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Wolves were a serious danger to flocks of sheep cf. The Mishnah states that "when there is a visitation of wolves," i. The wolf is like a big sheep dog cf. It can get into the fold and strangle a number of sheep on occasions sucking their blood, cf. The Midrash to Psalms mentions the legend of Romulus and Remus being suckled by a she-wolf. Feliks, Animal World of the Bible , WOLF , U. The brothers elias wolf —after and abraham and levi wolf — were born in Bavaria and emigrated to the United States. Elias Wolf arrived about , going to Philadelphia.

He obtained a good education, particularly in Hebrew. He settled permanently in Philadelphia in , where with his brothers he managed the family manufacturing interests. The family established and kept a close association with Rodeph Shalom Congregation, with Elias Wolf serving as vice president in and as president in All of Elias Wolf's five sons took part in communal life in Philadelphia. He was educated in public schools and then joined his father's business, taking over when the latter retired in Subsequently he left the firm due to ill health and in the s worked with his brothers in their various enterprises.

In later life he held a number of civic and communal positions, serving on the Philadelphia Board of Education, to which he was elected in , as president of the Jewish Publication Society from to , and as chairman of the Board of Governors of Dropsie College. Edwin Wolf's son morris — was born in Philadelphia. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and was admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar in For more than 50 years he was a senior partner of the well-known firm of Wolf, Block, Schorr, and Solis-Cohen in Philadelphia, which he had founded in He served as assistant district attorney for the city of Philadelphia in —10, as state deputy attorney general in —14, and as a member of the Court of Common Pleas after Morris became a prominent bibliophile and book collector in his own right as a result of his contacts with Rosenbach.

Morris' son edwin wolf ii — was a librarian, historian of U. Jews, and bibliographer. At age 18 he began a long association with Abraham Simon Wolf Rosenbach, preparing most of the catalogs for the Rosenbach Company. Toward the end of his years with Rosenbach to , whose career he describes in Rosenbach: A Biography , he managed the Philadelphia office of the firm. During World War ii he served in military intelligence as a French and German interpreter and in counterintelligence. After he left the Rosenbach Company in , he became librarian for the Library Company of Philadelphia from to , the oldest subscription library in the United States , with extensive Judaica holdings.

In addition to his work in preserving the documents of the past, Wolf was also instrumental in presenting new works through the Jewish Publication Society of America. Elected a trustee in "in place of his grandfather," as he notes in one of his elegantly concise annual reports see American Jewish Year Book , he served as president —59 and from as chairman of the publications committee. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article.

Launched against the Republican government of Yuan Shikai, the rebellion was led by Bai Lang whose name pronounces similar to "White Wolf" in Chinese,[6] hence the rebellion's more common title of White Wolf Rebellion in western media.

His army was an eclectic mix of anti-Yuan Shikai troops and rebels, bandit groups and Gelaohui secret society members. As a unit, they were allied to southern Guangdong based revolutionaries. As a youth, Bai took a variety of "hands-on" jobs including employment as a government salt transporter and service as an anti-bandit militiaman. Nevertheless, his life changed in when he was arrested for getting into a fight with a man named Wang Zhen who died during the altercation.

After getting out of jail, Bai was only dissua. Skull and Bones entry from the Yale Banner. Skull and Bones, a secret society at Yale University, was founded in Until , the organization published annual membership rosters, which were kept at Yale's library. In this list of notable Bonesmen, the number in parentheses represents the cohort year of Skull and Bones, as well as their graduation year.

There are no official rosters published after and membership for later years is speculative. Some news organizations refer to them as a power elite. The film analyzes policy changes made during the Bush Administration, and makes the case that these changes threaten American democracy. Synopsis The End of America' details the ten steps a country takes when it slides toward fascism. The film takes a historical look at trends in once-functioning democracies from modern history, based on Wolf's book The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot.

The films asserts such trends are being repeated in America today, and puts the recent gradual loss of civil liberties in the U. Stephen John Dillane [1] born 27 March [2] is an English actor. An experienced stage actor who has been called an "actor's actor",[3][4] Dillane won a Tony Award for his lead performance in Tom Stoppard's play The Real Thing and gave critically acclaimed performances in Angels in America , Hamlet , and a one-man Macbeth Anthony Hall is an American fraternity and literary society.

A's, the Hall and the Number Six Club. As of , nearly all chapters of St. Anthony Hall was the first campus fraternity to admit African-American members, in at the University of North Carolina. In , Baird's Manual characterized the fraternity as having "the reputation of being. William Joseph "B. An American spy of Polish and Jewish descent, he specializes in one-man missions behind enemy lines. In addition to fighting the regular German army he also frequently encounters bizarre Nazi experiments concerning biomechanical technology and the occult. Army Rangers, before receiving his commanding officer's commission and being recruited as the top agent for the United States Office of Secret Actions OSA , a fictional version of the Office of Strategic Services, who dispatched him to investigate rumors of occult activity by the Third Reich's SS Paranormal Division inspi.

