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Opera Online 27 March 18 Lawrence Brownlee 27 March 18 Lawrence Brownlee unveils work by Tyshawn Sorey. One of the things you can do as an artist with star power like the tenor Lawrence Brownlee is use that cachet to add to the repertoire. Brownlee is best known for his mastery of the bel canto operatic repertoire Rossini in particular , but recently he fe. Sonya Yoncheva 27 March 18 When Verdi's "Luisa Miller" hits the stage on Thursday, March 29, it will be the first time the opera is staged with the company in exactly 12 years.

Ludwig van Toronto's weekly Critic's Picks are a fully curated list of some of the best concerts happening now through the end of the week. This is not to say we are the provocateurs of taste, but simply seek to provide a good weekly summary. Resmusica 27 March 18 Plaisirs d'amour avec Sandrine Piau et le Concert de la Loge. Grande salle de l'Arsenal.

After seeing the dress rehearsal of The Overcoat, it would be hard to deny that it is entertaining. But, I was left wondering, "what exactly is it? The Pittsburgh Opera will honor Tom Wolf, Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, with the Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his extraordinary dedication to the state of Pennsylvania and the city of Pittsburgh. The award will be given at. Director Phyllida Lloyd's production of Verdi's "Macbeth" doesn't need a revival to age.

Cluttered with too many literal symbols - Lady Macbeth attempting to wash blood off in the bath, Duncan clad in a glittery gold cloak that Macbeth dons when assu.

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Opera Magazine 27 March 18 The Glyndebourne Festival has announced that several productions will be screened during this summer's festival. The performances will be showcased in cinemas across the UK or online for international audiences; the live streams online will be straight fr. Des Moines Metro Opera has announced a concert and reception featuring internationally acclaimed countertenor John Holiday.

The concert, which is set for Sunday, April 8, will feature an eclectic mix of opera, jazz, and gospel selections and will be held. Les Talens Lyriques 27 March 18 Buy tickets. Theater Bonn Bonn, Germany. See Rouquette and Villemagne: Cart. From Maguelonne, II, No. In addition, he explains that the Pedagia, Guidagia, Salinaria defended by the legate must be understood as those "quae not apparent Imperatorum vel Regum vel Lateran.

XXII, c. It was above all a reforming council of the clergy: most of the canons take up the legislation of the Third Lateran Council and will pass almost exactly as they are in the legislation of the Lateran IV. As for Milon, we know that at the end of July he was heading for Provence. At Arles he had the two fortified churches which Guillaume Porcelet had erected erected on an island on the Rhone, and then he went to Marseilles to try to settle the Roncelin affair.

The Marseillais laughed at him. Returning at the end of August, he stopped at Aix where he forced the count of Forcalquier, William of Sabran, to take an oath, similar to those of Saint-Gilles, and to deliver him as a pledge three castles: Forma juramenti, ch. He was not yet excommunicated. Luchaire: Innocent III. The Papacy and the Empire, Paris, , pp. According to his will, he left to the Emperor Otto the lands he possessed beyond the Rhone. It went as far as when he died and donated all his art to the state, it got left hidden without proper management and was hung up in toilets around the capital.

His art is emotional and wonderful and I am particularly fond of his series of his redhead girlfriend. I think it is two main things. Community and practicality. It also helps with efficiency which is key in the industry. But the bigger and more significant reason for me personally is community. Like, sitting with screen-sharing over the web talking while seeing what everyone is making. I started noticing that the support for Windows 7 was getting poorer and people had begun to go all the way to Windows And this is before the actual support from Windows stopped, in I think.

Maybe later in I was getting tired of Windows and wanted to get into Linux, so I checked out all the distros and immersed myself. I went with Ubuntu Opening it the first time had a pretty average impression on me with the icons and workingspace. It looked professional so I thought this should probably do what I need.

It took some finding the stuff I was used to from Photoshop, but when I had finally done it I was ready. And in a short time I came to love it! A lot of the features it had then Photoshop later got on their cloud version but to me it was insane and so helpful, like being able to group various brushes and organize them in the menu with tags.

Firstly the community and the people working on Krita. They are very involved and makes it into something that has to be generated naturally. But I also love the functions and the services it provides me which are exactly what I need for what I do professionally. Not really much technical stuff that annoys me and with every version they add so much cool stuff with the tool options and stuff. Push cool content to show how good Krita is, show that it is used by professionals. Do more ways of pushing forward the community with community events.

It could be a 24 hour charity stream where chosen Krita artists are invited to join and make something and talk and push donations. It can be user collaborated content where creators are invited to make something for Krita that they can show.


But I also acknowledge that the Krita people probably have a better idea of what they should do and what works than me. How cool is that? I had a very long, sporadic and iterative process for this one. Even the characters were completely switched and moved while keeping their original colors. Like the green guy on top used to be a giant mech that took half the image.

