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If you need help here is a video on LOOT. It can get pretty chaotic because of the length of the guide so I would recommend that you add the markers in Wrye Bash when prompted to do so throughout the guide. You can do this by right-clicking on the header bar at the top and selecting "Add Marker". Place the "Version. This is a required step and should be done regardless of whether you are going to follow this guide or if you are even going to mod your game.

Cleaning DLC. If you are NOT familiar with cleaning, click me. Follow BOSS report unless other wise described for a particular mod. OBSE plugins allow mods to interact in different ways with the game using extended scripting abilities. The process of updating an Oblivion Reloaded ini file, if you want the change to be a permanent part of the installation, is:. I would recommend NOT using Wrye Bash to make the edits because Wrye Bash does not use carriage returns, making future editing very difficult. The best method of editing your. Each of the following entries can be pasted directly into the INI.

The entry descriptions are commented, so they will not be interpreted by the game at startup. Alternatively, these descriptions can be omitted. Descriptions are only provided on tweaks that needed explaining. There are too many tweaks to list what each one does, but know that all are required. It's been abandoned ever since she was killed. I think her mother, Tova, has the key.

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I just miss her so much. What exactly do you need to know? I was hoping you'd help. What is it that you're after? Well, I'm not sure what you think you'll find there, but you're welcome to have a look. What can you tell me about the "Butcher"? Well, not actually following. Trying to find him. The guards won't help. The people won't help.

I'm the only one who thinks he can be caught. Just none of them thinks to do anything about it. They say I'm just snooping around bothering people, but I'm trying to save lives! Have them keep their eyes open. But someone keeps taking them down. You say you found it in Hjerim?

Friga's old place. Let's go have a look around there. I've got a feeling about this one. Ready to check out the house? I'd rather not stay out here longer than I have to. Find anything? There's something strange about this cabinet. There have been rumors swirling around him for years. As long as I can remember. But he's a dangerous man. It's why they call him "the Unliving". I wouldn't approach him directly. This information needs to go straight to the steward. He'll listen to you. Do you know what this amulet is? I would take this to Calixto at the House of Curiosities. He has a good eye for strange trinkets.

Might even give you a bit of gold for it. Do you know anything about this amulet? This is the Wheelstone. It's an heirloom symbol of the power of Windhelm. Traditionally it's carried by the court mage. I would If your willing to part with it, that is. For a piece like that, I could pay Subsequent responses: "The Wheelstone? Have you decided to sell it, yet?

It's purely ceremonial, and he has no use for it.

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Besides, I wouldn't want to be the one to give it to him. Gives me the creeps. They say he dabbles in necromancy. This will be a splendid addition to my private collection. It's only of value to collectors, though.

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Good luck finding anyone else who will appraise it that highly! I believe the killer is Wuunferth the Unliving. I assume you have proof? Wuunferth has been a trusted friend to Ulfric for many years. It pains me to see that the whispers had truth to them. Wuunferth shall be apprehended. I thank you or your diligence in getting to the bottom of this matter. The streets of Windhelm are now safe. Another killing? I thought you captured the Butcher. You said the city was safe, now. How could this have happened? You should visit the Bloodworks to talk to Wuunferth — we need to figure out where the evidence went wrong.

The killer has struck again. And here I am in the Bloodworks. Looks like you aren't such a sharp investigator after all. Please help me find the real killer. I've actually been after the killer myself. Your choice.

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I am a member of the College of Winterhold, in good standing! They haven't allowed necromancy for hundreds of years! Now that we know they're tied in to some sort of necromantic ritual, I think I know when the next might occur. Let's see. Very soon. Keep watch in the Stone Quarter tomorrow night.

That's almost certainly where the killer will strike next. I've never kept a journal, I can assure you. What exactly did this amulet look like? Jade, ringed with ebony. A worn carving. Or at least, I've heard of it. I would wager that carving once depicted a skull. That is the Necromancer's Amulet, of legend. It appears you were at least half-right.

There is necromancy at the heart of this.

Calixto and his books are often confused about such matters. It happens to the best of us. Calixto Corrium was the real killer. The man was always a bit odd, but I wouldn't have expected I'm glad you were able to correct your mistake. Windmills and pumps operating at C. It is the high elevations on top of the Antarctic ice cap that can get that cold. Ah my mistake. How do we send more funding to this guy? Instead of covering the Arctic with tax credits in the form of windmills built by lobbyists, it might be easier to get educated on natural cycles of ocean heat content.

