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But what happens on July 1, when all the rainbow logos and flags get put away for the year? Like the queer community itself, this reading list is diverse and exciting, representing a wide variety of genres, time periods, and identities. Here are 26 great books to add to your bookshelf. Sarah Waters is the reigning queen of lesbian historical mysteries, and Fingersmith is her answer to Oliver Twist —only with more, well, twists. So-called "genre" stories rarely get recognized for major literary prizes, but Fingersmith not only won the Crime Writers Association's Historical Dagger award, and it was also shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize that year.

Find it: Amazon. But no retrospective look captures the unknowability of the queer community's sudden descent into the plague years as well as David Feinberg's seminal Eighty-Sixed , which blends humor, fear, loss, and anger into a genuinely fun—if incredibly harrowing and sad—chronicle of the s. This first poetry collection from queer, black, nonbinary Midwesterner Danez Smith shows that the best spoken word poetry can also light up the page. Showing the true breadth of their talent and appeal, in the years since [insert] Boy was published, Smith has appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and won a number of awards, including a nomination for the National Book Award for their collection Don't Call Us Dead.

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The Color Purple is a timeless American classic that has won accolades in print, on film, and on the Broadway stage. Yet it's not often recognized for the queer sexuality and unconventional family structures at its heart. Young queer people might be prone to wax nostalgic about the s as many of us do. Alameddine is a master of using nonlinear forms to build powerful and unexpected narratives, and I, the Divine is one of his best. Although you may not know his name, you almost certainly know some of his writing, such as the script for Beetlejuice.

Douglas Martin's exquisite, short, experimental roman a clef shines a queer light in an unexpected place: the indie music scene of Athens, Georgia, circa the late s and early s. Following a fey young man's limerent crush on a closeted rock star, Outline of My Lover was published by Soft Skull Press, a New York City underground institution whose earliest books were printed on pirated Kinko's copiers.

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If you love the concept of intersectionality, This Bridge Called My Back is the throwback read you need. Sarah Schulman is one of the queer community's fiercest public intellectuals, with a critical eye that has tackled topics as diverse as Palestinian liberation and American gentrification. This beautiful young adult novel proves that writing for teens can be as poetic and lyrical as writing for adults—without losing the unputdownable quality that animates the best YA books. I actually think that I'm offering greater respect to my loved one if I do not merge with him, but rather, if I let him stand separate from me, and admire him, and support him, and adore him without actually becoming him.

We are stronger this way, as two separate people joining forces, rather than simply folding into one. May 26, Stephanie Kapllani rated it really liked it. I wish I knew what love like this felt like but I have yet to find it. In the words of Rumi I am currently "reading the myths of love" and someday I hope to become a "mythical lover. Sep 12, Neelam Babul rated it it was amazing. I am astonished and bewildered by the beautiful poems I read in this book.

I recall reading one of his poems as a child but these beautiful gems are so enthralling and intense, I felt a tugging at my heart as I read of the love Rumi feels for his beloved. The poems have a mystical feel which is so engrossing and entertaining. These are poems I will read again and again because I will never tire of reading them or deriving blissful enjoyment from them. Rumi is a master poet. Apr 26, Laurie Hanan rated it it was amazing. Wow, what can I possibly say to describe the poetry of Rumi?

I couldn't see through my tears as I tried to read. I want to feel the same ecstacy in my connection with God that Rumi felt all those years ago. In some parts, you'd swear Rumi had been reading A New Earth, back in the 's. Or maybe Eckhart Tolle is a fan of Rumi? Jan 09, Abby rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , romance , poetry. I was introduced to Rumi in a Middle Eastern Literature class in college. Like so many before me, I fell in love with his passionate, intense, and spiritual poetry.

This little book is a must for all romantics, poets, and dreamers. It might just even convert a few cynics out there, too. Jun 24, Joel rated it it was amazing. Jun 09, Satyajeet rated it did not like it. Rumi is great, a genius! This is not about Rumi. I love Rumi, and I've read quite a lot of his work. This is the worst thing that can happen with Rumi's work! I'll just say it simply, do not pick this book.

Skip this in every possible way, do not come near this, please read the original literal translations - which is available in most languages - or you can go for the one by Coleman Barks or the one by Bernard Lewis, anything e Rumi is great, a genius! Skip this in every possible way, do not come near this, please read the original literal translations - which is available in most languages - or you can go for the one by Coleman Barks or the one by Bernard Lewis, anything except this! I am so furious to see this charlatan's name associated with Rumi! I knew about Deepak Chopra before this too, and so it was not very surprising to me to see this converted into this crap.

