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Utilitarian Situations. Kang, Jisun Improving a mesh segmentation algorithm based on non-negative matrix factorization. Kang, Ji Yun Help-seeking intention among college students: Cross-cultural study between East Asian international students and domestic students in the Unites States. Karki, Anju Investigating the role of the basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor MIST1 in pancreatic diseases.

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Lopez Perez, Nelyan Degradation of high performance polymeric fibers: Effects of sonication, humidity and temperature on poly p-phenylene terephthalamide fibers. Lotz, David Allen Energy dashboard for real-time evaluation of a heat pump assisted solar thermal system. Lou, Fangyuan A study on flow development in an APU-style inlet and its effect on centrifugal compressor performance. Love, Heather A Suicidal ideation following the termination of romantic relationships with consideration of family-of-origin functioning and self-efficacy.

Luan, Chi-Cheng Feelings of doing good for myself or others: Discussing effects of self-conscious emotions on sustainable consumption. Lucas, Jason M Connecting models of configuration spaces: From double loops to strings. Lu, Cheng Content-based image analysis with applications to the multifunction printer imaging pipeline and image databases.

Lui, Pan Priscilla Disentangling universal and cultural-specific risks to mental health among Asian Americans: A multi-site longitudinal investigation. Regulation in Infant Formula Safety. Luo, Qianwen The cloud-radiative forcing of the U. Luo, Zhe Understanding in-plane thermal transport in crystalline semiconducting thin films.

Luttermoser, Timothy J Nestmate recognition in odorous house ants Tapinoma sessile : Effects of social plasticity, urbanization, and laboratory maintenance. Lu, Xueting Improving fuel economy during high load diesel engine system operation through valve train flexibility. Lyle, LaDawn Tiffany A molecular analysis of blood-tumor barrier permeability in three experimental models of brain metastasis from breast cancer. Lyu, Hao Lyu Fight deck human-automation mode confusion detection using a generalized fuzzy hidden Markov model.

Macke, Gabriel A Evaluation of a cool-season grass-white clover mixture for low-nitrogen input lawns. Maesschalck, Cis Guy M. De Design, analysis, optimization and control of rotor tip flows. Mahdavi, Arash A system-of-systems approach to ex-ante analysis of profit potential of a project portfolio.

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Midi, Daniele Security techniques for sensor systems and the Internet of Things. Miller, Brittney Rachele Kernels of adjoints of composition operators on Hilbert spaces of analytic functions. Miller, Elyse A Role of otolith organs in geometric cue processing. Miller, Galina V Using information technology to model hand-washing behavior and to improve policies impacting elementary school absenteeism due to influenza. Miller, Jacob K The thermomechanical response of composite energetic materials under high- and low-frequency mechanical excitations.

Miller, Lauren Elizabeth The acquisition of bare nominals by three populations of Spanish-English bilingual adults. Milutinovic, Goran Veljko New screening method for overweight vehicles. Miner, Courtney L Adolescent resilience: Examining the influence of sibling position following a parental separation. Misata, Kelley K Gap analysis identifying the current state of information security within organizations working with victims of violence. Mischler, Renee A The influence of diet and oral iron supplementation on iron status after gastric bypass surgery. Mishra, Aura Ankita Impact of peer relationship and exposure to violence on Posttraumatic Stress for children at risk for maltreatment.

Mitra, Subrata What broke where for distributed and parallel applications — a whodunit story. Mitsein, Rebekah K Africa is always bringing forth something new: African worlds and worldviews in British Enlightenment literature, Mobasher Moghaddam, Sina Analytical and experimental investigation of microstructural alterations in bearing steel in rolling contact fatigue. Moghaddam, Mohsen Best matching processes in distributed systems. Moghe, Prajakta S Zigbee based wireless adjustable speed drive system. Mohamed, Mohamed Fathy Kamel Targeting multi-drug resistant pathogens with novel antimicrobial peptides.

Mohammadi, Ahmad Shah Managing bacterial wilt, caused by Erwinia tracheiphila, on muskmelon with early control of striped cucumber beetle Acalymma vittatum F , and through varietal selection. Mohan, Ranjini Neural activity reveals effects of aging on inhibitory processes during word retrieval. Moloney, Colleen A simulation of flow and water quality from tile drains at the watershed and field scale. Montoya Rodriguez, Miguel A Quantifying asphalt emulsion-based chip seal curing times using electrical resistance measurements.

