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I think I posted this question over six years ago. Looking back it was the best decision I could have made. He attacked me with the children present and I had no choice but to get out. Just like MilitaryP, I was terrified!

Why rescue sucks

I am now in a stable, loving relationship where we both give of ourselves and support each other. My children see what a good relationship is all about. They also see their father struggle with his life.


I'm going to Petition the Court and have all of his financial obligations dropped - past, present and future. He won't take the children for visitation because he can't afford to feed them even though I sent them with bags of groceries. He hasn't worked in over a year and although he's getting a new job, I'm done with him not fulfilling his obligations to his children.

He complains to them about money and they worry that he can't take care of himself. They don't need to see him struggle like that.

He won't even go to school plays to see them perform. He won't take them to a park or just hang out with them. He's never been there for us and he never will be. He just doesn't have the capacity. I never speak badly about him either to the children or anyone else because he ruins his own image enough.

5 Ways to Find The Courage (You Already Have) to Leave - One Love Foundation

I tell them that he'll figure it out and we have to afford him the opportunity to figure it out himself. My new partner is the true measure of a man. He attends all sporting events, all plays, helps with homework, plays ball with them and gives them the male role model they need.

What you MUST do to LEAVE an Emotionally Abusive Relationship - Stephanie Lyn Coaching

He isn't their father and he isn't trying to be. The long and short of it is, stop trying to jam square pegs into round holes. If it isn't working, stop forcing it.

Find someone who's a better fit and build a life with them. We only have a limited amount of time in this world. Use it wisely. Why can't I find the courage to leave? I don't love him anymore? Not helpful.

Leaving My Partner: Cowardice or Courage?

It is not that simple, otherwise you would have left long ago. You may wonder what it means to build your inner strength in order to gather the courage to be on your own. Finding a good therapist is one very helpful way to do so. The goal of therapy is exactly that: to build your inner strength so that you can rely on yourself, and learn to understand that you deserve love. Another important way to build your inner strength is to learn to lean on your community of friends, and any other sort of community you may have.

If you are trying to leave an abusive relationship, this step is most crucial, because you are very likely isolated from others as part of the pattern of abuse. In addition to external support from others, it is good to bring focus into your inner world. If you have been in a relationship for a long time, you might be out of practice in this department.

Try to find something that engages you and only you.