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The melody is also covered on piano and nylon guitar for reinforcement, and just because it sounds cool. As a bonus, we've recorded both secular track 3 and sacred track 33 lyrics to this song, so you have a performance choice. You will also find the student part for the sacred version there. See page 77 for details. We do, however, include both sacred and secular lyric pages in this issue. Of course, the instrumental tracks work with either version.

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Instrumental Three Carols for Oboe and Organ. Representative Text 1 Oh, come, little children, oh, come, one and all, to Bethlehem's stable, in Bethlehem's stall, and see with rejoicing this glorious sight, Our Father in heaven has sent us this night. Source: Celebrating Grace Hymnal Translator from German : Melanie Schulte, no biographical information available about Melanie Schulte, Luke