Moomen, Milhan Deterioration modeling of highway bridge components using deterministic and stochastic methods. Moore, John A Deep collective inference. Moran Yanez, Luis M Bridge maintenance to enhance corrosion resistance and performance of steel girder bridges. Morgan, Carissa Jae Investigating U. Morton, Patricia M The things they carried: The biological residue of childhood misfortune.

Morusu, Siripriya Automated methods to detect and quantify histological features in liver biopsy images to aid in the diagnosis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Moser, Meghan E Residual effects of nitrogen fertilization on soil nitrogen pools and corn growth. Moser, Sydney E Influence of dietary polyphenols on carbohydrate intestinal digestion and absorption. Mukundan, Vivek Rees algebras and iterated Jacobian duals. Muller, Alexandra A Manufacturer perspectives on content transparency and material health in the US building products industry.

Mulvenna, Ryan A Size and chemistry selective membranes from block polymer templates. Mundayaliyath Mundayadan, Rohit Can wearable devices reduce burnout by making people aware of stress? Munyua, Philip Mutuma Collaboration in scientific digital ecosystems: A socio-technical network analysis. Muralidharan, Charanya Elucidating the mechanisms or interactions involved in differing hair color follicles.

Muralidharan, Pooja Characterization of ethanol-induced effects on zebrafish retinal development: Mechanistic perspective and therapeutic strategies. Murchison, Nicole M Understanding the mechanism for response selection in compatibility tasks: Referential coding contrasted with biological properties of the hands. Murphy, Jesse R Mechanistic characterization of acetic acid resistance enzymes of Acetobacer aceti. Mutascio, Holly E Modeling relative habitat suitability and movement behavior of invasive Burmese pythons in southern Florida.

Nall, Stacy O Decentering the writing program archive: How composition instructors save and share their teaching materials. Nam, Woongsik Laser direct written silicon nanowires for electronic and sensing applications. Natt, Caitlin "Only weirdos give birth at home" and other young adult perceptions of midwives and home birth: Implications for communication campaigns promoting midwifery.

Navaratne, Uditha S Mmulti agent system approach to solve distributed energy resource allocation problem to increase the stability and reliability of the distribution system. Navarro Patino, Miguel Andres Energy efficiency in data collection wireless sensor networks. Nayyar, Soumya Implementation and analysis of reverse breathing, rebreathing and cylinder deactivation for aftertreatment thermal management and overall efficiency benefit on diesel engines. Ndukaife, Theodore Aganachi Reduction of energy consumption in low rise residential space conditioning by retrofitting with evaporative condenser.

Ness, Robert D. Newman, Justin A At the intersection of X-ray diffraction and nonlinear optics.

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Ng, Ka Ho Dopamine d1 receptor activity in the basolateral amygdala is important for mediating fear, reward and safety discrimination learning. Ngo, Phuong D Intelligent control of a class of nonlinear systems. Nguyen, Elizabeth Bich Hang Impact of microwave-assisted heating and enzymatic treatment on functional and antioxidant properties of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss by-product hydrolysates. Ng, Vincent L The development and validation of a measure of virtues.

Nie, Xin Relationships between dietary fiber structural features and growth and utilization patterns of human gut bacteria. Nie, Yizhou Cyclic tensile response of a polyurethane material. Niu, Li Why are some aggressive adolescents popular: Subgroups of Chinese aggressive youth. Nyberg, Leila Assessing the impact of emerging contaminants on anaerobic microbial communities. Nyre, Megan Marie Developing agent-based simulation models of task performance of cognitively diverse teams.

O'Brien-Tomory, Annette Jean A study on the benefits for nontraditional commuter students of supplemental screencasts in a traditional chemistry lecture setting. Ochoa, Manuel Laser-processed parchment paper for fabrication of chronic wound dressings with selective oxygenation. Odeh, Faisal Yousef Optimum core design studies for long-life small modular boiling water reactors. Oduncu, Muhammed Ramazan Development of a novel polymer-garnet solid state composite electrolyte incorporating Li-La-Zr-Bi-O and polyethylene oxide.

