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Something was coming down the stairs toward me. I could only see a glimpse, a motion, and the impression I had was that this was a troll making me afraid. However, as the scary creature came into the light, I saw that it was a tabby cat dressed up in a red sweater and denim shorts, which I thought were put on her by the child.

Something new was born about three months ago. What was it? A vision, a hope, a plan? Don't worry so much about the framework of your life the roof, the floor ; it's the freedom to live your life, your art, and your craft that matters. That's what will make you happy; that's what will nourish your new life. Of course some part of you wants it to look more 'together'; some part of you is scared that the boogey man will come out of the dark.

But it's not the case. Upon listening to my commentary, the dreamer informed me that three months earlier she was sparked by a new and grander vision and commitment to certain aspects of her life. Further Commentary : The abandoned child is a common motif in dreams—something has gotten left behind, forgotten, dismissed.

Here, the dreamer with the help of an unknown part of herself the unidentified other person discovers a child. Because the dream shows her becoming aware of the child it is she, not someone else, that discovers the child , she is likely to be able to identify this abandoned part of her life when asked. The dream reveals two obstacles to her making a change and integrating this part of her life indicated by her worrying about the structure of the house and by her fear about the scary creature.

Sometimes a child, a life direction, has been left behind, but other times it is simply discovered at just the right time. A new life, not a resurrected one, is upon us. The dream below suggests such a process. I was surprised to find I had tenants—three extra children tucked in a room. I opened their stubborn windows to clear out the smell.

I was thinking that cross ventilation will help air out the popcorn-cheesy-stinky-feet-smell. The dream suggests that there are already three new things waiting, things you were not aware of or had dismissed as unattainable or unrealistic. Don't let go of your dreams for your life; be a bit more 'stubborn' and insistent. Stay close to what truly moves you and follow that. You might also want to take a moment of reflection and list three things that you dismissed but still want. Further Commentary: Sometimes dreams have specific numbers.

I took an educated guess for this dreamer that there were three specific things and indeed there were. If that turned out to be the case, I would think that her mood might not lift with anti-depressants or positive self talk , or other remedies alone; her low moods might not really lift unless she took on her new tasks.

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After years of therapy and reflection, I have come to realize that my own dreams about pregnancy reflect my deep seated and completely justified fears that no man or woman could ever find me the least bit attractive. This was a very interesting article,and the closest interpretation i can relate to. I dreamed of coming back for the child i abandoned and i can see it's my desire to pursue my life dream that i shoved aside to do other things. The question is: is it a good new endeavour or does it mean that nothing good is going to come out of it? I guess every man makes his own fate and i'll just have to go for it and see.

The question - is this a good thing- is a tricky one. Be careful with an inner dynamic that downs your desires. Glad you are deciding to go for it. Of course, take only what resonates for you from what I say as I don't know you and your associations to the dream.

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Hello, your article, though informative, has still left me pondering my own recent dream of having a child. I had given birth in a hospital to a baby girl and never saw her again. I questioned my family and hospital staff about her wearabouts because i knew i had to feed her. I also knew that i had no hand in raising her but i knew her as though i had.

The whole thing felt very strange when i woke up. I had this dream a few weeks ago and have yet to forget about it. Rather than waking up and relearning the hard way tiger means danger as in being eaten we immediately spring into defensive response and thus continue the Homo sapiens evolutionary process.

There may be other evolutionary answers to why our dream content is what it is, but in the absence of any real scientific evidence we should be prepared to accept a simple probability that the dream state only has meaning as an evolutionary survival leap and nothing more than a mechanism to maintain a brain readiness state during sleep. The random nature of evolutionary trial and error is consistent with apparent meaningless patterns of dream activity and would support a hypothesis that dreams have no other purpose than to maintain a state of brain readiness.

Interpretation of dream "content" my very well be meaningless. This theory will be discounted as being too simple, but then again "the greatest idea ever conceived by man", evolution, is fundamentally very simple. I have often ruminated had Einstein spent enough time with Darwin; he would have come much closer to "understanding the mind of God".

You may have heard it first here. Robert B. Hall rbarryhall verizon. Despite the contents of dream just few observation 1. Any sexual intercourse experience for men always left signature of ejaculation on wearing when we awake up. Any local piercing wake this astral body to 'disappear' and let 'sleeping body' back in the ' conventional sense'.

Conclusion is: 1. Every human being spend half of their lives in two states asleep and awaken without their choice!!!! The impression of all activities of astral active body in sleeping is many time felt by the 'conscious body', why? Dreams have all sorts of talents we lack in our conscious selves. That's part of what makes dreams fascinating.


Indeed you hit straight to head. Dream experience indeed unveil TWO big set of capabilities; one is the similar acitivities and emotional reflection as we do in daily life widely known as conscious and second one is free of time and space known as astral body. Astral body which is activated only during asleep!! Yes it lead us to source of whole new set of human capabilities that is not explored hitherto, any comment? Wolf, phd. In other words: Science cannot be separated from the great gestalt of human experience, evolution and ancestral connections to the sacred and the earth.

