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Mother daughter quotes are perfect for anyone looking for a reminder of just how precious the relationship between a mother and a daughter is. Take a few moments out of your day to cherish the special relationship between mother and daughter with these inspiring words as a beautiful reminder. Mothers have the opportunity to teach their daughters how to grow up in this world. The mother-daughter bond is special in every way.

In that regard, here are some beautiful quotes to celebrate the unique and wonderful relationship between a mother and daughter. Best friends forever from the heart. Never forget that I love you. Life is filled with hard times and good times. Learn from everything you can. Be the woman I know you can be. The kind that warms you on a beach when you come shivering out of the cold water.

I love her for that. We are both dark and light. Filled with fear and love. Brimming with confidence and saddled by doubt. We are a balance of what is seen and unseen. You may not know this but you have been dreaming about these characters for quite some time. If you are a woman who has been dreaming about a male figure who is handsome, intriguing, sexy, wholesome, and familiar, you are dreaming about your soul.

If you have dreamt about a frightening, strange, decrepit woman who feels deceitful or manipulative, this is your shadow. The soul is represented as masculine in a woman and the shadow is represented as feminine. The opposite is true for men whose soul is shown through a captivating, beautiful, and intriguing woman and whose shadow is portrayed as an ugly, destructive, and undesirable man.

When you are feeling connected, spiritual, and healthy your soul may appear in your dreams. When we are overwrought with feelings of anger or fear, the shadow figure may dominate your dream space. In fact, all of the figures in our dreams represent aspects of ourselves. We are incredibly diverse and complicated beings. There is not one but many of us present at any given moment.

You are a mother, a businesswoman, a friend, a chef, an artist, a diva, and a romantic all in the same breath. The multiple people living inside you are called personas. So, if you dream about an encounter with a painter or writer, you are dreaming about the creative energy inside your psyche. If you dream about having lunch with a group of children, you are viewing the childlike qualities that remain with you. A dream filled with angels corresponds to your most spiritual nature.

You can glean hidden insight from these wonderful sleepy-time excursions with your personas. Perhaps you need to pay more attention to that childlike essence, artistic nature, or spiritual side. If you listen carefully to these lively characters, they will lead you towards wholeness, balance, and regeneration.

The symbols that we dream about have significance as well. If you dream about traveling in a red car to a house with a blue door, mind the details. What do the colors red and blue mean to you? A door may symbolize making a transition in your life. Are you on your way to enter this new phase?


Think about each element in the dream and see how it resonates. Are there any feelings attached with these objects? Are they real memories from your conscious life? If so, what do they represent? We call this process unpacking the dream images. Find how the images traverse the actual lines of your life. What do you remember? Often dream images will unlock memories from our childhood. Perhaps our earliest memories. What a blessing this is when it happens. Imagine that psyche is presenting you with something you forgot even existed.

Maybe it was your old crusty sled or the wisp of a feather you held in your hand. Remember, it is appearing in your dream for a reason. I had a dream in that changed my life. I was going through a rough spell, and felt disillusioned and lost. In the dream I was sitting in a large cavern inside a mountain. The walls were aglow with lanterns and the floor was painted with a large intricate mandala.

I sat across from a young Dalai Lama who bowed his head in prayer. He looked up and told me that he had been expecting me. He extended his hands and adorned me with wooden beads. You are perfect and whole and need nothing more. I am always here for you and will never turn my back. My love is eternal and I have put it inside of you. You know these things but I am here to help you remember.

Try not to forget this again. I felt so blessed to be reminded of these sacred teachings. I felt free again and full of spiritual energy. And then The Dalai Lama got up and led me through a cave to the side of a mountain. As we looked down in to the snow-filled valley we heard the howls of a pack of wild animals. This was an archetypal dream as I visited with a divine being who showed me the way. I had always admired wolves for their sense of family and determination. There is an ominous nature to them that is characterized by their powerful and majestic presence.

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So many wolves have been affected by severe climate changes in recent years. I thought about the artificial corrosion of their natural habitat and the depletion of their food and resources. Soon after I had this dream I quit my job as a producer in the film industry to go back to school to get a masters degree in psychology. When I graduated I began to work with marginalized families that were suffering from deprivation and poverty. I realized that I was now helping people who shared many of the characteristics of wolves. My dream had actualized into my waking life.

Dreams have been a source of inspiration for me and many of my clients. I encourage you to keep a dream journal on your bedside table. As you wake up with dream images fresh in your mind, write them down. Just a few images will help you drop back into the dream when you revisit it at a later time. Dreams are important and happen to us for a reason: Listen to them with excitement and curiosity. They will help you to understand yourself in a deeper and more honest way. Losing teeth: This is a dream you may have when moving through a transition in life, i.

