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Large triangle of lights in the sky making a weird sound. Bright, silvery oval shape light appears out of no where, then moves like hyper speed and disappears. Fast bright silent flashes of light above me quickly in different areas. Mostly orange-red circular objects appeared in southern sky over ocean near Oak Island, NC. Red-orange circular objects seen in southern sky over ocean off of Oak Island, NC.

Bright phenomenon shaped like kid's spartle stick was just spotted outiside my home. Orange red sphere seen traveling along coast line when turned east and disappeared. Object s spotted in landscape photo. I saw a thin white cigar shape no wings visible in color moving slowy and quietly from north to south passsing between clouds. Disk oval shaped with light coming down fast and disappearing in mid air!!

McMinnville, Oregon

Very large firecolor came from the trees and moved slow across the sky. Once it got above my house it fizzled out.. I look up at the sky and I see a light in the sky E of where I was sitting. The light changed color. I was sitting on my back porch talking on my cell phone looking up at the sky. There was a large flash of light for a couple of second. Very large craft with a bright light in front of it seen near Smithfield , NC. Walking around and was looking at the sky when i seen a red cirle shap in the air moving in the sky.

I thought it was a plane of some s. My wife and I sitting on our back deck noticed a bright light to the SW, left of Orion. I was sitting on my front porch, enjoying a great spring night looking at one of the first clear skies we had had in a long time when a. I have seen this light from my bedroom window almost every night in the last month. This object of light varies from Orange red blue fl.

My husband and I are watching a yellow gold light above a cell tower in our local vicinity. We've been watching it for 10 minutes so fa. Disc shaped craft either taking in or expelling cloud. Two unexplained flying amber lights move apart and regroup over downtown Wilmington, NC. Brilliant red object in the southern sky, which sped off with incredible speed. Loud horn-like noise for thirty minutes every few minutes - didn't notice a pattern. Charlotte outside of; I Daytime sighting of Boeing s suspended motionless in air over outside Charlotte.

Two green one white light seen over South Square. Looked like a ball of fire going fast across sky and disappear into the west sky. Green flame with tail in Hertford, NC-was it a meteor? Black trangular object, silent, slow, and a set of very faint lights around it's perimeter. My husband son and myself and a friend was walking in dark home from parents house up road from us and in the southern sky heading no. I observed a light over a local cell phone tower early this morning.

This light was yellow and red in nature. I assumed it was a norm. My grandma and I were going down 52b and at 1st we saw a super bright light and were first though that it was a plan but as we got clos. Spotted a formation of slow moving objects flying North in column with red flashing lights with one white light per craft.

This occured. We witnessed a line of lights, 7 in number, alternating white, red. First thought it was a string or airplanes, but they were perfectly. I witnessed one loud triangle shaped aircraft flying very low over my home. Less than 5 minutes later another one came through. I did. At am I witnessed a seemingly round craft flying west to east in the sky directly above me. Slim object with band of flickering lights seen hovering above nearby mountain peak - making unbelievable erratic maneuvers.

Blue light over Mount Airy, NC. Very bright object in the sky with faint red light at the top, not a star. An object with red flashing lights flying low in front of my house in open blueberry field, and then to the left of my house over small. Bright flashing and kept moving fast and faded. Cluster of black spheres seen over Candler, NC. Reddish-orange lights sighted at Carolina Beach. Rectangular object rise from the field and followed along with my car for 2 miles. Pyramid formation lights above Matthews, NC.

The red light stayed in the same spot then moved slightly and disapeared. I noticed a group of 4 red lights hovering over a local fast food outlet. Strange Light hovered near Garner, NC. Strange silent color-shifting light seen pm December 20 towards Garner. Multiple flying objects sighted on the horizon. Three objects with white and red collision lights following each other N Raleigh, no sound. A light in the sky in the sky went up slowly over the trees then a Beam Of light came out then I ran into house to get phone.