Okada, Aya Effects of a timed dictation activity in the introductory course in Japanese focusing on the accuracy and fluency of writing Katakana. Olberg, Madeline W Manipulating air and root-zone temperature for energy-efficient floriculture crop production. Oliver, A. Brandon Development of inverse methods for reconstruction of flight environments on ablators. Olsen, Karen Mechanism and conformational dynamics of the yeast isoprenylcysteine carboxyl methyltransferase, Ste14p.

O'Neill, Lucas E Analysis of body force effects on flow boiling and condensation with finite inlet quality. Opondo, Noah F Fabrication and characterization of active nanostructures. Oren, Can Seismic body-wave interferometry using noise autocorrelations for crustal structure and a tutorial on 3D seismic processing and imaging using Madagascar. Orpe, Mrudula Uday Advanced hydraulic systems for next generation of skid steer loaders.

Orstad, Stephanie L Examining the moderating role of demographic factors and depressive symptoms in direct and indirect associations between the objective and perceived neighborhood environment and physical activity in three U. Osborn, Amie N Age demographics and farm real estate values. Ou, Ge Robust hybrid simulation with improved fidelity: Theory, methodology, and implementation. Owen, Graham Magnetic resonance elastography: A comparison between pulse sequences across field strengths. Owens, Harold Provisioning end-to-end quality of service for real-time interactive video over software-defined networking.

Pacheco Chiguano, Franklin E A methodology for cooperation between electric utilities and consumers for microgrid utilization based on a systems engineering approach. Padaruth, Sookhenlall Principals' perceptions and experiences of physical education teacher evaluation: A case study. Paik, Kyong-Yup Experimental investigation of hot-jet ignition of methane-hydrogen mixtures in a constant-volume combustor.

Pajouhi, Zoha Exploring Spin-transfer-torque devices and memristors for logic and memory applications. Palsdottir, Johanna B Phase field damage simulations of debonding between matrix and spherical inclusions. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Dec 07, Maciek rated it liked it Shelves: owned-books , read-in , horror , classic-horror , own-in-paperback , reviewed. I don't think one can truly rate Ghost Story as a novel without acknowledging the fact that it's a literary homage to the classics of the genre. Indeed, two characters bear the surnames of Hawthorne and James.

This is my introduction to the work of Peter Straub. Having read The Talisman and Black House which he co-authored with Stephen King I was anxious to know how he writes on his own, and Ghost Story came recommended by virtually everyone who has read it. As mentioned in the first paragraph, G I don't think one can truly rate Ghost Story as a novel without acknowledging the fact that it's a literary homage to the classics of the genre.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, Ghost Story is a homage to the old masters who paved the road of fright for future generations. Peter Straub himself says that "[Ghost Story] started as a result of my having just read all the American supernatural fiction I could find". It is noticeable; the first part is largely a reworking of The Turn of The Screw. The theme of a story within a story is everpresent, as the work deals with a group of old men who tell themselves ghost stories on regular meetings.

Shades of Lovecraft, Poe and Hawthorne brood in the corners of the rooms they sit in. The men find themselves terrorized by terrible, realistic nightmares. Terrible things start happening in the small, sleepy town of Millburn. They remember the crime they had committed years before What's not to like? Several things. A chore to get through.

Straub switches between several narrative viewpoints much like Stoker in Dracula and the plot plods frequently and slows down so much that reading soon becomes a challenge. There's no doubt that Straub is a great writer - some of his passages I've read several times, because I simply enjoyed them so much - but he becomes lost in what he tries to do, the references he includes so subtly vanish in the detail he describes so voraciously.

The protagonists discuss ghost stories they tell to each other, but for some reason refuse to talk about the one they all share even when darkness has fallen upon their city. Instead of trying to scheme how to fight or at least delay the danger, they remain passive. No one fights back. No one things of moving away and running from the deadly force. The passivity, the stupidness of their actions drastically slows down the plot and kills any tension that might have emerged.

It would be understandable if the novel featured only one protagonist who witnessed these events and who would be afraid to entrust his story to others in fear of being considered insane - but Ghost Story features a group of men who believe each other, and do nothing. The theme of a town besieged by malevolent forces or beings has been done previously, most notably by Peter Straub's fellow writer and friend Stephen King in Salem's Lot. Straub acknowledges the influcence: "I wanted to work on a large canvas.

