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A weekly music show for the whole family.

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People are careless. He probably could car pool a few days a week with someone else. People have a vision of themselves as a particular type of person. Also, few people really come to your home, so you can fake it. But most of my shoes are about ten years old. I just keep getting them fixed.

Mea Culpa! I grew up in Detroit which is serious automobile country and my car always represented personal freedom to me. Aaron May 15, , pm. Loan it to someone else get rid of it for the short term. Or get rid of it for real. Pretend that it was totaled and you have to make due without it. If you find that you really, really, really need another one even after you make adjustments, then get one that is better optimized to your new lifestyle.

Debbie M May 15, , pm. If it is only representing personal freedom and is not actually enhancing personal freedom, the choice should be easy. Maybe one of these ideas will help:. I found that car rental places that cater to people whose cars are in the shop work better for carless types than rental places that cater to travellers. Your car deserves better and can get treated better by someone who really wants it. My friend made a cake in the shape of the casket, decorated only by the ignition key and trunk key crossed on top after having been boiled in water for a while.

You could play board games that feature cars not that I can think of any. No one will take your mourning seriously, of course, but it might be a fun way to achieve closure. Jacob CashCowCouple May 15, , pm. How on earth does a car represent personal freedom? Jess May 16, , am. The basic cost of owning a fully paid for car, is the cost of the capital invested or its earnings from alternative investment , and the depreciation that comes with time and deterioration.

Then you add maintenance, insurance, operating costs… and, to make the picture complete, there is also a certain market uncertainty which could go both ways , in that a car might start depreciating faster because of some external factor. Asset Allocation May 16, , am. There is no sense throwing away that much money. Instead hang onto the car so you have it when you need it like a long trip to the beach or mountains.

Money Mustache May 16, , am. There are other ways to get around. How often do you use the car? Is it really worth keeping? What transportation options do you have if you get rid of it? We still have a car despite the fact that we could probably get by without it. We hardly ever use it, but we do take it out for road trips and visits between towns. Unfortunately the bus here is not that great….

Asset Allocation May 17, , am. I use the car about 6 times per month, but 5 of those times I could get a ride from somebody else or use my bike. My wife still has a car Honda Fit that we can share.

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It is probably not worth keeping. She has the following reasons:.


Debbie M May 17, , am. Otherwise, car rental. How much would all those car rentals cost compared to how much car ownership costs? How inconvenient is renting a car where you live? Or would she enjoy occasionally joining you on an interesting rental my boyfriend likes driving a Fiat when he has to rent? When my friends lived on bus routes, it was waaaay cheaper for me to be carless. But I had a friend who would lend us his car while he was on vacation if we would drive him to and pick him up from the airport , so we could make big purchases or go somewhere far away occasionally for free.

And I also like being able to loan it to my boyfriend when his car breaks down and, back when she still lived here, my sister. If I were a real mustachian, I would make new friends with people who live much closer. Debbie, really nailed it on points one through four. My father is a used car dealer, kind of a one man shop.

The reason for it is that during and the number of people leasing new cars and buying new cars went way down. Since then, people have been holding on to their cars for longer and longer. Finding a gently used car, that has been well maintained can be a bit of a needle in a haystack. Lina May 17, , am. I sold my car, that I used about times a month to go swim and grocery shopping and for some longer trips, last year in August. I calculated that I could rent a similar car every weekend of the month for less money that the car cost me.

During these last 9 months I have rented a car twice and I have been flying once to my parents instead of driving. One time I rented a bigger car as it was more convenient and once a smaller car as it was all I need for that weekend. I bought a bike instead and put on some studded tires. So I have biked to the grocery store and pool all winter. Everything else is in biking distance. I also took a cab once from the grocery store when I needed to fill my cupboards. It was not that fun to bike when it was windy and celsius or — 4 F but when I thought about the cost of the car it felt ok.

Indeed — listen to the wise woman. The money is lost as soon as you buy the car.

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Cars can always be bought and sold on the used market, at any level of newness. Unlike houses, there is very little overhead in this transaction. Holy cow. I have literally never thought of a vehicle in that way. JJ, Before you start doing this with any regularity, consider that while there may be less cost associated with transfering vehicles than homes, it can still add up pretty quickly. And if you use ebay or some other fee system to sell your car, that can easily be a couple hundred bucks or more.

But I can see times in the future where we might only need one car for a space of several years, but then possibly need two again. CincyCat May 17, , am. I agree with JJ capital letters. For a long time, we were a one-car household, but occasionally needed a second car when both of us needed to be in different places at the same time. It was far more cost effective to simply rent a car for a day or two than it was to get a second car. Must-stash May 16, , pm. I sold my mazda miata back in to free up some cash. Thinking about the monthly interest we were paying was driving me mad.