This is a list of secret police organisations and intelligence agencies which are fictional: Contemporary world Agency Info Source Source type 13th Bureau intelligence and secret police arm of the Yellow Empire Blake and Mortimer Comics The Agency Intelligence agency Scarecrow and Mrs.

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Central Organization of Police Specialists C. She was reintroduced in The Defenders 89 November by David Michelinie and Mike Harris as a radical departure from her initial conception. This existence was revealed to have been a comic book written by Dorothy and loosely inspired by the teenage Patsy's life. Because of this Patsy was cared for by their housekeeper Dolly Donahue.

While Dorothy bathed in the success of her comic, Patsy loathed it and their relationship was heavily strained. The Order of the Occult Hand is a whimsical secret society of American journalists who have been able to slip the meaningless and telltale phrase "It was as if an occult hand had…" in print as a sort of a game and inside joke.

History The phrase was introduced by Joseph Flanders, then a police reporter of The Charlotte News, in the fall of , when he reported on a millworker who was shot by his own family when he came back home late at night. He wrote: It was as if an occult hand had reached down from above and moved the players like pawns upon some giant chessboard. They even showed Flanders a banner made of a bed sheet depicting a bloody hand reaching out of a purple cloud. Among the original members were: R. Smith, an associate editor; Stewart Spencer, then an editorial writer; John Gin, the city editor;.

The case strikes a chord with team leader Ryan Buell who says he experienced similar phenomena as a child. It is claimed. His nickname was "Peyl"—from ashpail.

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This is a list of winners of NME Awards. He is a fast-talking giant panda who was improbably chosen as the Dragon Warrior, champion of the Valley of Peace. Although highly doubted as such, the giant panda proved himself worthy as a formidable warrior in unexpected ways. The adoptive son of Mr. In the first film, Po is shown to be living with his adoptive father. Most of these theories hold that Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, survived and escaped from Berlin, Germany, and Europe. While these theories have received some exposure in popular culture, such as in the book Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler, these viewpoints are regarded by historians and scientific experts as disproven fringe theories.

Bartitsu is an eclectic martial art and self-defence method originally developed in England during the years —, combining elements of boxing, jujitsu, cane fighting, and French kickboxing savate. Barton-Wright had previously also studied "boxing, wrestling, fencing, savate and the use of the stiletto under recognised masters", reportedly testing his skills by "engaging toughs street fighters until he was satisfied in their application. The fifth-oldest major broadcasting network in the world and the youngest of the Big Three television networks, ABC is nicknamed as "The Alphabet Network", as its initialism also represents the first three letters of the English alphabe.


Thaddeus Sivana in Shazam! Strong said in an interview, "The home I grew up in was a flat in Myddelton Square in London's Islington, a beautiful Georgian square with a huge church in the middle. We moved around a lot when I was a kid. I remember flats in Walthamstow, Clapto. This page lists all the episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? Vink Two brothers, while lost in the woods, come across a mysterious cab driver Flynn and a very unusual.

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Wolf's Head secret society. Purchased by University in Goodhue's evocative Wolf's Head Society building, shown behind its high stone enclosure. Resources on Yale History. Yale University Library. March 19, Retrieved Yale Alumni Publications, Inc. Yale Alumni Magazine. Andrews, John. Open Library.

Richards, David Alan. Skulls and Keys, Pegasus Books, Ltd. NY, NY, , pp. The New York Times. September 13, Oren, Dan. Secrets of the Tomb, pp. Havemeyer, Loomis. Yale Library. Robbins, Alexandra. Andrews, p. Joining the Club. Stephenson, Louise L. The Johns Hopkins University Press , , p.

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Secrets of the Tomb. Skulls and Keys, p. Karabel, Jerome. Caro, Robert. Alfred A. Knopf , New York, Kabaservice, Geoffrey. Henry Holt and Company, New York, The Guardians. Yale officers: Founding Trustees and their successors,[www. Presences: A Bishop's Life in the City. Farrar, Straus, and Giroux , New York, Kelley, Brooks Mather. Archived from the original on May—June Yale Alumni Magazine : Old Yale. The New York Times , November 20, Deseret News , December 19, Business Insider, Jan. The Yale Literary Magazine.

June April 21, Skull and Keys, pg. O'Connell, footnote 62 Henderson, Clayton W. Jay October 10, Skull and Keys, p. May 21, Moore, Honor.

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New York Times. March 11, Yale Daily News. Elihu secret society topic Elihu's colonial-era building, on a basement constructed earlier, in the early 17th century. Consideration for membership in Elihu is given to those juniors in the College who are nominated by current undergraduate and graduate members, and selection is based on three pillars: excelle Folders related to Elihu secret society : Student organizations started in Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Federal architecture in Connecticut Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Yale University Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Lyman Hotchkiss Bagg wrote that "up until as recent a date as , Keys had great difficulty in making up its crowd, rarely be Folders related to Scroll and Key: Secret societies Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Started in in Connecticut Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Secret societies at Yale Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Collegiate secret societies in North America topic There are many collegiate secret societies in North America.

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