Besides the large canvas, I also wanted a certain largeness of effect. The town of Millburn is described as a small town, but it completely lacks any awareness and interaction. The characters seem to be detached from reality - everyone walks everywhere, and there's little mention of pop culture - music, television and such. The novel is supposed to take time in the s, but for all we are shown it might just as well be the s. Last, the Evil with a capital E. While the concept of the Evil is really interesting, the Evil is really inconsistent and incompetent.

There's no sense of looming presence of Evil, ready to fall upon the heads of innocent people and end their lives at any moment, like in Salem's Lot or Phantoms. Evil seems to be employed when it is needed by the narrative, and then pushed back, only to be called again later. I don't want to spoil anything, but the nature of the Evil and it's actions don't follow any pattern of logic and reason. Evil is at times omniscient and capable of incredible power, only to have its abilities reduced to humanlike status, and then go back to the supernatural and all-powerful again.

Evil capable of everything is boring - why, it'd take a snap of fingers to eliminate a human being, much like a child breaking a twig in two - but one might wonder why the author chose to grant his menace that priviledge, only to take it back Overall, I'm sad to say that Ghost Story doesn't live up to the hype that surrrounds it. While it is a complex, multilayered work, a homage to the creators of the genre, It's not very compelling and in fact is pretty easy to put down and leave unfinished. The concept, the idea of the novel - the premise, the prose, the situations - everything works, but not as a whole.

I think I like the idea of the book better than the book itself - Peter Straub tends to be meandering and repetitive. There are sections of Ghost Story that are narrated brilliantly, but there are sections that are stale and uninteresting. For each flash of suspense and atmosphere, there's a whole lot of mundane and ordinary. The idea of the novel deserves five stars, but I can't give the novel itself more than three - I liked it, but I liked analysing the text more than reading it. Nevertheless, Peter Straub is an ambitious writer who's much more "literary" than most horror authors - his prose and style easily rivals the so-called "serious" writers - and I most certainly will read his other novels.

View all 34 comments. May 08, Lou rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal , horror. A few words i found by Stephen King about this novel "Probably Ghost Story by Peter Straub is the best of the supernatural novels to be published in the wake of the three books that kicked off a new horror "wave" in the seventies—those three, of course, being Rosemary's Baby, The Exorcist, and The Other. The fact that these three books, all published within five years of each other, enjoyed such wide popularity, helped to convince or reconvince publishers that horror fiction had a commercial p A few words i found by Stephen King about this novel "Probably Ghost Story by Peter Straub is the best of the supernatural novels to be published in the wake of the three books that kicked off a new horror "wave" in the seventies—those three, of course, being Rosemary's Baby, The Exorcist, and The Other.

The fact that these three books, all published within five years of each other, enjoyed such wide popularity, helped to convince or reconvince publishers that horror fiction had a commercial potential much wider than the readership of such defunct magazines as Weird Tales and Unknown or the paperback reissues of Arkham House books.

This is my first Straub novel and he writes a plot well and makes you feel you are there amidst the snow filled town slowly falling apart day by day. The review is more2read also with a video2watch interview with Peter Straub. View all 13 comments. Mar 25, Dirk Grobbelaar rated it it was amazing Shelves: horror , favourites , books-i-own. An intelligent and ambitious novel, Ghost Story has received some well deserved acclaim. That is, however, not enough. Not even close. This is a book that should be re-introduced to a whole new generation of readers.

It really is that good. Stephen King himself lists it as one of the best horror novels of the 20th century refer Danse Macabre. I will not go into plot details at this stage, since these can be had by reading the book synopsis. Instead, in general terms, I'll try and explain just w An intelligent and ambitious novel, Ghost Story has received some well deserved acclaim.

Instead, in general terms, I'll try and explain just why this book should be on the reading list of any self respecting horror fan. First of all, this is not a novel that offers up cheap thrills and quick scares. The terror, sometimes expected, often unexpected, is measured out in precise and exact quantities. Lovingly so. Mister Straub has managed to weave into Ghost Story an absolutely breathless sense of inevitability and futility. Secondly, it is a pretty complicated story: dense and epic. The cast is also fairly big. Think you know what's going on around here?

