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Well, while you're pondering that, let me point out that the material here was recorded for Domino Records between and Nice music, decent sound, and a fine cover photo of the guys. I'm buying one. Sledge ranks as one of the great soul song interpreters of soul music's golden age.

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Both albums, produced by Quin Ivy and Marlin Greene, feel of a piece--as if they came from one long recording session. Greene's other song here, Heart Of A Child is so strikingly good it's a wonder no one ever charted with it.

The original liner notes are reproduced here, which is fine, although would it kill Collectables to hire someone to write some notes and include some photos or chewing gum or something? Sound quality is generally fine though a number of tracks have clicks and pops that could easily have ben removed. There are informative notes by Dave Penny but no discographical details at all - not even year of issue. This double CD features both sides of these singles plus 6 previously unissued titles.

Although not exceptional or distinctive singer Smith was a appealing one and there are some good songs here like the original version of Looped and the amusing booze song It Went Down Easy.

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Although his singles never went anywhere Melvin continued working with various groups through the early 80s when he gave up on music and went to work for the post office. As always for Bear Family the production is exceptional with great sound, interesting notes by Billy Vera and full discographical.

A nice snippet from the career of a solid, if not outstanding, performer. Personally I prefer the Saxophonograph collection, which concentrates on his earlier and more energetic blowing - despite the title Tab's alto lays low on a lot of these tracks, oozing smoochy slow dance syrup when it could have been spitting fire. Walking Along With The Solitaires. Equally at home with ballads and jumps, they recorded for Hy Weiss's small New York label, Old town Records between and This is a landmark group that's finally getting its due.

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And Ace maintains its normal high standards in the of quality sound, graphics, and notes. The group, at various times, consisted of:.

Earl Beal b. Earl T. Bill Horton b. Raymond Edwards b.

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Richard 'Rick' Lewis b. Cornelius Brown - bass. Amazon: buy Silhouettes. Spotify: Silhouettes. AllMusic: Silhouettes.

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