This is extreme nonsense. He 'improved' and 'translated' this! I don't know where to begin, but I won't say anything more about this Chopra guy for For people who've read this, and thought this was 'good', 'okay', or 'beautiful in its own way', I feel sorry for you - I am sorry. Some people think Trump is good, some think Kanye is better than Eminem - maybe they're all one. I don't know.


Let's just leave that here. I'm sorry to rant, but just View all 3 comments. Jan 24, Fredrika Lawson is currently reading it. Aug 27, Austin Wright rated it it was ok. Rumi is the best. Why Chopra decided to manipulate his poems I'll never know C. Please read literal translations of Rumi!!! If you're interested, Bernard Lewis' "Music of a distant drum" is amazing and has a real flavor of Rumi and his peoples. My sister Amanda introduced me to this wonderful poet:. Jan 24, Fredrika Lawson added it.

It frustrates me how much more attention is given in this book to Deepak Chopra, a man who profits off other people's spirituality, than to the thirteenth-century Persian poet who wrote the works Chopra collected here. I also think the poems chosen were a little repetitive, talking on almost every other page about "fiery passion". Maybe this was just an act of bad translating.

Some of the poems were really nice, despite knowing they'd likely be better in their original language. One quote I like It frustrates me how much more attention is given in this book to Deepak Chopra, a man who profits off other people's spirituality, than to the thirteenth-century Persian poet who wrote the works Chopra collected here. One quote I liked: "Oh, Sweet Bitterness! I will soothe you and heal you. I will bring you roses.

I, too, have been covered with thorns. Sep 23, Daniel Lomax rated it did not like it. I should have known anything Deepak Chopra put his name to would be drivel. It's like the bad poetry of a repressed teenager. I feel this and I feel that, blah blah blah.

Selected Poems

Free-association in all the wrong places. It does however come across as sincere and, mercifully, terse. I also feel like Rumi was not making full use of his time machine by using it to name several of his poems after 20th century pop hits, such as "Looking For Love", "Desire" and "Do You Love Me? Hold up! Before you go I a I should have known anything Deepak Chopra put his name to would be drivel. I admit I found this poem-ender very beautiful: All that is profane Becomes sacred again. I was smiling from the start till the end!

This book you can finish it in one sitting but OMG you don't want it to end and you definitely was to savor every word!!!! I liked his mystical poems better, but these were beautiful too. The Lover comes, the Lover comes! Open the way for Him! He's looking for a heart, let's show Him one. I scream, "What you came to hunt is me! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Videos About This Book. More videos About Rumi. His poems have been widely translated into many of the world's languages, and he has been described as the most popular poet and the best-selling poet in the United States.

When his father died, Rumi, aged 25, inherited his position as the head of an Islamic school. For nine years, Rumi practised Sufism as a disciple of Burhan ud-Din until the latter died in or Rumi's public life then began: he became an Islamic Jurist, issuing fatwas and giving sermons in the mosques of Konya. He also served as a Molvi Islamic teacher and taught his adherents in the madrassa.

He sat while she recited, and vice versa; the lack of space meant that they had to shuffle round each other to get to the lectern, and whilst Laura recited from memory, her English reader referred to a script, spoke with his head down, approached the microphone too closely, and treated us to a series of plosive, overdriven consonants.

The Love Poems of Rumi by Rumi

Added to that, his script was organised in such a way that on several occasions he had to turn over his corner-stapled A4 sheets in the middle of a poem. Interruption of speech. Rustle, rustle. All this could have been avoided with a tiny bit more planning. He and Laura could have both stood, either side of the lectern, approaching and retreating as necessary; he could have had a better-organised, less unwieldy script.

Did it matter much? Well, to be honest, not when one considers the poetry. Each line of poetry seemed to take a single breath, and there was a rise-and-fall there, regardless of enjambment. As I listened, I recalled how Swiss French has this kind of rise-and-fall, and wondered if what I heard was some characteristic of the spoken Italian in the same country. As my own knowledge of Italian is very sketchy, I found myself listening as though to Baroque music — Scarlatti or Pergolesi — and reflecting how much Basil Bunting would have approved of that! One thing the English translations certainly did do was reveal the sometimes startling imagery behind the musicality.

The matter of translation is something both poets at this event shared. Katherine, right at the beginning of her half, signaled her intention to read twelve poems. It was that structured.

Giving Voice to Writers Who Will Make the World a Better Place

There was to be no looking across at the chairman to check how long there was to go, no fitting in a couple of short ones at the end. Twelve were scheduled and twelve is what we got. Title, poem. Title, poem…. House However, her most recent collection, from which she selected part of her presentation, consists of sixty-two prose poems. You want to reach us. You want us. You want. I wear a shirt from that day. You told me the cost. You asked me questions about my microwave. The answer is, therefore, is that prose poetry can indeed fulfill the same function as any other kind of poetry, move us out of our comfort zone in which we expect step and step, cause and effect, day and night.