Think again. Lastly, Peter Straub is arguably one of the best wordsmiths out there. He can write. Comparisons with Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot' are inevitable: the small town setting; the terror that comes to town. In both novels, a great amount of time is spent on creating breathing, flesh and blood, characters.

This, of course, makes the terror more palpable when it comes. And does it come! Often subtle, the Horror element takes on interesting shapes in Mister Straub's capable hands. Things aren't quite what they seem, and isn't it marvellous? Looking for a thrilling read that will ever so slowly freeze your blood without attempting to shock with gratuitous gore and schlock tactics?

Then line up, Dr Rabbitfoot has your medicine right here! View 2 comments. Jan 24, Carol rated it really liked it Shelves: thriller , ghosts , read , horror. I won't tell you that, but I'll tell you the worst thing that ever happened to me John Jaffrey, their n "What was the worst thing you've ever done? View all 11 comments. Dec 29, Char rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , dark-fiction , mystery , mount-tbr-challenge , ghost-stories , s-horror , re-reading , group-read.

I am SO glad that I finally re-read this book! I was afraid that it wouldn't hold up to my memory of it. I worried about that for decades. Silly me-I needn't have worried-it was even better than I remembered! This beautifully written story of evil in a small town has a lot in common with Stephen King's IT as far as the small town portion goes. Derry and Milburn are similar in a lot of ways. Despite the title, this book isn't really a ghost story. Just like in IT, IT isn't really a clown. Ghost Story is about a small group of men who made a mistake in their youth and rather than face up to it, they went about hiding it instead.

This leads to consequences none of them could have possibly foreseen. But WE can see those consequences, and unfortunately, they are often deadly. The stories of these men, the stories about the relatives of these men, and the stories about the town itself, wind around and through each other-to me it's like a beautifully woven tapestry of art. I have to think that the author had it all planned out from the very beginning, otherwise how could it have been so wonderfully done? This book isn't for everyone, and I get that. It wasn't even for me at one time, it took me three tries to get into it back in the day.

List of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction

For those people that it DOES work for? They will sit back when they're done, just like I did, and marvel at the skill on display here. My highest recommendation! I'd buy it again, if I had to! View all 8 comments. Just not in the way that was probably intended. I'm quitting you, book. You know why?

Because you're fucking boring. Because I dread picking you back up. Because you're not in the least bit scary to me, if you don't count the horror and dread I have of actually contemplating trudging along to the finish line with you. By all accounts, the second half is where all the awesome happens. I just bet. I've given almost an entire month to this book.

The only thing it's given me back was confirmation that Straub's books just aren't for me. View all 20 comments. This copy of "Ghost Story" is signed by Peter Straub. View all 3 comments. First and foremost, I would like to thank Jessica Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile for this awesome addition to my collection. Back in , my family and my fifteen-year-old self moved from California to Alabama. The week we arrived in Alabama Mobile area Hurricane Opal decided to make landfall. Most of our stuff was still on the back of my brother-in-law's flatbed trailer. The most important items lost for me, at least was my mother's book collection.

Whilst in California, Mom called her First and foremost, I would like to thank Jessica Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile for this awesome addition to my collection. This grand space was stocked with more than first editions of some of the best horror literature ever written. These books were gifts from friends, family, and co-workers, but mostly they came from one person in particular—my mother's best friend Andrita. Sadly, all the books Andrita ever bought my mother were lost to water damage. Not only was my mother 2, miles away from her lifelong friend but she'd also lost most of the collection Andrita helped her build.

Freakishly enough, I would lose those final 22 books another 9 years later when Hurricane Ivan came through Montgomery, Alabama and flooded my storage shed. To date, I have replaced all books my mother kept record of all her gifts and purchases, and I've been working off the contents in her ledger for the past ten years aside from three. With Jessica's gift, I only need to replace two more. Thank you so much, Jessica. So there's your E.

History Lesson of the Day. After receiving Jessica's gift, I decided to reread Ghost Story so that I might give it a proper review. Here is that review: For this reread I chose the audiobook narrated by Buck Schirner. All too often, literary horror is read in a cheesy, over-the-top fashion. These narrators seemingly want to be Vincent Price, but only Price could pull of Price without sounding like a bit of rejected B-movie voiceover. Buck Schirner is damn good at what he does.