It is from and within this great gestalt our dreams arise. My naive opinion is to go basic science is observation and having experience equipped with the contemporary level of conscious growth.

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Equipped with the education of science physics, chemistry, biology, genetics, maths we are trying to interpret something that is beyond the conscious knowledge. Carl Jung could discover the real meaning of the dream messages as I prove with my work, after curing many people from severe and simple mental illnesses through dream therapy since based on his method, which I managed to simplify. They could learn how to cure their patients if they would respect the scientific translations because the unconscious mind that produces our dreams works like a doctor.

The unconscious mind is able to cure invincible mental illnesses, while our ignorant doctors destroy the immune system of their patients with their medications, which should be forbidden by law. However, since ignorance, hypocrisy, indifference, and greed prevail in our world, these doctors are allowed to do whatever they want based on theories and dangerous experiments, even though they are unable to understand the internal functioning of the human brain.

Your post has enlightened me, thank you. I love hearing perspectives like this. I have been thinking similar things each day and I also feel it is hard to get away from.

I tend to feel everyone around me has been brain washed at work. Yep, inevitably we are all brain washed!! Neutral thinking? Profits often supersede medical malpractices or cures. Drug manufacturers usually find lucrative incentives with legal medications and illegal drugs. The illegal side of drugs produces a yearly black-market worth probably over into a billion.

And off shore accounts might belong to discreet balance sheets. Yet, peer into the same mind and be unable to recognize the meaning of a dream? I too am surprised to read an article that fails at objectivity and disregards those professionals and amateurs who have discovered past and present footprints within the mystery of dreams.

We need to recognize that behind the curtain sits a very intelligent, powerful, and cosmic being without the certifications. We need to recognize that staring at an illusion at every opportunity locks out normal and healthy vision.

Paulo Coelho

And, we all need to recognize that our unconscious being directs and controls all organs, especially our minds. I have an original approach to dream interpretation. I consider it valid. My basic theory is that dreams follow a consistent emotional pattern. Unless the dream plot is disrupted by external influences such as noises, every dream begins with what the inner self loves, continues in the early-middle section with what is desired, proceeds in late-middle with what is undesirable, and ends with what is hated.

I've also figured out guidelines for interpreting complications in dreams involving emotional behavior such as laughter or crying, speech and language use, and symbolism. A summary of my approach can be found in the psychology section of the forum at www. If the forum isn't visible, click on one of the featured articles and it will appear on the side. I'll add that I've published articles about my dream interpretation approach in the professional literature.

I wasn't able to use statistics in the articles, and perhaps partly for that reason no one has cited any of them. If you look at your shortest, simplest dreams, they might clearly follow the love-desire-nondesire-hatred pattern. Hi, I had a very strange dream today early morning. I will write the full dream here. There was a my cousins birthday party. He pointed Gun at me in order to kill me. I then drove to one of my friend staying far away to ask for criminal lawyer.

I told him I need to go to Police to confess my crime. I come back other day to my cousins house and find him standing on staircase. I hugged him immediately. I said I don't care about him. I then enter in my aunts room who was ill and had separate room for her. I was visiting her after a long time. I sat near to her. I use one of her cloth to clear my running nose. I said I don't care. In my naive opinion, dream contents reflect long term use of anxiety, depression and sedation drugs. The mean one is most probably high blood pressure.

There is nothing to worry about in dream. Subject who is dreaming will catch cold, but it will be minor one. As dream is an information relayed directly or metaphorically from unconscious to conscious, so taking it as a forecast be careful to catch cold. Stay healthy. I appreciate your dream, even if I don't really know why. It seems to be that what scares you is not what you do, but what you think, it means your own reflection.

Another thing that calls my attention is that "you didn't care" twice in your dream: once "I said I don't care about him" suppose to be the one who didn't forgive you and the other time when "you used one of your aunts cloth to clear your running nose" The birthday party could be and invitation to be born again in a new way of life. Maybe the invitation is to differentiate between being "scare" about your own reflection, and taking "care" about your self. I never saw such dream before. There were some explanations why the picture must show an static past, like the mirror in your dream.

Also something scary, some sins and something to confess to himself. It's just my free association with a dream that you never saw before, but maybe could also be understood in some creative way. There is a quote of Oscar Wilde that says: "Ilussion is the first of all pleasures" And there is another quote from him that reflects also like a dream paradox of projections when says: "Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artiste, not of the sitter".

In some way when we dream we sit in front of a mirror of projections and reflections and in the other hand we are also the artist, the author of the dream. Like taking a picture with an automatic camera that has a 10 seconds delay, so we can click and take a pic from our self, from our past. This is for the person who submitted the scary dream. My interpretation follows, based on my theory that dreams are consecutive emotions of love, desire, nondesire, and hatred.

Note that my interpretation is my opinion only, and shouldn't be considered as therapy or in any way guaranteed to be valid. The dream begins with the dreamer at a party. He loves that. An altercation follows, which has some attractive aspects to the dreamer. In the next desire section, the people he was in an altercation with are healed.

