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That was until he went to hospital to witness his own birth in the hope of stopping the midwife from dropping him on his head or so his mother had told him. Here, after an unfortunate run-in with his alcoholic dad, Gary triggered a Star Trek style temporal-anomaly that beamed him forward to A ccompanied by charmingly rubbish special effects he was parachuted into contemporary London and a trendy bar crammed with hipsters. It was an excuse for lots of fish-out-of-water gags: Gary had no idea what a smartphone was and nearly keeled over at the sight of two men holding hands.

The show encouraged us to view it as a tragedy that our hero had not been able to continue bounding between his two families. But the slightly bullying insistence that Gary ought to have been allowed have his romantic cake and eat it left an aftertaste. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

Like Phoebe, the character of Yvonne was also replaced halfway through the series run. Emma played the second incarnation and returned for the special. Though Yvonne was left on her own by Gary, she'd become a millionaire businesswoman and even ended up as a Dragons' Den star. Victor played Gary's best mate Ron, who was the only other character to know of his time-travelling abilities.

He was essentially the s version of Ned in Spider-Man: Homecoming. He also returned for the special. Since the show ended in , Victor has appeared in a wide variety of TV shows and movies.

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Christopher played dependable police officer Reg back in the past, and also returned for the special. Since the show ended, he's had small roles in the likes of EastEnders, Mr Selfridge and Birds of a Feather among others.

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Goodnight Sweetheart

Fleeing an angry mob, Gary bumped into the real Ripper, who it turned out had been using the time portal to escape into the s whenever the police were close to catching him. We then had the surreal sight of the Victorian serial killer let loose on 90s London - until being hit by a bus.

Case closed. It's a wonder that Gary could keep going back in time and dabbling in history without the future being massively altered. Except for that time when he went to Liverpool in the s and met Ron's grandfather, who got in the local papers after saving a child from a burning building. Gary's presence led to the grandfather being nicked for theft don't ask , meaning he was in a jail cell when the fire broke out and couldn't fulfil his destiny as a local hero. Gary returned to the 90s to find it rather different.

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There was a President Thatcher in Downing Street. Plus, Yvonne was married to somebody else, while Ron was now a vicar. Yes: a vicar. Utterly alarmed, Gary returned to the 40s to get Gary's granddad out of jail and put history back on the right course. Which is a pity, because we'd love to have seen more of the Reverend Ron. Not content with getting hitched in a different time period, Gary also became mates with one of the most celebrated Londoners of the s. Namely, Noel Coward: writer, showman and dapper dinner table wit, who proved to be utterly charming company.

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In fact, when Phoebe had to deal with snobby locals in a posh part of London, Noel came to the rescue by giving her elocution lessons, in true My Fair Lady style. Mr Coward also helped set up a trust fund for Gary's son, and even tried to get Gary involved in the British movie industry.

Fortunately, that didn't come to anything - Gary's ego didn't exactly need inflating. What's even odder than finding a time portal down a London alleyway? Well, how about getting struck by a lightning bolt which abruptly creates an evil version of yourself?