Diamond shaped UFO with red lights. Strange light near Rim Road and Cliffdale. We went out to look at the stars over the water on this crystal clear night when we saw to the left of us 3 bright red strobing lights. While walking my dog I noticed a propeller plane I thought was coming in for a landing.

It had white lights and a red flashing on the b. Bright light with irregular flight pattern and speed. Strange star-like light with geometric shape. Bright light close to earth fades red and disappears to right side of sky, as helicopter spotlight searches in sky overhead. Just saw something really weird.

They seemed to be less than ft in altitude. I was driving down Peters Creek Parkway and noticed an oval shaped object with lights all around it Rotating shape covered in white lights with a cylinder in the center. Solid green light moving slowly or nearly stationary, then suddenly flying off and disappearing. V-shaped object with 6 white lights and 1 red light at the point. Bright white lights form pyramid in the sky, which then changed into a straight line of lights whose trails connected them together.

I have never seen anything like it before. Four orbs of light moving in a around each other consistantly. Orbs moving in sequence. Orbs of light behind clouds circling around eachother. Orbs of light behind clouds circling around each other. I saw one bright, non-blinking object, high in the sky which gave no sound nor did it leave a streak as a meteor would. The object was very bright and moved fast zigzagging and disappearing then back in another spot.

Round white bright object with flashing red and green lights moving slightly up and down. It's the size of a hot air balloon and has a cyclinder in the middle with 3 pods flashing green and orange light, also could see a blue. Thought it was an airplane. Walkertown Johns Road. It was coming from the North, at first we saw like a fire ball then we saw, what looked like a tringle of three little fire balls and.

Unidentifiable objects in the sky. Shooting star with a burst of light, then V-shaped lights that moved left, hovered, right, then hovered then disappeared. Series of lights seen above Topsail Island. During the night, I came across disks of light, circling each other in flight. Orange orb or oval seen in the distant sky in NC. I am a truck driver, mostly drive at night and I've never seen anything like this before. Driving down interstate 85 south to Charlotte. Three large planes surronding two white spheres. Solid light followed by Flashing light at close connected range.

Large red linear blinking light pattern moving south from southern Durham. Was banked sharply to the left, then rotated as it moved awa. Large green orb defied physics. The oblong light was visible on the traffic report on NC17 news. I recorded it. Pulsating array of several lights traveling in unison. V-formation or large red lights the size of a football field flying tree top low and silently. Western sky, from north Greensboro, seems to hover moving in any direction.

Almost as if wind we're bobbing around.

Seems to have red a. Object appearing amd disappearing, with three planes chasing it. Every night I go out side to smoke a cigarette at about o'clock. And every night in the same spot, there is this craft flashing. I was on my poarch looking at the stars. All of the sudden one of them starting moving. It moved and suddenly stopped. Then started mov. Dots of white green and red lights, 3 dots of light.

Western night time sky, just south of lyn lowry cross. Has been hovering in the ni. My 2 friends were leaving my house around pm, and when we went outside, a huge circular disk was hovering SW, had no lights. While traveling east on highway 19, I was observing a lightning storm slightly north of the highway. Approximately 2 miles west of Burn. Driving down a local road, we witnessed 4 bright orange lights in the sky. They seemed circular in shape and traveling pretty fast.

White, cross-shaped, object, followed by a dark oval shaped object. White car-shaped blob above cloud hovered and disappeared. I thought they were stars until I noticed they were moving in formation. Light formation near uptown Charlotte. High speed bright white object. Two concentric rings of light moved slowly across the night sky, stopped for 10 minutes, then moved back in the opposite direction.

Circle, orange in the center. Changed speeds quickly. High altitude triangle object with lighted corners seen over West Jefferson, NC. Thought it was a star. I was watching the meteor shower scheduled tonight. Saw many meteors, stopped counting at What I had thought. UFO with bright spotlight on the front. Triangular shaped aircraft hovering over wooded area in night sky, with 3 distinct lights on each point. My daughter and I were swimming and I was looking up to check out a dark cloud when I noticed a metallic sphere going from south to eas. I could see over the tree line a large object that was disc shape and almost look like a Zeppelin or some type of blimp.

