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Buy the ticket. Introduction Cyborgs, superhumans and clones. The 21st century will be characterized by the confluence of fields such as biotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence.

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Manipulating biological processes, controlling digital and mechanical machines and creating non-biological intelligence above and beyond what humans can comprehend— these advances raise ethical questions about the appropriation of life and the alteration of the self.

The converging forces of these and other currents will lead us to a new and unknown place. Visitors can interact with the characters on screen through silicon limbs. You can tickle, prod, pinch to see the reactions from the characters, then walk behind the exhibit to view your own reactions as well. The Improvised Empathetic Device, or I.


It allows the wearer to feel pain from a needle that draws blood every time news of an American death was reported during the US-led war in Iraq. Would you modify a infant before they grow up?

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  • This disturbing exhibit called "Transfigurations" from British artist Agatha Haines gives examples of possible modifications, such as changing the skull's shape to let it cool and heat faster. Using degradable polymers and surgical sutures, the dolls were then seeded with cells, which then took over the sculpture. The highlight of the exhibit has to be Nadine, one of the most realistic humanoid robots in the world.

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    Nadine is meant to be a companion who can read stories, send emails and talk to people. Don't show this again.