More sunlight reflected equals cooler air temperatures. Less sunlight absorbed by buildings and cars means less energy being discharged from AC units equals cooler air temperatures. And since most of the ground based thermometers are located in and around cities …. In winter I love getting a load of warmth from the sun on my roof. Summer not so much. So have a black cover for winter, and a reflecting one for summer. Griff, you post this crap again,as you were answered at another blog on this. Meanwhile here is that chart AGAIN you ignored yesterday,where it shows that currently, it is well above the average for the entire interglacial.

Holocene Optimum has been shown to be world wide.. You just ignore the facts. Your Milankovitch cycle crap is meaningless. In the NH, the waters continue to warm into September which is when they are the warmest even though the maximum energy from the Sun was received way back in June at the summer solstice. But even though there is less energy received each day forward from then on, the net accumulation into the NH is still positive until September so the waters keep warming till then.

So we are in the August of the interglacial. Earth will continue to warm, albeit less and less as we move forward until such time that the Milankovitch cycles create conditions to produce a net loss of energy received. So just as the waters warm into September, one should expect the conditions on Earth to continue warming until the very end of the interglacial. Or more simply, it is always gets warmer until it starts to get cooler.

How could sea ice be low at the end of this period of extremely low temperatures? I suspect a cut and paste job from some publication that specializes in fools and the gullible. When they splice high resolution instrumental data onto low resolution proxy data, they always get hockey sticks. The good news is that windmills never freeze.

I know, I know. The buoys can be designed to capsize every couple of days and that would cause the ice on the blades to melt. It doesnt cause warming, in fact its very presense tends to inhibit the loss of heat. So taking an action to treat this symptom can only make matters worse by trapping even more heat. Ironically, a rational true believer if there is such a person would advocate the artificial destruction of sea ice. To let the extra heat out you see. This whole discussion is crazy talk nonetheless.

David Middleton. None of my criticisms were aimed at you. And the problem is that some people believe this kind of thing is practical because some guy with a PhD says so. There is another problem I see with these kinds of articles. Though they provide plenty of material for you guys here at WUWT and on some other blogs and we can laugh at them as so many knowledgeable posters and authors here tear them apart I believe they cause a kind of cumulative damage. Being constantly bombarded by this kind of stuff makes it easy to for people to become rather jaundiced skeptics and so when the occasional feasible idea that may actually be of some benefit for the people or their environment in general comes along a tendency can develop to be overly skeptical.

During WW II the great engineer Barnes Wallis ran up against this very kind of thing in the halls of British war bureaucracy trying to get his dam buster project and later his huge bombs approved for development and production. The officers in the bureaucracy had been so inundated with silly ideas for weapons and suggestions that they had become overly skeptical. It tends not to prove an inspiring resource for ideas. Everyone wanted a piece of this wonderful discipline. A committee was duly constituted.

Not too long afterwards, the committee was dissolved because of the flood of nonsense that had to be replied to. Note, however, that engineer Wallis, a practical man by training, did succeed in selling his idea to the war department. This icing up the Arctic would probably kill off seals by filling in their holes and kill off polar bears, etc. Do nothing please!! A plea from an engineer and scientist. Gary Pearse If Sir Wallace had not been so stubborn in pounding on doors and keeping at them none of it would have ever happened.

He met that resistance despite the fact that he was the lead engineer that had developed the geodetic geodesic air frame for the Wellington bomber that was still in front line service with bomber command when he was working on getting the dams project off the ground. It got so silly that after his idea was first officially rejected he wrote an open paper on how the dams bomb would work.

He got a visit from British counter intelligence asking why he was publishing such highly classified stuff so Wallace told them he had been told officially that it was rejected as unworkable and asked how could it be classified or sensitive under those circumstances? Once activated, the device cannot be altered. I always assumed that when confronted with a choice of giving them what they wanted, they would quickly come to their senses and admit to their foolishness.

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Today, however, I see a different breed, the true believers, and realize they would sacrifice us all in the name of global warming, without batting an eye. These are scary people. Hey, I have an idea; how about millions of solar-powered refrigerators set on buoys, and just leave the doors on them open? Problem solved! Still a pittance compared to projected costs of climate change mitigation. But wait. Pumping large amount of salt water on the upper surface of ice floes is the best way to melt them completely. Unfortunately there is a physical phenomenon called brine exclusion. It means when salt water freezes, the remaining fluid is enriched in salt, because ice crystals do not like it.