Slow moving fireball, with no sound, in North Carolina. Large and bright red fireball or light, silent and very fast moving N, and then nearly 90 degree westward turn over Pamlico Sound. Very large green fireball moving through the sky.

Famous for an UFO sighting, this city also offers art and outdoor activities

A huge bright red glowing light formed in the sky! Driving and saw a cigar shaped object moving slowly, gliding. Way larger than a plane. Not near the airport. Thought maybe it was a bl. Vertical, orange, cigar shaped craft. Three lights as bright as the moon, possible triangle. Small white oval shaped UFO over Charlotte countryside airspace.

The Grey Area News

Hexagon shaped object connected to bright star moving and disappearing in air. Silver almost translucent, object flying over Durham. It was 3 lights that stud still for 10 minutes. UFO meanders through the morning sky followed by a military plane. Bright light in the sky. Brightly lit, multi-light object flying in erratic pattern near seashore at Oak Island, NC. Extremely fast satellite? Blue light in the dusk sky turns red on video that hovers and changes directions and then descends. Dissipated after about 1 minute. Sitting on the roof watching the fireworks, two red orbs appeared close to each other.

Both seemed to be low in the sky and were too cl. Wasn't moving. Just stay. Small circular glowing orange orb flying just above the tree line passes perpendicular above vehicle on I in Guilford County. I watched a UFO viewing 4th of July fireworks. Green light seen near fireworks Greensboro, NC. Orange lights on the Fourth of July Green light orb hovered over coliseum during fireworks. Three bright red lights traveling over ocean, Nags Head, NC.

My life will always be different!! Hovering, not moving, very bright and low in alt.. Disc or cylindrical craft moving at very high speed. Orange light crossed in front of me while driving and hovered above the trees, moving in a westward direction on an overcast night. Elongated star or Cross over Cary, NC. Two just sitting there, one larger than the other and a third appears. Saw this last year.

Star-like object flying at moderate speed in an "S" motion, before dimming out and disappearing. White lights in a rectangular pattern that faded in and out, but did not move. I was sitting on my porch and I took a picture of some flowers. When I looked at the picture and zoomed in I noticed a small saucer. While sitting on front porch noticed a bright orange light moving very slow. My husband and I walked out to sidewalk to see it better a. Round fireball object that hovered, and rose out of sight. Orange fireballs create a V-formation over beach at Avon.

BIG greenish orb hovering over Tarawa Terrace!! Witnessed by 3 people. Red and white lights saw in the sky and attempted communication. Six deep orange lights in night sky and three of them in triangle formation. I walked outside on my to get into the car and while I was in my driveway a blue beam of light zipped across the sky then disappeared.

Large, low, equilateral triangle object flying through rural country sky daughters report. Large, low, equilateral triangle travels across rural country sky. Very bright sphere shaped object levitated close to home. Strange lights seen above highway 70 New Bern, NC. There is a noise like a hovering helicopter for 2 days now. Large burning object, silently crossing the evening sky. At least 15 unidentified orange objects in the night sky. It wasa white fuzzy blip of light that suddenly appeared in the sky with the moon and it cast a reflection on lake.

They are some distance away, but they are on 3 sides of my house. They are. Asheville near Airport. Moved around at frist in the sky slowly. Then got closer to the ground. Look like two or three different color lights on it. Saw one big. Flying disc stationary in clouds about NC.

V-shaped lights over NC. I had dreams of being "chipped," and the next night I was abducted and chipped. I was watching air traffic in the northern night sky. I was thinking it would be wonderful to see a ufo, and suddenly straight up in t. I see this bright light shaped as a circle , it can't be a star because it is just too bright , I came outside about 20 minutes ago and. Red and Green lights hoovering and making quick moves and very quite! Saw a row of differnt colored blinking lights moving across sky from rt to lft, then shot up and came back down, 2 more joine.

