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An Indian restaurant in Co Donegal was served a food closure order last month after a pond of human excrement was found in an area where staff were preparing food. An overflowing manhole had resulted in the pond of human excrement gathering beside a shed where the potato peeler was stored at Saffron restaurant and takeaway in Creeslough. The closure order was lifted on October 27th. A closure order is served where there is likely to be a grave and immediate danger to public health.

Two takeaways in Co Cork were served closure orders due to the presence of rat and mice droppings. A live mouse was found by inspectors in Chick Chicken in Cobh , as well as rodent dropping throughout the presmesis. Pfizer is investing in the next generation of breakthrough medicines, says Paul Reid, Pfizer Healthcare Ireland's country manager. We use cookies to personalise content, target and report on ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

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For more information see our Cookie Policy. Niamh Towey. While doing this, I find myself questioning certain phrases in the book. At one point I mention the human project. Is there a human project? Or is this yet another phrase that has lost meaning over time? It exists but abounds with contradictions, oppositions, anomalies, impossibilities.

Humans alone have the capacity to act as stewards—or not. Acting as steward involves recognizing what one has done, or can do, to help or harm oneself and others—and who these others are, and why it matters. In this recognition, humans have advanced somewhat, in some ways, over time. Certain things that we recognize as wrong, such as slavery, were accepted not long ago.

I thought it was important for American civilization, especially since we were now touching on religion. I did not know the origins of the song having missed the Broadway musical and the movie and forgotten a good bit of history ; when I read about it, I heard it in a new way. It was composed by the English Anglican minister John Newton , who, prior to his Christian conversion, had been forced into the slave trade.

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He had rebelled so often aboard the ships—not on behalf of the slaves, but on his own behalf—that he had undergone lashings, demotions, and finally slavery, when the crew left him in West Africa with a slave dealer. He was finally rescued and brought back to England; during the voyage, he had a spiritual conversion. Slowly, over time, this conversion brought him to abhor the slave trade.

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This did not happen linearly; he returned to the slave trade, fell ill, and underwent a new conversion. He continued in the trade a few more years, and then in renounced it completely. His tract Thoughts Upon the African Slave Trade , written in , thirty-four years after he abandoned the business, repudiates the enslavement and trafficking of humans. It begins:. The nature and effects of that unhappy and disgraceful branch of commerce, which has long been maintained on the Coast of Africa, with the sole, and professed design of purchasing our fellow-creatures, in order to supply our West-India islands and the American colonies, when they were ours, with Slaves; is now generally understood.

So much light has been thrown upon the subject, by many able pens; and so many respectable persons have already engaged to use their utmost influence, for the suppression of a traffic, which contradicts the feelings of humanity; that it is hoped, this stain of our National character will soon be wiped out.

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Missed Opportunities with Your Team can be a challenge for all leaders; however, it's something that is extremely important to Run To! Missed Leadership Opportunities may come in the form of Professional Development at times. You never know what will bring you value, so start saying yes to more training opportunities. Missed Opportunites can be a challenge for all leaders; here are some tips to think about. Today we talk about this challenge! How many different pairs of "Leadership Shoes" do you wear?

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