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Full view. Green Library. P56 Unknown. More options. Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references pages and index. The Rise of Nazism 2. Consensus and Conformity 3. Coercion, Terror and Surveillance 4. Education 5. Men, Masculinity and the Wehrmacht 7. Women, Womanhood and the Home Front 8.

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The Family 9. The Jews The Gypsies The 'Asocial' and the Disabled Sexual Outsiders The Radio and Press The Cinema and Theatre Art and Architecture Drawing on a range of significant scholarly works on the subject, Pine informs us as to the major historiographical debates surrounding the subject whilst establishing her own original, interpretative arc. The book is divided into four parts.

The second part examines men, women, the family, the churches and religion. The third section analyses the fate of those groups that were excluded from the Volksgemeinschaft. Almai, U. Kunst und Medien, Religion und Politik. Tiews, A. In: M.

Pleasure and Power in Nazi Germany

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Chapter 5: Völkisch-Nationalism in the Post-War Era

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Research activties by Dr. Hans-Ulrich Wagner

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Arbeiten von Dr. Hans-Ulrich Wagner

In: Rundfunk und Geschichte 37 , No. An East-West German History].

Jahrbuch Medien und Geschichte Cologne: Herbert von Halem Verlag. Available Online. Broadcasting from the Nuremberg Trial]. Available online.

Dr. Hans-Ulrich Wagner - Hans-Bredow-Institut für Medienforschung

In: J. Hennig; M. Tjarks-Sobhani eds. In: Hempel, D. Razbojnikova-Frateva, H. Winter eds. In: Schriften der Kurt Hiller Gesellschaft, 4, Arnold, K. On the Relatio Edition of Selected Document In: Video Active. In: B. Busch, T. Combrink: Doppelleben. Literarische Szenen aus Nachkriegsdeutschland. Materialien zur Auss In: Medien und Kommunikation 57 , No. In: Funk-Korrespondenz 57 , No.

In: W. Schmitz ed. In: Th. Pittrof, W. Schmitz Eds. The Generation without any Homecoming in the European Context]. Burgess, H. Heimat und Heimkeh In: Funk-Korrespondenz 56, No. Der Kirchenfunk. Hamburg in der Nachkriegszeit. Hamburg Postwar. In: Fernseh-Informationen 58, no. Nordwestdeutsche Hefte zur Rundfunkgeschichte; 6 , Hamburg. Interdisciplinary Studies on Broadcasting History after ]. In: Publizistik 52, no. Hamburg Nordwestdeutsche Heft Conversations on Programme History]. Hamburg Nordwestdeutsche Hefte zur Rundfunkgeschichte; 3.

Tondokumente aus den Jahren bis [Flight and Expulsion in Radio Broadcasting, Audio Documents from the Years to ]", introduction of the project presentation by H. Wagner at the event "Ankommen in Deutschland gestern und heute Wagner at "The Radio Conference Hasebrink, S. Dreyer, C. Lampert, H. Wagner in the context of the module for broadcast history of the volunteer training program of the NDR on 21 November in Hamburg.

Current Snapshots and Historical Trends]", talk by H. Wagner in the context of the module for broadcast history of the volunteer training program of the NDR on 27 October in Hamburg. Transnationale Forschungskooperation. Herausforderung und Chancen [Entangled Media Research. Transnational Research Co-operation. Challenges and Opportunities]", presentation by H. How to Explore the Soundscape in Germany? Making and Rem Wagner at the conference "Entangled history medial gedacht. Internationale und transkulturelle Kommunikationsgeschichte [Ent Hilgert and H.

Wagner at the working conference "Die Hamburgische Dramaturgie der Medien. Egon Monk — Author, Director, Producer February Institutional and Creative Cooperations at the beginning of the s], lecture by H. Die innova Studien zur lokalen Medien- und Kommunikat Broadcasting and the Literary Market], lecture by H. Finger and H. Wagner and F. Wagner at the A Conference on Media, Theater and Hist Broadcasting in Hamburg], lecture by H. Historical P Wagner at the Intern Finger, H.

Wagner and U. Reception Research in Cultural Studies] of the Institute Rundfunkgeschichte n im Norden" ['For you, for you - and especially for you'. Broadcasting hi stories in the North], module by H. Wagner and J. Literature and Broadcasting]. Wagner in the lecture Wagner and H. Kesting at the Medienstiftung of the City of Leipzig on 1 February Wagner, with C.

Hilgert, J. Literary Reactions to the New Economy], lecture by H.

February in Leipzig. Kommunikative Konstruktionen des Fremden [Media and Migration. Communicative Constructions of the Other]", seminar by H.

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    Transnational Media Histories Relationships between media and by media do not stop at borders.