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The flags indicate which authority file had at least some publications from the country or region :. Publication Statistics Publication History External Links WorldCat Identities - lccn-nr Send us a comment. About VIAF. About the three lines that strike key points : an explanation of thorough cut with direct crossing woven in.

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Dusum Khyenpa's songs and teachings : a variety of songs and teachings from the first Karmapa's collected works. The essential points of practice : a manual of basic instructions on thorough cut by Zhechen Gyaltshab. The feature of the expert, glorious king : teaching on the three lines that strike the key points : root text and commentary by Dza Patrul. Gampopa teaches Essence Mahamudra : interviews with his heart disciples, Dusum Khyenpa and others.

Ground, path, and fruition : a manual of the teachings of Tsoknyi Rinpoche on mind and mind essence. The key issues of visualization : four nails pinning the life forces, "a melody of Brahma playing throughout the three realms".

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Maitripa's writings on the view : the main Indian source of the Tibetan views of other emptiness and Mahamudra. The method of preserving the face of rigpa, the essence of wisdom : an aspect of training in thorough cut. Oryoki and the Oryoki chant : including the sutra of the recollection of the noble three jewels and the Tibetan monastic meal liturgy and full commentaries to them.

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More translations were also published in by the Padma Karpo Translation Committee. Published by North Atlantic Books.

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Martin J. Published by Edition Khordong at Wandel Verlag. Ludwig Reichert Verlag.

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Although not a translation per se, it gets an honorable mention for being the first I believe publication of collected essays from the meeting of the International Association of Tibetan Studies. In clear and engaging terms, Hatchell explores how the visionary techniques of the Kalacakra and Great Perfection traditions work to undo our deeply engrained psychophysical habits and open us to new ways of seeing.

The result is a study that will appeal not only to scholars and practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism, but to anyone interested in the phenomenology of sensory perception.