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I wanted to know how he saw the world.

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I began to learn more about color blindness. Traveling through libraries, bookstores and the Internet, I tried to extract practical information from the maze of scientific books and articles.

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I grew up with a colorblind father. My mother helped him match his clothes. He was restricted from choosing paint colors. And he occasionally needed some immediate assistance in determining the color of a traffic light. But those obstacles seemed to pale in comparison to the extremely color-oriented world that Andrew was going to face in kindergarten.

Andrew can usually recognize a vibrant red or green but not lighter or duller hues. For instance, he can tell you the fire truck is red, but if you ask him to draw a picture of it, he could easily choose a brown crayon. Andrew made me a Valentine with a beautiful heart colored with forest green. He drew a pickle with a brown crayon. Sometimes those rosy faces he loves to draw are actually lime green. The most important goal for me, and for any parent I think, is to have a happy, confident child. I was never concerned that colorblindness itself would be extremely limiting for Andrew.

However, I did recognize that it had the potential to do some serious damage to his self-confidence. How many times already was he told he was wrong when he chose a color, or completed a pattern, or moved to a space on a game board?

Colorful but Colorblind: Roma Beyond Stereotypes

It might not seem catastrophic to an adult, but to a child these repeated situations can be disturbing. The solution was awareness.

Island of the Colorblind — Part 1 of 6

I told Andrew matter-of-factly that he had a special way of seeing colors. I told him that if he was ever confused about colors, he could just say so, and ask for help.

EnChroma® Color Blind Glasses | Cutting-Edge Lens Technology

I let Andrew know that there were many people who were colorblind, including his grandfather. When the family was together, we talked about it casually. Andrew was put at ease because we treated as an interesting circumstance, and not as an earth-shattering condition. When Andrew started kindergarten, I wrote a letter to his teacher to let her know that he was colorblind, and explained some of the ways that he could confuse colors. I did at least want her to understand right away if Andrew told her he was confused.

The World Seen By Color Blind People

I followed up with a conference without Andrew and pointed out some of the areas in the classroom that might be a problem. She reacted very positively, and promised to keep an open mind when it came to Andrew and colors. The stories were produced by teams comprising Roma and majority-community journalists from these countries in collaboration with graduate students from the School of Communication at the University of Miami.

Tihomir Loza Project Director Transitions.

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