I sold the miata for 8,, which was above KBB value.

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We made some big payments and had it paid off within a year of getting married. Money Mustache May 17, , am. On the positive side, if this is making you live without a Miata for a bit longer, only good can come from the practice of delaying the purchase. Builds your frugality muscles and your taste for minimalism.

Full disclosure: in at age 25, I actually wanted a racy Honda S convertible and even visited the dealership to ogle them seriously — with sufficient cash in my bank account to own one. Fortunately for me, I decided to buy a house instead, and got distracted by living a good life for 14 years. Andrew Hallman in his great book Millionaire Teacher talks about how vulch a great used car, idea is to find a reliable used but fully deprecated car, it takes time and effort but what in essence you get is a car that can driven for years and then sold for what your paid for it.

Diane C May 20, , am. Looks like Mrs. GayleRN May 16, , pm. Fellow Michigan girl here. What most people outside of Michigan fail to understand is how deeply embedded car culture is in Michigan. It is not just a mode of transportation but how most of our families made a living. It was normal for us to buy a new car every 3 years and this was part of supporting what was essentially the family business.

Your first car literally represented freedom in so many ways. This is for us an emotional issue not just logical. So be nice to yourself as you figure it out. It is okay to keep a car just because you want to. Just not stepping into the showroom is huge progress for a son of Detroit. Joe May 19, , am. Fellow Michigan guy here, and I agree that car culture is deeply embedded. I sometimes go through the psychological mind games riding my bicycle instead of driving my car to get around at times.

It is still really useful, but not all that often. I could replace it with a small trailer for my Scion. Heck, I could even sell both the Scion and Van and use a portion of the combined money to get a used Prius — bigger and more comfortable for family roadtrips, but uses even less gas than the Scion. I have a small trailer that serves as my truck.

I use for everything. Trailers are wayyy underutilized. AndyfromTucson May 17, , pm. Think of getting rid of a car as an experiment, not a permanent change. If it turns out that you regret getting rid of the car you can always buy a similar one of similar age on the used market.

Punching Myself May 15, , am. Another nice article. Still have a ways to go and optimizations to make still take far too many unnecessary trips Clown Car style. So funny that I now notice all the wasteful cars and stuff. I counted 15 consecutive SUVs as I entered my neighborhood.

My next door neighbor just stopped by the common mailbox in her family SUV with her son in the back… feet from the house. Guess I just need to focus on my own wastefulness.. I need help with my health insurance. Want to get a higher deductible plan with a lower rate. Any help would be appreciated. Kacie May 16, , am. In theory? Frugal Toque May 15, , am. We all soon realized that the best place to live was somewhere that was both close to work and within a very short taxi ride of the express bus route that would pick up downtown drunks as late as am.

On the one hand, I regret the distance, since this will add quite a bit of work to my life. We could still move, of course, and surrender our heavily personalized place of residence … sigh. Yes, optimization. Thou art a heartless bitch. Sounds like the cookie cutter HOA houses around your work are similar to those around Mr.

Not our lifestyle at all. The house is between them. Marcia May 15, , am. We got rid of cable last year. We started biking to work one day a week soon to be two. I tweak our meals to save money. I tweak our travel plans to do the same. I spent dollars a month eating out.

CALL May 15, , am. I see problems. I see implementable solutions. When I think about the inefficiencies on a national scale, I realize we should be energy independent, retired by 40, and only work 30 hours a week during our working lives. Lina May 15, , pm. I have always liked optimization. Sometimes you have to plant your ideas and let people think about them for a while. If you also can point out to your boss how an implementation of your ideas can save time and money you will reduce the inefficiencies greatly. Your colleagues probably likes ideas that save them time.

My boss likes one thing and his boss likes another. Christy May 15, , pm. I often divide things into the following categories: 1. What is in my control 2. What can I influence over time 3. What is out of my control When I first created a graphic organizer to track where i was putting my energy, I discovered that I focused mostly on things out of my control.

This simple tool helped me became much more productive and I felt better as I could see tangible results. Ishmael May 16, , am. You just described what is in my head all the time. Finally, someone understands. Kraig - Young Cheap Living May 15, , am. It all started after learning how terrible it felt to be broke and how trapped I was in that situation. Starting then, I got on a path of dropping expenses like crazy and I continue to make lists of expenses I can, and would like to, cut. I should really make a goal of spending less and less every single year.

Phoebe allyouneedisenough May 15, , pm. Asset Allocation May 15, , am. If you are a STEM major, then it probably means that you already have a similar natural ability. However, for many people, it is a struggle to think in terms of Lifestyle Optimization. Michelle at Making Sense of Cents May 15, , am. Great post. We are working on lowering our expenses, and long gone are the day where we spent thousands a month on eating and going out.