His performance is highly recommended. If you dig earhole stimuli, stimulate your earholes with this audiobook. Now for the book itself. Ghost Story is one of the greatest literary horror novels ever written. The prose is gorgeous and the writing flows. The characters are varied and exquisitely drawn, believable and nearly tangible. The horror is achieved through mounting dread and rarely relies on gore to disturb, leaning more toward creatures with twinkling yellow eyes slowly climbing the stairs toward their victims, or a creepy child staring through a window.

This is the essence of Ghost Story. This is where the novel succeeds the most. The subject matter is insidious.

  1. Routledge International Handbook of Clinical Suicide Research (Routledge International Handbooks).
  2. The Wind from the Hills!
  3. The Reckoning.
  4. Advanced Care of Microbats (Wildlife Rescue);
  5. In Her Life.

It burrows. I will admit, however, that Ghost Story is a chore to get into. You will be tempted to put the book down, but I beg of you, push through the tedious opening chapters. Everything makes pays off by the end, and every word is needed.

  2. My French Maid.
  3. Proceedings;
  4. See a Problem?;

In summation: Ghost Story is a novel better read if you know nothing about it. One of the truly nightmare-inducing additions to horror literature. Tell Gregory Bates that E. Final Judgment: Best read while snowed in. View all 15 comments. Dec 07, Apatt rated it really liked it Shelves: horror. I read a hell of a lot of sci-fi SF , I read about a couple of fantasy F titles a year, but I've been neglecting the horror fiction H genre in recent years. The reason is that besides Stephen King I don't tend to hear much about exciting new horror titles.

Sci-fi and fantasy books win the prestigious Hugo and Nebula awards and I am always aware of the winners. Anyway, to cut a long story short I miss reading horror fiction and want to get back to it. Having just reread it this is not so surprising as this is quite a complex story and the title is somewhat misleading. The book is divided into several parts with a nonlinear timeline. It starts off intriguingly with a 24 pages prologue about a man who has kidnapped a strange little girl, but the kidnapper is more afraid of the kidnappee than the other way around.

The girl seems to take it all in stride and may, in fact, not be a girl at all. After this prologue the story goes back to a few years earlier where a group of for elderly gentlemen meet on a regular basis to share ghost stories which may or may not be true. The next part of the book tells the story of Donald Wanderley, the child kidnapper from the prologue.

He is a nephew of the dead club member of the Chowder Society and an author of a horror novel. After publication of his book he took a temporary job teaching at Berkeley, there he meets and falls madly in love with a mysterious beautiful girl. They get on famously, make wedding plans and one day she just disappears; next thing he knows she meets his brother David in another town, they fall in love and soon David dies under mysterious circumstances.

The girl disappears again. Ghost Story is not a whodunit, but it is not really about ghosts though a few do show up. The story is quite a complex but not at all hard to follow. A creepy atmosphere pervades the entire book and the reader what is going on with the disappearing girls and the dead people they leave behind. It is meticulously written by Straub. The supernatural element often has a hallucinogenic feel to it and the climax is quite rousing. The characters are well drawn but not particularly memorable.

His brand of horror is subtle and often psychological, there is very little in the gore department. If you are looking for an elegantly written, unusual and complex horror story this is for you, but how many people are looking for such a thing? If you are reading this in October this would be a great Haloween read. View all 10 comments. Feb 21, Matt rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery , horror , fiction. When I was a kid, I had a long list of fears.

  • Skeleton Crew: Stories by Stephen King, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®?
  • Birth of Libertas;
  • Article Marketing Made Simple (Search Engine Optimization Strategies For People On The Go Book 1).
  • Behold the Void by Philip Fracassi!
  • All the Conspirators (Vintage Classics)!
  • Replicating Vaccines: A New Generation (Birkhäuser Advances in Infectious Diseases).
  • A short summary would include: tornadoes; big dogs; bullies; the basement; fire; music class; swimming lessons; spiders; cat burglars; and girls. As I got a bit older, say around middle school and high school, that list changed.

    Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

    Some items remained girls, the possibility of being forced to sing in public , some fell away tornadoes, big dogs, swimming , and some new fears were added school dances, acne, various other complex social interactions. N When I was a kid, I had a long list of fears. Now, as an adult, the list has changed entirely. This is not because I am brave, which I am certainly not, or because I am idiot, which is debatable; rather, my limited understanding of probabilities allows me to rest assured that I am far likelier to die in a car crash because I am texting, than I am to plummet earthward in a Boeing , and that the mounting nights of pizza and hard drinking are more lethal to my person than a sociopathic killer just escaped from the county asylum on a dark and stormy night.

    The simple fact is that for most of us, all the terrorists and all the murderers and all the faultily-constructed planes in all the world are not nearly as likely to hurt us than uncontrolled cell growth within our own bodies. Sure, I get a little jittery when my plane hits turbulence; and yes, I sneak around my own house with a baseball bat every time I hear a bump in the night. But truthfully, the only thing that really scares me is cancer. That kind of fear, though, based solidly in statistical reality, is almost too much to bear.

    We need distractions. The county road had been paved the year before with postwar federal money. Clanton was four miles away, and Pete drove slowly, as always. All picking was by hand. The John Deere and International Harvester corporations were trying to perfect mechanized pickers that would supposedly one day eliminate the need for so much manual labor, but Pete had his doubts. Not that it mattered. Nothing mattered but the task at hand. Cotton blown from the trailers littered the shoulders of the highway.

    Pete did not acknowledge them. He lit a cigarette and said something to Mack as they entered the town. Near the courthouse square he parked in front of the post office and watched the foot traffic come and go. He eased from his truck, walked to the letter box, and mailed the envelope to his wife. Driving away, he circled the courthouse, with its wide, shaded lawn and gazebos, and had a vague image of what a spectacle his trial might be. Would they haul him in with handcuffs? Would the jury show sympathy? Would his lawyers work some magic and save him?

    Too many questions with no answers. He passed the Tea Shoppe, where the lawyers and bankers held forth each morning over scalding coffee and buttermilk biscuits, and wondered what they would say about the killing. He avoided the coffee shop because he was a farmer and had no time for the idle chitchat. Let them talk. He expected little sympathy from them or from anyone else in the county for that matter. He cared nothing for sympathy, sought no understanding, had no plans to explain his actions.

    At the moment, he was a soldier with orders and a mission to carry out. He parked on a quiet street a block behind the Methodist church. He got out, stretched his legs for a moment, zipped up his barn jacket, told Mack that he would return shortly, and began walking toward the church his grandfather had helped build seventy years earlier.

    It was a short walk, and along the way he saw no one. Later, no one would claim to have seen him. It was the third church of his ministry, and he would have been rotated onward like all Methodist preachers but for the war. Shortages in the ranks had caused a shifting of duties, an upsetting of schedules. Normally, in the Methodist denomination, a minister lasted only two years in one church, sometimes three, before being reassigned. Reverend Bell had been in Clanton for five years and knew it was only a matter of time before he was called to move on.

    Unfortunately, the call did not arrive in time. He was sitting at his desk in his office, in an annex behind the handsome sanctuary, alone as usual on Wednesday morning. The church secretary worked only three afternoons each week. The reverend had finished his morning prayers, had his study Bible open on his desk, along with two reference books, and was contemplating his next sermon when someone knocked on his door. Before he could answer, the door swung open, and Pete Banning walked in, frowning and filled with purpose. No, Pete! He had been trained as a marksman with all firearms, and had used them in battle to kill more men than he cared to remember, and he had spent his life in the woods hunting animals large and small.

    The third entered his skull just above the nose. Within the walls of a small office, the shots boomed like cannon fire, but only two people heard them. She later described it as the muffled sounds of someone clapping hands three times, and, at the moment, had no idea it was gunfire. Hop Purdue had been cleaning the church for twenty years. He was in the annex when he heard the shots that seemed to shake the building.

    I got kids, Mista Banning. Go tell the sheriff. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. About the Author. John Grisham is the author of thirty-two novels, one work of nonfiction, a collection of stories, and six novels for young readers. Date of Birth: February 8, Place of Birth: Jonesboro, Arkansas. Education: B.

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