You can see more and contact me for work at my website christalleras. I am also in the fediverse so if any of your guys are on mastodon or pixelfed you can follow me there. The Skrooge Team announces the release 2. Grab Skrooge from your distro's packaging system. The design is very similar to the kontact. The content could probably still need some improvements, so if you find typos or want to improve the wording of a sentence, please get in touch with KDE Promo. One part of this goal is to provide a better infrastructure and promotional material for the KDE applications notice the lowercase a.

I think websites are important to let people know about our amazing applications. So if you are maintaining a KDE applications and want a new shinning website, please contact me. And I will try to setup for you a new websites, following the general design. The new website uses Jekyll to render static html. This make it easier to maintain and will make it easier to change others website in the future without repeating ourself.

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Help is always welcome, the KDE community develops more than different applications, and even though not all applications need or want a new modern website, there is tons of work to do. If you are a web developer, you can help in the development of new website or in improving the Jekyll theme.

Internalization, localization and accessibility still need to be implemented. And it can be interesting to have small variations across the different websites. And if you are neither a designer nor a developer, there is still tons of work with writing content and taking good looking screenshots. If you have question, you can as always contact me in Mastodon at carl linuxrocks. You can discuss this post in reddit or mastodon. Next week, your name could be in this list! Not sure how?

Just ask! ELF Dissector is an inspection tool for the internals of ELF files, the file format used for executables and shared libraries on Linux and a few other operating systems. Until now ELF Dissector used Binutils for this via some semi-public API , which works very well but unfortunately only on the host platform that is, usually for x86 code. So this limitation finally needed to go.

We now have support for using the cross-platform disassembler framework Capstone. So far only AArch64 and x86 support are actually implemented, but adding further architectures is now quite straightforward. Together with a few other fixes and improvements, such as support for relocations in the. Using the Capstone disassembler is therefore also a big step towards addressing that, now only the use of the demangler API remains. Last weeks have been crazy for me. Since the GSoC began, I have been rushing everything related to university and my life to dedicate exclusively to the development.

And, just as I got back, I had to delve back to tests, assignments, seminars…. One of the problems for brazilians in taking the GSoC is that the beginning of the program does not match exactly with the end of our classes. But now, as everything is finally! I am using as my environment the Qt Creator, and I am focusing in the algorithm for creation of specific graph classes inside the generategraphwidget. I have already implemented algorithms for Paths, Complete and Complete Bipartite graphs, besides fixing some details here and there.

Louis IX of France

These modifications are still only in my local machine, as I am having some problems pushing the commits I must be doing something wrong in my configuration. There is a function for calculating the center there, I will compare that function to the point where the view always come back and adjust accordingly.

Another detail is the symbols of the view tools, that are not showing correctly. Today is midsummer eve. In Sweden, this is probably slightly larger than Christmas.

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Everyone goes someplace to meet someone and enjoy a day of food, dance and entertainment. This year, midsummer is on June 21, which marks four months from the first foss-north event outside of Gothenburg. Make sure to save the date! We have a venue and three great speakers lined up. Older blog entries. The opinions it contains are those of the contributor. Blog content should be mostly KDE themed, English language and not liable to offend. If you have a general blog you may want to set up a tag and subscribe the feed for that tag only to Planet KDE.

If you have a feed which falls into these categories or another non-English language please file a bug as below. If you have an account you can add or edit your own feed:. To get yourself or your project added ping him or file a bug on the Twitter category. Attach a photo of your face for hackergotchi. The content aggregated at Planet KDE is the opinions of its authors, but the sum of that content gives an impression of the project.

The KDE project reserves the right to remove an inappropriate blog from the Planet. If that happens multiple times, the Community Working Group can be asked to consider what needs to happen to get your blog aggregated again. However blog feeds should not be entirely personal, if in doubt set up a tag for Planet KDE and subscribe the feed from that tag so you can control what gets posted.

Posts can be positive and promote KDE, they can be constructive and lay out issues which need to be addressed, but blog feeds should not contain useless, destructive and negative material. Constructive criticism is welcome and the occasional rant is understandable, but a feed where every post is critical and negative is unsuitable. This helps to keep KDE overall a happy project. KDE covers a wide variety of people and cultures. Profanities, prejudice, lewd comments and content likely to offend are to be avoided.

Do not make personal attacks or attacks against other projects on your blog. Toggle navigation Planet KDE. June 28, Michail Vourlakos psifidotos. Latte bug fix release v0. Welcome Latte Dock v0. For those following Latte news, in July first beta release of v0. Requirements for v0. Minimum requirements:. Proposed requirements:. Community Help:. Latte v0. First API can be used from plasma applets to exchange information with Latte from qml code. My Window Applets are already using it in their latest versions.

Second API is related to new standalone Latte indicators and how they can be implemented from developers. In order for these APIs to reach developers I would like these information to be present at kde techbase. I have already created a word style document for them but you would sorry me that I do not have the time to upload them in markup language in the referenced page. If you think you can help or take up this task please contact me through the relevant bug report in kde bug tracker.

