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Quebec City.

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French Immersion Programs. Edu-inter offers French immersion programs for teenagers and adults all year long in the beautiful city of Quebec, Canada. Edu-inter offers courses for different levels of French from complete beginner to advanced in reduced class settings with an average number of 7 to 9 students per class.

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Register now! Contact us now to learn about our current promotions! Get a Free Quote. School Facilities. Best facilities for a French School in Quebec City.

Learn more! French courses for Teenagers The summer French immersion courses for teenagers have been offered every summer since Why learn French at Edu-Inter? Would you like help finding the right program?

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Learn more. Edu-Inter was a great program for me. I had taken French classes in school but this was the first time I could really focus in speaking the language.

While I was only here for two weeks, it was very enjoyable and I would love to come back again to continue improving my French. The classes, activities and school were great, but meeting people from all over the world was definitely my favorite part. Examples for the interpretation of the data: 1 - The ,, Spanish speaking people using the Internet, correspond to 7.

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Tallying the number of speakers of the world's languages is an increasingly complex task, particularly with the push in many countries to teach English in their public schools. How many people can actually use the global language? David Graddol estimated a total of million L1 first or native language plus L2 second or nth language speakers of English in his Future of English Report pdf document for the British Council. One of our subscribers, Prof.

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Martin Schell, has reviewed Prof. Braj Kachru's new book Asian Englishes which claims that India and China combined have over half a billion "users" of English. Indeed, many people are bilingual or multilingual, but here we assign only one language per person in order to have all the language totals add up to the total world population zero-sum approach. No adjustments have been made for infants or illiteracy in the Internet penetration rate calculations. Regarding children, most are early Internet adopters when and where children are given the chance to use a computer to surf the Web.

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Another very interesting fact is that the six official languages of the United Nations Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish are all included in the above Top Ten Internet languages table. The Unicode Consortium The Unicode Consortium enables people around the world to use computers in any language. List of Official Languages Wikiverse list of the official languages of sovereign countries. La Francophonie Find the French speaking states in the world.