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In truth, I feel I'm only just beginning my life. Barbara remembers having eyes for Ron when she first met him more than 40 years ago. But although she was on her own, following her husband's death when she was 45, Ron was married, so she never let on. But when Ron's wife died six years ago, one thing led to another. Barbara was a mother of three children — now in their fifties and sixties — and living in Bahrain when her husband died.

The children went to boarding school and came to see me in the holidays. When Barbara was made redundant around six years later, she settled back in Kew in west London, where she joined as many societies as she could. Ron had met his wife, who was from Poland, when he was Ron recalls the couple sharing happy times with Barbara and her children, including Christmas parties. Ron and Barbara don't live like ordinary pensioner couples, however. Ballroom dancing is their biggest passion and this they always do together.

We had to rehearse for three months to open the Twickenham show. We even appeared on Strictly once. The couple disagree about plenty of topics, including the Royal Family, says Barbara. Life's too short, especially for us, although we have no plans at all to slow down. Life is for living. Lynn Ruth Miller is a cabaret artist Lynn Ruth Miller, 80, became an author aged 67, a stand-up comedian at 70 and a cabaret performer at Lynn Ruth Miller is feisty and fearless.

In fact, it was when she took her clothes off publicly at the ripe old age of 71 that she kicked off a whole new career as a cabaret performer — her most successful career to date. Prior to her stage work, Lynn describes her life as a series of failures and almost-got-there's, but in fact she's had many successes, not least as a teacher and writer in lots of different jobs spanning many years and across North America, where she's from.

Lynn was still working hard in her late sixties, by now writing books and columns. It was then that she saw an ad for the San Francisco Comedy Club. I called the guy up and he said I could take the class. To her amazement, she was a hit. I'd been struggling to eat on my freelance wage, so I felt overwhelmed and quickly started creating comedy shows. People came — more each time. I have a perfectly horrible voice, but I had a try with a song called "Strip Poker" from my youth. I put on some fancy underwear and someone shoved a five dollar bill in my bra.

I couldn't believe it. I've been doing cabaret acts ever since. As anyone who saw Lynn on Britain's got Talent — or, indeed, America's got Talent — will testify, Lynn's comedy style is one-liners. I love telling stories," she says. While she didn't win either of the two TV shows, she's had plenty of awards and the gigs just keep coming. But it doesn't make me sit at home. I always say, I will probably die on my way to a gig. They will appear as panellists for a discussion focusing on how ageing isn't a sickness. For more information and tickets, visit wearetbc.

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The Twilight Years: The Paradox of Britain Between the Wars

Steve Coogan. Rugby union. Motor racing. US sports. Rugby League. Geoffrey Macnab. Because maybe someone who can't afford food needs it?

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Otherwise, by your logic, soup kitchens should be full of rich people. Draper's unusual behavior, such as shouting at anyone smoking anywhere near him, could wear on fellow workers and employers. Maybe someone should tell him if he cleans himself up and brushes his teeth, it'll be easier to pick. There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead.

Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. Draper was a 'phone phreak' and helped develop the technology for word processing and voice-activated telephone menus; meanwhile, he eluded the mainstream by tampering with the phone system, frequenting the rave scene and shouting at anyone smoking anywhere near him. Draper now lives on the margins of this affluent world, still striving to carve out a role in the business mainstream,' says the WSJ. More from the article: 'Contemporaries who've gone on to riches and fame say they've tried to help Mr.

Draper over the years. Wozniak says Mr. Draper's problem is that his skills lie in technology rather in making business deals or starting a company. This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. More Login. Wow Score: 5 , Insightful. When Woz is saying you don't have business skillz, that's something. Share twitter facebook linkedin. Re:Wow Score: 5 , Insightful. He just doesn't like the remote aspect of upper management he just wanted to be an engineer. Compared to others like "Cap'n Crunch" and many other geeks they think just because they are smart that people will want to keep them.

You can be the smartest person in the world but you will not be able to keep a job if you smell like 2 week old dead fish, and people feel you will at any one time snap. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. Re: Score: 2. Re: Score: 3 , Insightful. Re:Wow Score: 5 , Informative.

