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  • It was the year of the Republican revolution, and Jones says he knew he didn't have much of a chance. I think it's because I always, when I was a kid, was the kind of kid that would tilt at windmills. Not quixotic. It would be Quixotic, right? And I had been through the '60s and in the civil rights movement and I had seen how a small group of people could get together and make big changes.

    And I knew, you know, that I might have a chance. I knew also that if nobody opposed him, there was zero chance, if I didn't run. I never enjoyed anything more than that race against Newt. RAZ: Yeah.

    Bahamian-Chinese association condemns ‘scurrilous’ video - The Nassau Guardian

    Did he ever say anything bad about you on the campaign trail? Was he a negative campaigner, or did he kind of just ignore you? And I thought, scurrilous? It's a weird - it sounds awful. That's an awful-sounding word. But what it means is profane.

    He, Felt Scurrility: A Novella & Four Stories

    Now, I got to admit, I can be profane. A reporter from the Atlanta paper said, what do you think? He called you scurrilous. And I said, well, F him and the horse he rode in on knowing that this guy wasn't going to print that. But there was another guy there who was a reporter for the alternative paper, and he wrote it up.

    And Gingrich said, how dare this man? You know, making remarks like that you can't even use in a family newspaper.

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    I won't debate him. I mean, blah, blah, blah.

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    He never got there. And the next time I saw him, he was the Speaker of the House.

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    RAZ: He called you scurrilous, and then you replied the way you did. Obviously, you could understand why he might have thought that was a little bit Me and my old buddies would say that to each other all the time as a joke.


    Oh, unintelligible and the horse you rode in on. So if it upset him, I'm glad. He just got himself elected President of the United States, so there's not much advice I can give the president.