Green light shooting straight down from the sky. We saw a bright white light in the sky surrounded by airplanes. Green Lights Triangle Patter. Diamond shape, ruby red, long yellow "kite tail", moving upward at incredible speed. Massive boomarang-shaped object high up in the western sky containing 3 vivid spread out blinking red lights making no sound. Appeared to be one craft traveling slowly at first and then rapidly left my sight. One bright white light in the front, followed by tw.

Object in sky causes disturbances, darts off into space. Orange looking fireball hovering over Camp Lejeune. After about 10 seconds they all went dark at same time. We noticed a strange object in the sky making all kinds of movements. The spherical object appeared at the eastern horizon and ascended toward the moon at a southerly direction, and eclipsed the moon.

Bluish-white light descends over Smithfield. Bright white-bluish light moving in z type pattern and also going up and down in the sky. Defitently not an aircraft or meteor. Silent, slow-moving object, pulsating orange and white. Seen multi bright lights with red tails. Then seen multi lights come Out of them.

UFO Sightings by US State: August - The Grey Area News

I went outside at approximately pm to let my dog out. Something caught my attention and it made me look up into the sky. I was driving down Old 86 when I saw a silver object in the sky. It was closer than a plane would fly but not extremely close to the g. Went outside to smoke, looked up and saw 5 flashing lights in a straight line, stationary for around 5 min.

Went back inside to tell my. Looked like Large Stars that moved slowly, mostly white but with some reds and blues. I was traveling west on hwy 24 and noticed somthing in the sky far up enough like a harrier.. Pinkish hue circle in the sky East, North Eastern sky. I was traveling north on nc96 from Selma when I noticed a orange light. As it crossed in front of me it went from bright to dem to brigh. Looked like moving stars in perfect "V" shaped formation and moving North across the sky at high speed until it dissappeared.

Multiple white circular objects at high altitude appear suddenly, cluster in a group and then disappear. Recurrent light formations, not matching aircraft or satellite patterns over Black Mountain, NC. Diamond-shaped silent object hovers and passes overhead. Triangular craft, Cary, NC. Disappeared within 30 sec. Bright orange light steadily traversing the sky from west to east for 45 seconds. Seen 6 objects that were orange in color round in shape ,all in a line looked like they were on a string all coming out of the west mov.

Red lights. Would fade out and reappear in nearby at a different height. Attempted to film it with cell phone. Never saw anything like B4; no sound, red lights, one by one, straight up, curved into horizontal flight. A white light that zig zags in one area of the sky. Very bright white light traveling at great speed and at a low altitude was observed for approx.

Bright fast light crossed the sky at great speed. Multi-colored flashing lights around a stationary orb. Orb that moved erratically and shifted from white to a blue violet color. The blue shift seemed to affect my camera's focus. We watched. Cluster of moving lights. There were 5 or 6 lights in a row blinking, whites and reds.

It was just sitting there over top the ridge of the mountains. Lights in distance quickly moving in every direction then shooting up at great speed. Sighted a bright white circular object move across the sky just north of the Moon. Observed a very bright light changing colors and blinking on and off in the sky. Silent triangular shaped craft glides fast across the sky. Cape Carteret Emerald Isle.

Floating red orbs in the sky off Emerald Isle, NC. Slow moving fireball type objects moved upward in the sky before disappearing. Multiple crafts delineated by bright, burnt orange colored lights over I by Raleigh. Triangular light pattern. Looking up in sky saw round circle orbit like. A airplane before it and one after we're with it. It moved quite. Just before dusk, a large sphere similar to automobile headlight observed flying in the sky by a walker. Since I made my first report on the 7th I have witnessed the same thing 4 different nights and it is happening right now as I type this.

