pack, plus a glove with finger sensors and an arm wrap that contains most of the servos and actuators. Apparently GM briefly tested RoboGlove in a pre-production plant before looking for a partner like Bioservo to help them refine it to fit different size hands and address other issues. Currently still in prototype stage, Kurt Wiese, vice president of GM Global Manufacturing Engineering, says, "The successor to RoboGlove can reduce the amount of force that a worker needs to exert when operating a tool for an extended time or with repetitive motions.

    Bioservo, who will manufacture and sell this new robotic glove, also intends to use the technology for a variety of purposes like medical rehabilitation and any place additional gripping strength is needed. View Photos. Popular Car Models. MG Hector. Hyundai Venue.