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Lollingdon Downs and other poems

To be a public poet means to embrace the daily lives of one's neighbors. And if you're a public poet in wild, wonderful West Virginia, those neighbors include the natural world. Harshman conducts poetry and storytelling workshops for older and younger writers, in school and community settings.

Also, I feel like it's my duty to spread the net even wider to do what I can to support artists of all kinds throughout the state. Most importantly, Harshman's role as a public poet involves bearing witness: to the natural beauty of mountain life but also to economic struggle; to the stories that threaten to break a person, as well as the stories of possibility.

By Debbie Levy. Discover the life of Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in this picture-book biography about how one small yet powerful woman persisted against great odds. By Juana Medina. By John David Anderson. Bixby is the sort of teacher that makes going to school worthwhile. When she is diagnosed with cancer, three boys decide to make sure her last day is perfect.

By Sara Pennypacker.

Gwendolyn Brooks reads We Real Cool

Readers join a stirring search for peace in this poignant tale of loss and reconciliation, told in the alternating views of a fox and his boy. By Andrea Davis Pinkney. By Jabari Asim.

Robyn Hood Black - children's author, poet, artist - Poetry

Emulating preachers at church, young John literally fed and ministered to his farmyard congregation of chickens. The Princess and the Warrior. By Duncan Tonatiuh. The Secret Keepers. By Trenton Lee Stewart. The Sound of Silence. By Katrina Goldsaito. After a musician tells Yoshio her favorite sound is ma silence , the boy seeks ma amidst the daily bustle of his life in Tokyo. Steamboat School. By Deborah Hopkinson. By Donna Janell Bowman. With much kindness, he raised a remarkable horse, named Jim Key, which he taught to answer questions, spell, and write.

During a time of drought, a storyteller and his apprentice weave a complex tale to rescue their city from a menacing sandstorm. The Tragic Tale of the Great Auk. By Jan Thornhill. Great Auks, flightless birds resembling penguins, were prolific in the icy waters of the northern Atlantic until human hunters, egg collectors, and climate change led to their extinction. By Matthew Olshan. Based on the first hot air balloon trip from England to France, this is the funny and wise account of two adventurous men who must work together to avoid disaster. Children will enjoy the unusual format of the poems and their titles in this kid-friendly collection of concrete poetry.

Recently orphaned, Inge Maria goes to live with her grandmother. Through her wild and spirited ways, Inge soon endears herself to the villagers, bringing joy to all. When the Sea Turned to Silver.

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By Grace Lin. An inquisitive and lonely robot mothers an orphaned gosling and befriends an island of animals in a story of survival, where nature and technology collide. As their parents try to repair their marriage, brothers Ernie and Genie uncover family history and the extent of their own bravery, while spending an eye-opening summer with their grandparents in Virginia.

The Ballad of a Broken Nose. By Arne Svingen. Seventh-grader Bart has a difficult home life but finds hope in his secret love of opera. Three children band together to escape a life of slavery on a cacao farm in the modern-day Ivory Coast. Jonathan Daniels devoted his life to helping others, leading him to stand up and march for civil rights. Through journal entries, letters, and insight, readers experience his heartfelt fight for human rights. Twelve-year-old Nick excels on the soccer field but struggles to deal with his parents' divorce in this touching yet humorous novel in verse.

Brown v. By Susan Goldman Rubin. This thorough look at the landmark Supreme Court case that ended school segregation illuminates an important part of U. Noah is whisked by his parents to a new life behind the Iron Curtain in East Germany. Mystery, intrigue, and friendship interweave as he questions everything he knows and loves. Cry, Heart, but Never Break. By Glenn Ringtved. Enchanted Lion. The figure of Death gently eases the pain of four siblings as they accept the loss of their grandmother. Batchelder Award Book. Ghost wants to be the fastest sprinter on his elite middle-school track team, but his past slows him down.

By Kenneth C. The lives of five enslaved people owned by four U. By Adam Gidwitz. On a dark night in France, travelers tell the story of three mysterious children: William, Jacob, and Jeanne, and their dog Gwenforte, recently brought back from the dead. Newbery Honor Book.

In Victorian Britain, Faith Sunderly investigates the mysterious murder of her father, discovering a tree that feeds that feeds upon lies and gives visions to those who eat its fruit. Lowriders to the Center of the Earth. By Cathy Camper. The Lowriders journey to the center of the earth to retrieve their beloved cat, Genie, in this energetic graphic novel. March: Book Three.

By John Lewis and Andrew Aydin. Top Shelf. The Only Road. By Alexandra Diaz. Travel with Jaime and his cousin Angela, as they make the heartbreaking and life-changing journey from Guatemala to New Mexico. By Candace Fleming.

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Fleming digs for truth behind the myth of showman William "Buffalo Bill" Cody, the development of the Wild West, and the treatment of the American Indians during late nineteenth century. By Caren Stelson. Sachiko was six years old when the atomic bomb fell on Nagasaki, Japan. Her incredible story of survival, loss, and courageous perseverance is one that must be heard. By Pamela S. Turner reveals the thrilling life of twelfth-century samurai Minamoto Yoshitsune, the bloody feud between his family and the Taira clan, and his undoing by the political machinations of his brother.

By Skila Brown. Follow Mary Ann Graves and her family as they travel across the country in a tale of survival against all odds. Powerful, first-person narration characterizes this novel in verse. By Albert Marrin. This generously illustrated account of the shameful history of the U. By Russell Freedman. In this impeccably researched history, drawn from primary sources, readers learn about Hans and Sophie Scholl, former members of the Hitler Youth, who sacrificed their lives to spread the truth about the Nazi regime.

Nandu grows up in an elephant stable in the jungles of Nepal. When the stable is threatened with closure, Nandu must convince his father to transform it into an elephant-breeding center. In this coming-of-age story, spunky and courageous Annabelle defends a veteran who has become the target of local bullying attacks. By Carole Boston Weatherford.

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This collection of free-verse poems offers an evocative portrait of the U. Animals by the Numbers: A Book of Infographics. By Steve Jenkins. The animal kingdom is presented in easy-to-understand, colorful infrographics that allow the reader to appreciate the world of animals by comparing and contrasting one species to another. As Time Went By. By Jose Sanabria. An abandoned ship finds new purpose when displaced villagers make it their new home. Daniel Finds a Poem.

By Micha Archer. What is poetry? A young boy spends a day talking to animals and discovering poetry in the world around him.

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As a tiny plant springs from the ground, curious bugs watch it grow and marvel in their own buggy language. Whimsically detailed paintings showcase their activities and the subtly passing seasons. Space-Age Sound Artist. By Susan Wood. Self-taught musician Juan Garcia Esquivel blended traditional Mexican music and unconventional techniques to create a new, unique sound. Freedom in Congo Square. Gregory Christie.