Object flys west in North Carolina. Strange dancing, multidirectional light in the sky. A very bright orb caught my eye descending roughly thirty degrees from the horizon. For the first second and a half, the orb was teardr. Witnessed three round craft lights around each craft, flight pattern at first slow almost stationary 5 minutes then left quickly. Orange ball of fire moving slowing feet above the ground. Rapidly descending sparking fireball, seen over the course of several seconds.

Large number of objects with red lights flying in formation over Matthews, NC making no sound. Police took image from phone. I have pictures. There was a small yellow crescent shaped UFO to the right of the moon and lower than the moon. A bright glowing green diamond shot overhead and was gone in less than 2 seconds. Strange light, was inspected by 3 helicopters.. Please read.. I need to know if others experienced something like this.. North Carolina: Marion to Morganton on I large glowing object over road messes with car clock. Very bright white light moving at a good rate of speed, not an airplane or satellite.

Bright "light bulb" object over North Wilkesboro, NC. Object was incredibly fast, never seen anything like it. There were 6 bright orange lights in a row in the sky. Each one faded out in succession. Then 5 minutes later saw 3 more bright lights. Spotted something outside our house something of an origin never seen before.

Cylinder shaped with blinking circling lights. In a up an. Bright red light sitting in the sky. Light orb of yellow white color, pulsed with rhythm from dim to bright, hummed loudly, static discharge noise, sparks and lightning web. After today I know for a fact we are not alone! No noise. No apparent formation. Ocean Isle Orange Orb. Bright pulsating object over Willow Spring sky. A saucer with red lights and blinking white lights followed our car home.

Saw a white greenish Ball descend in ballantyne. Clear sky no noise. Appeared out of nowhere and was gone behind the trees in no time. I was standing on my balcony at my hotel mile post nine and a half circular light moves through the clouds going south to north faster. Bright, oval shaped green light surrounded with haze and three lights in the middle, descending to ground. Triangular shape, with yellow lights in each corner.

Flying white lights that disappear when you bring attention to it; accompanied by humming noise, clicking sounds and driving the dog cr. Some kind of space craft hovering near power poles, turquoise in color, with red lights around it. Orange lights over the ocean - Buxton North Carolina. On or around pm to am, I was facing east the ocean, looking over the ocean about 16 milepost in Nags head, nc. One red light,. Silver Ball in Lightning storm - update - not a hoax!

Silver ball in lightning storm. Walking my dog near Pelican Watch on the beach around this morning. Orange lights still being seen around the Carolina Beach area mainly during the first 2 hours after dark. Driving home from work and saw a bright low to the ground orange light it hovered and moved back and forth a little. I am sitting on beach access bench looking at what I thought were stars, but they are changing colors and moving. Moving mostly slow so. Bright light in the sky and then zipped away, too fast for a plane, and not a satellite,. Like some Star Wars type of thing! Shuttles leave every half hour.

Saturday, June Festival Events. Vendors from all corners of the galaxy will be here — great food and beverage options. Area 51 kids park with inflatables, face painting, etc. We encourage all to dress as their favorite alien. Main Stage. See and hear the aliens. The Main Stage is where the local speakers, costume contests and live music happen. He wouldn't really hit me but he would say that he thought my beard looked ridiculous he was very jealous and fearful of my bad ass baby beard.

I had a much fuller, luxurious face matt than Burton and he knew it. When the chamber maid would be changing my diaper and comment on what a nice mustache and beard I had, Burton would again become enraged and leave the room. Though I was too young to be having sex, me and the chamber maid would fool around and I could eventually get her off with one of my Star Wars toys. I look back and question the mental stability of a woman who would have sex with a young boy I think the beard and mustache through them off a bit.

Trump says he doesn't particularly believe in UFOs

I may have forgotten to add that my voice was exactly the same as it is right now. You would piss yourself laughing if you could see me, Alex Gillard, 2 years old with a pretty amazing beard and mustache, smoking a cigarette, sitting in a restaurant and with a grown man's voice ask a waitress if she could help me, - priceless. Anyway I have come a long way from that and now have my own musical cd disc released to the public world of people.

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