If it happens on top, that very salty liquid is forced to trickle down to the ocean through the ice floe, making a gazillion of channels along the way and leaving it really rotten, subject to melting during the next summer. Never mind. Sea ice is mainly fresh water if it is thick enough, so heck of a way to make fresh water out of salt water using the cold of winter. Would work anywhere it is cold enough to freeze salt water. I read somewhere that some cities freeze water in winter, and use that melting ice water for summer air conditioning in downtown office towers.

But just think of all the bats that would be killed with 1 million of these bird choppers. Maybe the Climate Seance mediums have realized one of their prophesies needs a little help from Man to come true? They did no experiment whatsoever, they only propose to do so. I am somewhat confused. I have always thought sea ice freezes from above and melts from below. If I am wrong about this I hope someone will take a few minutes and teach me.

Cold winter air chills first sea water and as ice forms chills the ice so that ice in contact with sea water causes the sea water to freeze adding to the thickness of the ice. Or to put it another way — during winter when sea ice is forming — sea ice is always colder than the sea water. During summer the sea ice gains temperature from the air and is no longer able to freeze the sea water around it.

Instead the sea water begins to melt the ice from below. The sea ice melts from the bottom up. Have i misunderstood how sea ice forms and dissolves? Its what i have always thought. If what i have said is true it seems pumping up water from just below the ice to let it freeze on the ice surface only causes lower warmer water to replace what is removed — probably, at a certain ice thickness, causing the ice to begin to melt from below. Not to mention that this water poured on top of the ice would lower ice temperature slowing the chilling process of the sea water below.

So if all sea water below the ice maintained the same low temperature all the time we would have a perfect relationship between air temperature and sea ice thickness. What seems to screw this up are ocean currents. Warm water from the south flows to the north and it seems the majority of it can go one way or another. If it heads into the arctic you are going to get thinner sea ice, that warmer water being harder to freeze.

And quicker melting of sea ice in the summer. Now that is a very old idea. So there is a relationship between ice thickness and air and water temperatures. I suspect the arctic air and arctic water temperatures vary independently of each other. Cold air and cold water produce the most ice. Warmer air and warmer water produce the least ice. Anyway that is what i have always believed.

Eugene WR Gallun. On deeper inspection most problems are more complicated than simple models suggest. The growth of ice is a classic problem Stefan problem in heat transfer—the result is an ice thickness that grows with square-root of time. And the melting of ice is far more complex than just drawing heat from a warmer body into the ice. Pools of water appear on the ice surface and descend through fissures and fractures.

The Stefan problem does not account for the resulting convective heat transfer during melting.

An Icy Step to Oblivion : Robert Mann :

Yet when the issue becomes an engineering problem of trying to make some scheme work in a practical sense, then the complications do become important. This silly scheme is an engineering problem—one looking to solve a problem that may not be a problem at all. Then that concentrated salt brine sandwiched between the two ice layers would rapidly melt the original fresh water ice below it. Might make this project self defeating. More thought is required on this project before implementation. But it is a interesting thought experiment, and as David M.

For every questionable thought experiments, there will be 1 that is a hit and solves problems or makes money. The problem is that they all involve cooling the Earth. My mistake. For the record, I am also against any schemes to make the planet any colder. We already in an ice age the last 1.

Longd, Robert F.

Here is one excerpt:. Consequently, ice sheet advances and retreats are all too often interpreted as evidence for climate events, disregarding the possibility that they may reflect changes in ice dynamics, e. I think it would be wise to have dual purpose buoys, just in case. So I suggest we make the buoys so that they could both make ice and melt ice as well.

Also should add — if Europa and Enceladus have liquid below their ice then their cores must be generating heat. You want me to do what? Pump near freezing water on a below freezing windy day in the open ocean near ice flows so you can pump water with a metal windmill onto the ice. The first set of conditions produces frazzle ice particles in the water which will glob onto to the metal parts of the pump and clog it up with ice.

Retired Kit P Quite obviously you need an auxillary heating system to heat the water enough so that does not happen. That can be supplied by solar panels. Then everything is hunky dory. Let me get this straight. They point to the loss of multi-year sea ice and scream bloody murder. They say that too thick of sea ice multi-year is bad because it slows down the formation of sea ice. The timing is right.