There were many briliant students, but some of them just terrible at interpersonal interaction. I think the grandparent post is very right. Many brilliant computer types have this attitude about being so high and mighty they are irreplaceable I'd say it is kind of like being 'witty' and being able to come up with funny things instantly in conversatio.

What's wrong with going to raves when you're 50? I know plenty of people older than that who go. It's good exercise, keeps you young. Or are "old people" 50 is not very old just supposed to lead quiet boring lives? Re:Wow Score: 5 , Funny. I didn't smell like 2 week old dead fish. I just forgot to bathe for a couple of days while I was working on something. Ok a month but I still smelled better than dead fish.

The only reason they fired me was because that bitch in the clerical refused to go out with me and got that restraining order. The cowards in management were afraid of getting sued and I think one of them was having an affair with her. Once I finish my manifesto they'll all be sorry they ever fired the smartest man who ever worked there!

Re:Wow Score: 4 , Informative. Well, there are people who like to think that they're smart enough that they don't have to pay any mind to "society's rules", that their extreme brilliance is all that they need. Geeks are notorious for that, although often unfairly stereotyped to the extremes. But in generally, things like "I'm going to wear t-shirts and sandals to business meetings, and they can go ahead and fire me if they don't like it" are basically symptoms of the same thing. The problem is that in the end, technology is really only useful to the point that it interacts with people.

While there are many who will appreciate technology for technology's sake, if you're really going to get anywhere, what you're doing has to satisfy people. And if your attitude pushes people away before they can appreciate what you're trying to do with technology, then you're just going to end up isolating yourself.

As smart as you are, there are other people out there just as smart, who are also able and willing to have more normal social contact with others, and they'll get chosen over you. If you want to make a technology based business, It's not enough just to understand technology. You should also strive to understand people as well. You'll never figure it all out, but the ways that individuals, organizations, and societies work are important, and pretending that it isn't won't make everyone else go away. He's really not an in-your-face kind of guy. I don't know him, so I can't comment on him specifically.

But being an obnoxious brat isn't the only way that this sort of thing can happen. Just refusing to participate in social activities can be a symptom. Not to say that if you don't go to parties and get drunk and crazy that you're some sort of misanthrope, just that it's not impossible to have a disdain for "normal" people and be fairly quiet about it. A example that I've seen often enough are techie type people who "hate all sports", and who believe t.

The Tuscan Trilogy: The Twilight Years by Derek Adie Flower – Author

Not when he's screaming across the restaurant "this bacon is too greasy! Re:Wow Score: 5 , Interesting. Oh, for pete's sake.. Now, something that you probably don't know, is that when he was in jail, he got beaten severely because he refused to tell the mob how to make blue boxes. He has severe back problems to this day because of it. That's hardly the choice that would be made by someone who thinks none of the rules apply to him. It's the kind of choice that would be made by somebody who believes in principles rather than rules. If more people believed in principles rather than rules, the world would be a better place.

However, they don't, so we have rules. Re: Score: 2 , Insightful. Perhaps he should stick to non-smoking venues, then. I'm allergic to peanuts but I don't yell at every person I see eating them. It's my responsibility to avoid them, not theirs. Alternatively, you'd realize that 'people who smoke in the rave scene' are very high in number, and that maybe you're just putting yourself in harms way.

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Maybe not in-your-face but certainly has a hostile attitude. I know the guy, and you obviously don't. Superficially, you might be on to something. Thankfully all of us aren't as superficial as you appear to be. What that you mention there makes him hostile? Hostile to your sense of what is acceptable maybe, but I'd have to suggest that attitudes like this towards other human beings are as a matter of fact hostile in and of themselves. The guy lives in his head. He didn't choose to become unkempt, he just doesn't think about it.

And as someone else mentioned, the man is extremely allergic to cigarette smoke. I don't agree. We're talking the kind of person that can sit down and code for 2 days straight, never even thinking about eating or whatever. People that live in their head. There's a BIG difference. It's just fashionable to be seen as such, somewhat.