Poets can make the most startling storytellers, and a story would add yet another dimension to what I was able to experience today. Posted on March 11, Updated on March 11, I was born in a quaint little hilly city called Nangal, Himachal Pradesh, India. I have spent most of life in India and traveled a lot around the Northern states as my father was transferred often. After getting married in I shifted my base from India to the east coast of the United States.

My home is next to the beautiful Hudson River. When did you realise you were a poet? Writing poems has always given me that cathartic feeling and to pen down your deep thoughts have always given me solace. Writing in any form lets you connect to your deeper self. This change in perspective made me realize that I have a grown appreciation of these moments around me.

That slowly seeping feeling was the affirmation of me being a poet and along with a growling list of publications. Classic poets have also inspired me. I love to read the amazing and soul-stirring poetry of Maya Angelou, Ruskin Bond, the confessional poetry of Sylvia Plath, the dark and surreal poetry of Edgar Allan Poe, and the mesmerizing sonnets of Rumi.

So in addition to writing and submitting for my dream publication s , I also get the chance to review the submission for these Literary collectives and prepare for the next Issue. Being a contributing author on many of these requires me to submit poems occasionally. It was founded by a fellow poet Stephen Fuller and now have raised to the string collective of 16 members.

They are brimming with daily features Writing prompts, Pay it forward, Promote yourself etc and are inclusive of the writers of the WordPress community. To me, it is a warm and cozy virtual cafe where all writers are invited. It was one of the first few literary collectives which not only published my first poem but also invited me to join their amazing team of writers. Whisper and the Roar is a feminist literary collective founded initially by Georgia Parks and now a strong team of 15 collective members. All the members are well-established authors and seasoned writers with a long list of books and publications under their belt.

How on earth do you keep have the time or energy to do anything else? I was always decent with time management and I guess that skill of mine has helped in juggling all these tasks effectively. As I always say, the writing has been a cathartic experience to me and and I feel if a poem moves me from inside or fills me with the joy of accomplishing something, I know I have written something significant. Yes, my poem bagged the 1st place. My love is boundless like a star-spangled sky covering every iota of my soul; gives me the sustenance clears out the wool and webbing from my disordered thinking and makes me feel alive once more.

I adorn the scars as victory marks and leaves the bloody trails as maps, who follow; Pushed and shoved aside for reasons unknown I thrash like a juggernaut crashing and crumbling the voices which pull me down I simply ignore. Waving my victory flag so fervently and singing my song under my bated breath; Here I come to conquer the uncharted waters of my life with a roar. Where can we find your published work? Last Year I was accepted in the Poets and Writers pw.

Their mission is to foster the professional development of poets and writers, to promote communication throughout the literary community, and to help create an environment in which literature can be appreciated by the widest possible public. The following link gives a comprehensive view of few of the places where my writing has been published. To know more about my published works you can visit here. In addition to this my works have been published or upcoming in the following anthology by US, UK , Canada, Australia, Philippines,based publishing presses.

What will you be doing for the rest of ? After getting published online and in a various print publication I am gearing myself to work for on my full poetry collection. In addition to that, I am planning to attend the poetry-related events in and around Jersey City and Manhattan. Tweets by meghasood Posted on March 7, Updated on March 7, But ultimately it is what is on the page that counts. First things first, Jericho Brown is a poet, a real, poet, he has the elixir in his veins. He also possesses a curious voice, like a multi-sharded cylinder standing steadfast in a storm.

A region I imagine you imagine when you see A white women walking with a speck like me. The latter sort are often triggered by the smallest things, such as the two copulating rabbits on his lawn, providing the catalyst for an introspective journey into the failings of his own love life. Also a sonnet of sorts are his five Duplex poems, seven couplets where the second line is the same as the first line in the following couplet.

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Indeed, his academic background — studying at Harvard, teaching at Emery — seems to be a fertile field for inspiring such embedded nuances as his use of Homeric simile in the opening to As a Human Being ;. There is the happiness you have And the happiness you deserve. They sit apart from each other The way you and your mother Sat on opposite ends of the sofa After an ambulance came to take Your father away. This entry was posted in Poets. Posted on March 6, Updated on May 21, Hello Damo, so when did you realise you were a poet? My first poetical moment came when I was like 7 or 8 — there was a poetry competition at Lowerhouse Junior school in Burnley.

There was no technical poetics, but it was a visionary metaphorical piece. What are your thoughts on the poetic art itself? If you look back to the 18th century, English poetry was essentially rhyming couplets in iambic pentameter. In the same way, some modern poetry editors wont even look at rhyming poetry — according to them we dwell very much the age of free verse. I find technique extremely important. Good question.