You can find Latte at Liberapay if you want to support,. Qt Dev Loop. We are happy to announce the release of Qt Creator 4. Get Qt Creator 4. Hoy empieza Akademy-es de Vigo. Hoy empieza Akademy-es de Vigo Solo aquellos que hayan organizado un evento saben que siempre hay muchos detalles que cuadrar cuando se organiza: sede, ponentes, horarios, cenas, comidas, refrigerios, banderolas, anuncios, acreditaciones, patrocinadores, hoteles y muchas otras cosas que me dejo en el tintero para no agobiar. How to comply with the upcoming requirements in Google Play. We are currently recommending the use of the following tools together with Qt 5.

Now for the details on where and how to get the right versions of everything. Step 2: Setting up the Android environment The second step is getting the actual Android development environment.


Step 3: Install Qt For this guide, we will be using Qt 5. Select both the bit and bit versions of Qt and click Configure Project. This screenshot shows an example setup for the bit build. Important things to notice here: Use a different shadow build directory for each of the builds. Make sure you select the Release configuration. You should also tick the Sign package checkbox to sign your package, otherwise the Google Play store will reject it. Step 5: Preparing the manifest In addition, the two packages will need identical AndroidManifest.

Hi again! June 27, KDE Applications Jonathan Riddell riddell.

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New Facebook Account. Facebook is a business selling very targeted advertising channels. Likes and reactions Similarly ephemeral. Following and followers This does include some people who have ignored a friend request but still have their feed public so that request gets turned into a follow. Groups One group I run and a few I use frequently, I can just rejoin them and set myself as admin on the one I run.

Events Past events are obviously not important. I had 1 future event I can easily rejoin. Other activity Anyone remember pokes? What Facebook Decides about me Facebook gives you labels to give to advertisers. Location history Holy guacamole, they keep my location each and every day since I got a smartphone.

Your address books They did however keep all my contacts from GMail and my phone whenever I first logged on from a web browser and phone. Fecha : viernes, 28 de junio de Horario : hasta las 20 Daniel Nicoletti dantti. Cutelyst 2. KDAB on Qt. Little Trouble in Big Data — Part 2. In this blog, I describe how we solve this, starting with Step 3 of the Process I introduced in Blog 1: 3.

Fine-grained Threading The original code we inherited was written on the premise that: Eigen uses OpenMP to utilize multiple cores for vector and matrix operations. Writing out the results of the Monte Carlo simulation is time-consuming and therefore put into its own thread by way of OpenMPI with another OpenMPI critical section doing the actual analysis. Of course, there were some slight flaws in this plan. None of which this analysis code was using, so that was useless.

Eigen does make use of vectorization, however, which is good and can in ideal circumstances give a factor of 4 speedup compared to a simplistic implementation. So we wanted to keep that part. The threading for writing results was, shall we say, sub-optimal. The initialValue argument must be added on. This is just zero in this case, but it allows you to pass in data from other operations if your algorithm needs it. The combine lambda then just adds up the results of each of the outputs of the apply lambda. Krita News. KRA and. Download Windows Note for Windows users: if you encounter crashes, please follow these instructions to use the debug symbols so we can figure out where Krita crashes.

Unpack in the Krita installation folder 32 bits Windows: krita-x Unpack in the Krita installation folder Linux 64 bits Linux: krita Source code krita Support Krita Krita is a free and open source project. Caio Tonetti ctonetti. GSoC Update. I found two ways to solve it: Always have an undirected and a directed edge in the edge types; Put a check on the interface to check whether the edge is directed or undirected when necessary; This decision boils down to restrict or not the freedom of the user. Tomaz Canabrava tomaz. Konsole and Splits. June 26, Foto de grupo de Akademy-es de Valencia. My first month on GSoC.

Snapshot Docker. It has the following key parts: Cloning the document, which is provided by KisDocument::lockAndCloneForSaving , which is already implemented in master. Replace the current document by another one, which is previously cloned. June 25, Alberto Flores albertoefg. Nate Graham ngraham. An easier way to test Plasma. June 24, Matthieu Gallien mgallien. I am happy to announce the release of 0. The following fixes have been added to this release: Much improved accessibility by providing more metadata to help screen readers do their job by Matthieu Gallien ; Use full-height separators in ContentView to make Elisa more consistent with other KDE applications by Nate Graham ; Make Playlist items span full width Fix bug by Nate Graham ; Improve focus handling by improving keyboard navigation and usage and improving focus indicators by Matthieu Gallien ; Fix delegates in the file browser to have same look than other grid view delegates Fix bug by Nate Graham ; Improve build system to require only the minimum versions and to provide better feedback Fix bug and by Matthieu Gallien.

More fixes will probably land in the stable branch and one more bugfix release will be done. I have the feeling that Elisa is really making progress as you can see with this screenshot of the bugfix release: 0. Roland Wolters liquidat. Could you tell us something about yourself?