Embrace the change! Falling: This is a dream you may have when you are feeling overwhelmed. Weird dream…but I wonder what it means. I mean I have been secretly job hunting, but I think my boss may know. The cougar is your symbol of freedom of a new life, a new job. The fact that you feared it shows that your greatest fear is being free to roam, free to find a better life for you and your daughter. Your fear is your warning flag of the work you need to do in your life to move forward.

The cougar is a great teacher and mentor for you. Become the cougar and you step into your personal power; the power of independence, gentle assertiveness, decisiveness, and the ability to leap at opportunities when they present themselves. But you must be the leader, the huntress, the fearless warrior woman. Cougar can show you how!

Believe it! It began as I smoking a cigarette in the backyard of a house. I turned my head to notice a dark outline of a mountain lion which sat on top of the fence of the yard and it just stared at me while wagging its tail. I was so afraid. I turned around, dropped my cigarette and walked into the house without looking back and shut the back door. I turned and looked at the windows, only to see that there were mountain lions sitting in the windows, staring at me and wagging their tails.

I felt like i was being ambushed and I had no where to go. All of a sudden, the back door flew open, as if a by magic, and the prominant mountain lion, who I first saw, slowing began creeping towards me. It carried an extremely intense gaze directed right into my eyes as slowly tried to back away. This is where the dream ended. The night prior, I had taken a bath and was pondering my life goals and was extremely stressed out about what direction my life was going in.

If anyone has any feed back, I am really interested in your input. Is this one of my spirit guides? It felt like an extremely important presence that demanded my attention. Like it had had enough of my games. Absolutely, the cougar is one of your power totem animals. This dream is a stunning example of the way animal totems communicate with us.

Fear of the future; fear of the unknown. If the cougar is your totem in the East and I suspect it is then the cougar is there to guide you through your greatest spiritual challenges and guard your path to enlightenment. It is your mentor to help you face your fear and overcome it and step into the power of who you are meant to be. Study to cougar as he was studying you. Become the cougar; shapeshift into the cougar. Be fearless. It is the only way to understand your life goals and be confident of the direction of your life walk. I had a dream where I was in some woods with 3 cougars.

Finally I saw one coming towards me and I guess I just laid down and the cat just laid on top of me like it was protecting me from something, cat even licked me like I was a cub Then it got up and went into wild again After some time it came back and did the same thing And I felt like safe and protected Then i woke up. It never got in but I could see the sillouette of it walking around the tent.

It finally left and went into a river. I went to the river looking for it. What could this mean? A good dream illustrating the idea that our animal totems will only stalk us waiting for us to recognize them, acknowledge them and invite them into our lives. These nine totems carry our medicine, our true personality, our abilities, talents and natural skills.

This is your true personality. You want personal power. Be the Nine. Feel the natural force of nature operating inside you, thru you. You can move energy and mass if you are the Master of the Nine. I had a dream where i was in a fenced backyard. A cougar was in the backyard and a group of domestic dogs where fighting it off all circled around it. I was trying to get into the house without the cougar spotting me like as if i was going to let the dogs take care of it. So sometimes I would struggle to hold its mouth open and at one point a tiger helps me to hold its mouth open so I can run away, well in the end we finally get home and there is a cougar with a black dog sitting outside our house and they let us pet them, and when we went inside they laid down together on our front lawn.

I somewhat looked into it and it said it may mean I have enemies trying to cause negativity in my life? Which I totally believe. Had a nightmare … I was in a house and was sitting on the second story deck when I noticed a mountain lion. This mountain lion was very big, veryyyy big compared to a normal one and started to jump up to the deck and I ran in the house and tried to shut the door but the mountain lion got to it and kept it from closing and entered.

I was backing up and trying to fight off this animal and it kept trying to attack me but always missed but I was so scared but it just kept missing me. I ended up leaving the house and going towards a river where there were little children clothed and playing in the river. They seemed unaffected by the terror I felt… Then I woke up.

I also get the feeling that that cougar was a mother that lost her baby or could not have one , the mother instinct brought her to your mom..

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It started with my girlfriend and I being on the camping trip that we are currently planning. We were breaking down camp and were getting ready to move on to the next place when a scruffy old man approached us asking for a ride. He said that he was on his way to some sort of Native American festival. We should check that out too!

As soon as we started the car, the old man pulled a knife and delivered some vague threat. At that moment my girlfriend and I each pulled a knife on him, demanded that he got out of my car, and left him on the side of the road. Though it is not really a part of the rest of the dream, it is significant because it was the only part in which I felt like I was in control. It was also the only part in which my girlfriend and I were together.