Johnny Our Freaking Budget May 15, , am. I sometimes feel overwhelmed when I go through a marathon MMM session. I get in a habit of thinking that it must be all or nothing. PurpleHat May 15, , pm. I feel the same way. I really like this post since the strategy is forward looking. Focussing on constant improvement allows you to overcome problems of sunk cost or guilt for past errors of judgement.

Slinky June 14, , am. It also reminds me that i should always be trying for something better. So i guess i like to find the happy medium between never settling for the status quo, but not driving myself crazy with perfectionism either. M May 15, , am. A friend of mine recently commented that she encourages older folks to get down on the floor at least once a day. Her reasoning is that it promotes stretching, reduces lower back compression, and works the joints in new ways. All that sitting has consequences.

Never looked at it that way. And so simple a concept! Your friend is right, sitting, and not just sitting, but sitting in a chair set at a convenient high is a luxury. The ability to get up from the floor with ease is a predictor of longevity. M May 16, , pm. That was a great link! Funny, she works for an architect. Giddings Plaza FI May 15, , am. I finally got rid of my car a few months ago, after quitting my job and starting to work from home.

After I donated it and told a some friends, I heard a couple of them whispering that they thought I must be broke now that I quit my job. Needless to say I set the whisperers straight, and rubbed it in their faces. Ottawa May 15, , am. Nice detective work MMM! I often think it is possible to spot closet Mustachians this way…or rather.. I mean…seriously? Because…you have nothing better to do? When I see the intersection of 2 or more of these observations at a single house…I would wager they are nowhere near optimized and similar to the friends you introduced in your article.

Now…how to help them SEE? CincyCat May 15, , pm. To that end, they describe three barriers to change: failing to see, failing to move and failing to finish; and various techniques to help get over these barriers. Lindon May 15, , pm. Any ideas? Should I help them crunch their numbers?

Most of the time, failure to see is emotionally driven. For example, instead of going on expensive outings, invite these friends to low- or no-cost outings that are just as much fun. This is what I had to do with my mom, who saw the value in creating a budget, but did not connect the dots that she also needed to track her spending to make sure she stayed on track with it.

She always threw receipts away immediately, and never could figure out why she ran short month after month. The frustrating thing is, these messages may need to be delivered repeatedly before they sink in. Patience and understanding is also key. I saw this in Japanese tsunami videos. The car drivers continued following the roads parallel to the ocean, rather than take a right turn into the grass and drive away from the oncoming wave.

Their unwillingness to change caused them to drown. The few that drove directly through the fields managed to escape. Snow White May 15, , pm. For instance when a friend talked to me about her desire to buy a new car, I shared with her that I am too cheap to get rid of a car that I needed simply because I was tired of it. We are all at different places on our path and that is ok. I had several significant conversations with former colleagues who were intrigued about how I retired early and I provided them with links to MMM, Get Rich Slowly, etc. Live and learn.

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Others were shocked! But it has worked out really wonderfully for us. The only time I have ever missed the extra space is when we have guests. Sylvie from Montreal March 29, , am. HeadedWest March 29, , pm. Our soon to be family of 4 is moving into a sq ft home next March. We will be in a cozy little neighborhood near Puget Sound and several parks.

This will be so much better for our kids than an 80 inch TV. I was musing on the thoughts of your friend, and how he wanted to enlarge the house, when I was reminded of a time when the kiddos needed new beds. I bought them bunk beds from an outlet store, even though they would be sleeping in separate tiny, finished-cape-cod-attic bedrooms. Johnny Moneyseed May 15, , pm. I always try to find out where the waste is in my life and follow it up by altering my daily life when possible.

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We had cable and once the bills started to increase as they always do we downgraded to streaming media only. Our insurance bills were crazy, so we dropped to the lowest coverage possible, because we have the money put aside in case anything crazy happens. Tuesday July 23, Wednesday July 24, Thursday July 25, Friday November 9, The Last Days of Disco bridges the carbonated euphoria of music […]. Saturday November 10, But on the way […].

When she leaves him […]. Sweat hitting the concrete like pop rocks. The moon sizzling like wet pancake batter. Pollen and rustling leaves. Comprised of intimate and unencumbered moments of […]. Sunday November 11, The meeting, held in Ireland, explores similarities between the Black American and Irish liberation strugle. Clair Bourne […]. Monday November 12, While trans identity is more visible than ever — the subject of television shows, talked about in the media, and tied […].

Tuesday November 13, Her marriage failing, exhausted and broke, Kirstin has left her husband, Ivan, and their very […]. Wednesday November 14, Local filmmakers in the South […]. Thursday November 15, Living amongst us is a special breed of people. They […].