He desires they not come to lasting harm. The third section shows the possibility of getting an infection. That would be undesirable. The ending shows an aunt laughing at him. Such emotions are opposite to emotional reality, and an appropriate inference might be that an aunt might be concerned for him. I have no scientific basis for saying this, but my opinion is that dreams do have personal meaning.

But I do think dream dictionaries can be a bit misleading as it is unlikely there are fixed metaphors or definitions of what the dream features mean. Personal experience has taught me that dreams of fear, anxiety, dread, etc. So upon waking, I tend to spend a few minutes having a little think about any unsettling dreams. Sometimes I can have a terrifying dream where I have committed a murder, and in my waking life I am feeling a bit guilty about an undone task at work. Other times the origin of the feelings are uncertain. I don't spend too much time worrying about that though.

I think it's useful to pay attention to our dreams, but not over obsess about them. To me they seem to be useful in so far as my daily emotions and feelings are interesting and fleeting. I've been writing down my dreams for years and find they sometimes help me with issues I'm consciously grapling with.

Since dreams are your subconscious thoughts and observations it's been my experience that I've been able to interpret my dreams with real meaning. I've also discussed dreams with a lot of friends over the years and we have a common experience of being able to interpret them. So personally I find that the commentary above does not apply at all to me. I agree with the premise of this article that experts and dream dictionaries are not helpful in understanding your own dreams. I also agree with some of the comments that dreams do still have importance and meaning in our personal lives.

I have used this method for decades in gaining insights from my own dreams and in helping others to understand their own dreams. I have to agree with Laura. I have read several dream interpretation dictionaries and they all give different meanings for the same thing so it's hard to know what to beleive. There are also cultural differences in dream interpretations. However, none have ever felt right for me and in real dream interpretation with a psychoanalyst the meanings are individual to the person.

I do think you can connect them to what is happening within the person and their relationships but it is a time consuming and individual process so I guess we are better off not just trusting ehat is on dream interpretation websites! I've been having very strange dreams about an old boyfriend I dated in high school. I've not heard or seen him in over 20 years. I found out late last year that he had died in April After finding out that he had died, I was shocked to hear the news. Later that night, I dreamt that I was running along a dirt path and in the far distance I saw a man performing some kind of ritual for someone who had just passed away.

I suddenly realized it was for my ex-boyfriend. Suddenly, I come up to my boyfriend's house and the funeral was still carrying on. There was many people in the living room and I can hear him mom crying.

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I try to comfort her. Suddenly my ex-boyfriend is there in the room although it does not look like him. I just know that it was him.

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He's angry and wind is blowing everything around. Everyone in the room was frightened but not me. He says he doesn't want to go alone and wants me to go with him. I told him that I couldn't go and that he must go alone. All became quiet and still again and I wake up. In August , I dreamed that he had come to visit me. I knew he was coming and I was glad to see him.

Same goes with your life and dreams. Just don't give up! Bust through internal blocks and limiting beliefs. Energy-sucking thought vampires come in all shapes and sizes. Much like the money "issues" that often come up, there could also be some deep-rooted beliefs that you will never be successful or that you don't deserve to be. Or, perhaps it is your own greatness that scares you the most. These beliefs often stem from childhood and we might not even know they are there. I find that self-reflective journaling and meditation are highly effective tools to help bring these destructive thoughts to the surface so you can heal them.

Find a quiet spot to mediate and before you begin ask yourself, "What am I most afraid of? What is holding me back right now? Be open to whatever thoughts come and go in your meditation and simply label them "thoughts. Don't worry about punctuation or grammar. Just let it all out. When you're done, reflect on what you've learned about yourself. It can be pretty eye-opening and life changing! Listen to your gut! At any given point, we have at least a hundred other people in our ears: friends, family, business partners, random strangers on the Internet.

Many of them mean well some not so much , but they all have opinions about what you should be doing and how you should be doing it. While it's always a good thing to keep an open mind and give some value to the thoughts of others, at the end of the day: You are the guru. We all have our own internal guidance system built in.

When we learn to become still, we can clearly hear the gentle guidance of our heart and soul. Learn to take what others say and do with a grain of salt and, instead, follow your own intuition.

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It will never lead you astray. Be adaptable. We often find ourselves out there trying to steer the river instead of just going with the flow and allowing the current to take us along for a ride. We get so attached to the vision in our own mind that we sometimes forget we are actually co-creators in our lives. Yes, I believe in taking accountability for our own actions and that we can manifest our own reality.

But, at the same time, there is so much in our lives that is completely out of our control. Once we learn to become easygoing and less attached, we soon realize that the universe has an even greater plan than what we originally intended. What does that mean to you? Sometimes the plan has to change. You need to be willing to rewrite again and again. We must learn to hold our vision and dreams ever so loosely like a cute baby chick. Imagine what happens when you squeeze that baby chick too hard. Oh no! The same thing can happen to your dreams.

So, be easy. Learn the art of unattachment while striving for achievement.