Dream of Fire – The Meaning of Fire Dreams

We arrived at this festival and at the front gate we saw a huge line of people waiting to get in. We decided that my girlfriend would park the car and that I would get us a spot in line. As I waited, everyone around me was talking about how excited they were to be there. I entered the gate with a bunch of strangers wondering where my girlfriend was. The crowd swept me further and further from the front entrance and suddenly my excitement turned to anxiety. A big Native American man in traditional clothing told me that I could wait for my girlfriend in this cabin that was surrounded by teepees.

This is when things went from being just kinda weird to really bizzare and scary. I entered the cabin and the place was completely abandoned. No furniture. Boarded up windows. Random broken home accesories strewn all around on the floor. I felt like there was something watching me. Out of the shadows came a massive blue mountain lion slowly and silently making its way towards me. I panicked. I hopped into a nearby crate hoping that I could hide there. Instead, I fell straight through the floor and down into the basement.

Moldy, dusty, cobwebs, and once again, random stuff everywhere. There were several doors going out of the room and I started looking around for a way out, but every door I opened either led me to more creepy basement or pitch blackness. Once in a while I would encounter another person. Sometimes they were real life friends, but most of the time they were strangers. All of them were more lost than I was and would offer me no help in finding a way out.

Occasionally I would open a door to find that same blue mountain lion sitting stoically in the middle of the room. Each time I saw it, although it was not doing anything to threaten to me, I was overwhelmed by fear and would slam the door and run. One point which I remember particularly well is when I entered a room and saw a little girl. She was wearing a white dress that was covered in dirt and was sitting in the corner with a drawing pad. She was surrounded by beautiful drawings which were scattered on the floor around her. I asked if I could sit with her and she said yes.

When she looked up at me I realized that she was blind. I asked her how she was able to make such beautiful art without being able to see it. She simply pointed at an old chest across the room. At this point I was desperate to find a way out of this place so I opened it anyway. Inside were documents and hand written notes as well as old timey family photographs of a man, a woman, and this little girl. I looked back to the little girl and looming over her shoulder was that big blue mountain lion. It seemed bigger than ever and was doing a weird combination of growling and purring.

This time I was not afraid for myself, but for the little girl. I reached for her and as I did, she reached for the lion. I just stood there watching in awe as the girl told me that there was nothing to fear. Again, any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading. First of all wow! I think that the cougar not attacking you is a sign of power. From what I hear, the cougar can represent power. Power that is waiting for you to tame as the little girl did.

Your surround by endless friends, or people and you feel emotionally lost and afraid and no one can help. The power is your and it is waiting for you to accept your emotional empowerment. What a very interesting dream! The little girl being blind but seeing is a really spiritual symbol in my humble opinion. She had sight without sight. She trusted her spiritual path completely, and it worked in her favor.

Does blue have a certain significance to you? I can go into the symbolic meaning of blue, but we could go on for ages. Cougars can be terrifying. Have you ever heard one of those suckers? Any thoughts??

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It is very distracting and to the point when I go outside, I am extremely vigilant and looking around and over my shoulder. Am I crazy? I dreamt I was walking in a small town from my past and there was a city park.

  • ​You are a woman with dreams. A woman with goals. A woman with a vision for her life..
  • Winter Awake!.
  • I’m Talkin’ Bout Street Skills Son!.

I was walking the outskirts of the park and noticed a couger sitting in a tree in the middle of the park. But he did and he jumped out of his tree and started walking towards me. I decided it would be safer to stand my ground. When he finally came up to me I tried yelling at him to leave, but he leaned in to bite me and we had a very small altercation. I got very angry, more so than being scared. I opened my right hand fully and completely extended my arm out, swing it begind me and gave the couger a hard slap across the face.

He turned around and walked away. I had a dream last night of a cougar licking my face and then laying next to me and sleeping. It was in a house. Not my house.. Do not know where I was. Thats so sweet that cougar was licking your face in your dream!

I work with cougar in meditation sometimes and have actually run into one IRL once. It was sitting high up on a hill at the entrance of a nature walk trail i was going to go on. Needless to say… I turned around and went back the other way! I am a person with some familiarity with cougar. Can only offer an impression but this is what I feel coming from the dream:. Cougars are know for their virtue, articulation of leadership or authority and their cunning amongst other things. You and your friends came by some money what you might call an not so kosher way.

All of you are feeling greedy about getting the money and of course this is not the greatest of states of minds. Cougar is watching you throughout and interferes with your attempts to take the money in the first dream. In the second time he watches you return to get the bag that you had dropped. He is totally intent upon you as you are upon him. He represents authority here and also virtue and responsibility. And I think he is functioning as a part of your conscience. Although you get away with your scheme, you only succeed by perpetrating real violence against the Cougar who dies.

Perhaps you are in conflict about something to do with another person and there is clearly a right or wrong position to take in your mind. That would be a literal meaning. Perhaps you are in conflict with a part of yourself about overcoming a sense of being watched and criticized too much. Your overcoming the Cougar is a powerful moment in that regard. You could be coming into your own power but your use of it seems tainted or taken to the extreme.

Just reflections from the mirror of spirit. Helpful I am not sure. Ultimately, you must feel the message yourself. Good luck. The had a nightmare about being in my backyard letting my four dogs out to do their nighttime bizz. For some reason I was out in the yard with them. Yesterday, while I was running an ultra, a large male mountain lion crossed my path maybe four feet in front of me.

He was so close that I was startled and of course my heart was beating a million times a minutes. It seemed as if he was just passing through, but to have a sighting that close is so rare. We rushed home. Now I coming to feel that these sightings have some meaning. I had an encounter with a Florida Panther in late September. I agree. But yet a call to action. I just woke up from one trippy dream. It started off at work , I was apparently doing everything wrong including going inside the restaurant. I talk to the sous chef and he tells me that the entrance to my station was on the other side.

The whole time it was night with pretty stars which I can see without looking directly at them. I say hi to the chef as I walk by, his wife starts rambling about a dream or vision she had I was pretty far but heard it as if was next to me. I can remember her talking about how scared she was, about hell coming to earth.

She started crying and in the midst of her tears she mentioned that it will all start with fire. And then I somehow feel the need to defend them me being 20 years old [and him being my boss and would most likely protect me] I come across this battleaxe with a red aura ,once I grab it ,I spot out a black cougar. The feline was damaged and with bursting red eyes. I was somewhat defending my chef and his family from the already hurt feline. I throw the battleaxe at him. And it gets stuck to his belly, he takes off running.

No longer having the battleaxe and being a scary alley, I grab a tape recorder for protection, the words the devil I hear and wake up. I had a really disturbing dream a couple of nights ago, hope someone can help me understand. I woke up feeling bad, but not like a nightmare cause I was in control, able to go in and out the house. Thank you! At the beginning of summer I had a dream that this gorgeous and majestic feline became my companion. She came and found me when I was hiking alone one day. We went everywhere together and even though we had our home we prefered to travel.

She was very mellow, calm, caring and was never aggressive. She was very intelligent and her eyes showed she was very much self aware. We some how were able to communicate her to me mentally and me to her verbally. This feline held all the similar attributes of a Mountain lion yet her coat was glossy like that of a black panther. Is there any significance to her coat color being unlike any I had ever seen before.

I would greatly appreciate a response. Hello — I am not a native american but have had many encounters with spirit and in particular with cougar. She was showing you something by manifesting in that color — only you can determine what quality she was pointing out to you. Maybe your fear even of the cunning and prowess she holds for you. One thing about Cougar is that in the process of showing you your power and how to take your stance it needs to point out to you also where you are weak.

It will defend you until you find your understanding of that weakness but only if you respect her aspects of integrity and honesty. So in finding the power she is manifesting you have to be willing to admit to where you are not powerful and what inside of you is holding you back. Because anyone who is visited by cougar must have power to draw upon. When you have the power you will see there is no need for that.

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They have no fear really because they have earned their pride and strength. I hope that you find it. Perhaps this specific mountain lion is a specific spirit guides. I know my mountain lion spirit guide has bright colored eyes that a puma in this world would not have. So perhaps this was your spirit guide presenting themself? My husband; he was out camping and went to put the dogs in the trailer, my mom opened the trailer and a cougar grabbed one of our other dogs and my husband ran and booted the cougar in the gut.

My dream was weird, it started off on my house is grew up.. I was walking to my house when I seen 3 mountain lions and 2 cougar this 5 cats had green eyes, at first they dint attack me, they waited for me to get inside my house, as I close the door one charged at me with so much light speed and stealth I was able to close my door, but since it was the Metal one I could still see him, he was trying so hard to get through the door. Just a trail of blood from the cats eye wholes. After a while l, where the cat blood trail ended cats after cats came out with its same goal to attack me…….

I dont understand, I am South African, but, I have dreamt that I used a big python to strangle a very large alligator to rescue a cougar from the alligator. Afterwards I was scared that if I let my grip go, the freed cougar might attack me because I had the cougar clutched In my arms at this point. I instead it befriended me when I released it. Can you help me on this one please? I dont know but I had almost the same dream except i trusted the mountain lion like i already knew her.

I helped free the mountain lion from the crocodile and we walked side by side to try and get her help. She was weak and bloodied.. Perhaps, this is also a dream for the world…. Any insight into this dream?? Then a male character looks like seth rogen nonchalantly walks over and exclaims I have a cougar attached to my head.. The cougar was roaming around in the street, noone knew where it came from it was not vicious and did not attack me.