And a lot of these people play up the part. Sad, but true. Personally, where I work, I try to be very very conscious about peoples abilities, and completely shut off everything else. I don't care if you're a nice guy or not, doesn't matter at all Stink in a meeting? Whatever, you're doing a great job and don't worry we wouldn't make you meet with our customers directly as we know you wouldn't deal with it well. I've fired people that I actually liked a lot. I've fired more people that I'd actually hang out with outside of work than people that I wouldn't.

On a personal level, I really can't stand some of the people I work with. Bottom line is though, that has just about zero impact on how they do their jobs. It takes all kinds. No, rather I'm suggesting that social traits have nothing to do with ones ability. My CEO wears hawaiian shirts, shorts and sandals to business meetings. I understand that at first it made it a bit of an uphill battle building his startup but now it is just part of the image.

Besides, it means any clients I have to deal with can already deal with him. There are people out there who are the very best at what they do. A lot of people say that we would, the. Not Exactly Score: 3 , Insightful. Talk about evil Score: 5 , Funny. Thanks a lot buddy. Re: Score: 2 , Funny. I think you said, "Transfer my entire balance to Bill Gates. To confirm, say 'Yes'". Re: Score: 3 , Funny. Man, you've got the weirdest word processor.. Re:Talk about evil Score: 5 , Funny. The amazing thing is the his screen displayed "Dear aunt, let's set so double the killer delete select all.

Voice Menus Score: 2. Hopefully he's not the guy that had the idea to make the voice prompt say: "For security purposes, please say your account number I'm sorry, I did not get that. Please repeat that. Navitron Score: 2. For a historical overview, detailed reminiscences of phreaking and interviews with Draper, Wozniak and Mitnick, see The Secret History of Hacking [google. In particular it details how the phreaking story hit national headlines, how Draper and Wozniak met, prank calling the Vatican, and the blind hacker with perfect pitch who can control phone switches around the world by whistling.

Kinda Sad. Score: 5 , Insightful. It is kinda sad to see a pioneer live the rest of his life in near poverity. But it also shows that in order to make it in the world you do need some ballance in your life. In order for society to respect you you must respect society. He bairly respected society and now society barly respects him. Re:Kinda Sad. That's a nice sentiment, but it's not really true. Look at Steve Jobs. He's not known for his respect to others. I think I'd rewrite it to say..

Which Steve? Score: 2. Forget Jobs- look at Ballmer. He's richer and less respectful. Someone ought to graph that phenomenon. I would but I'm reading. I think its a common and sad misconception to think that people with alternative lifestyles are "disrespecting society". Usually they have alternative lifestyles because "society" doesn't satisfy them. To put it another way Also, of course there are limits.

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And there are those who understand t. He has had and blown more money than most of us well ever have. The man made trips to India for fun. In many ways not that different than rock stars that blow all their money. Lots of good hard working people end up with problems not of their own making. Many of John Drapers problems where of his own making. How many times did he go to jail for freaking?

He wrote a word processing program he didn't cure smallpox or feed the poor. I feel bad that he made so many bad choices but. Wow, that is such a load of Ameri-centric crap. Here are some interesting bits of trivia you might wish to ponder. These people do not care for western society's respect. Witness Ms. Hilton, President Bush, and Mr. Gates as examples of this. What is sad is that so many people loo. Is this how we measure someone's worth and success?

By how one fits into 'society'? What is poverty? Have you ever thought about that? Is a homeless person poor because they don't have a car and a wide screen TV? What if those things wouldn't bring them any sort of happiness anyways? How many hugely successful people that are highly respected by society end up so unhappy that they end it all themselves? I'd suggest that the kind of attitude that you're presenting is very very dangerous indeed. There are as man. Columbus died in a poverty too.

It is never the explorer, it is always the exploiter How Strange Score: 4 , Insightful. I think Mr. Well, getting busted didn't help, either. Re:How Strange Score: 4 , Informative. Especially if I was some Apple hot shot. I guess my definition of "friend" differs from Mr. Re:How Strange Score: 5 , Insightful. If one of my friends was ever living in a vehicle, I'd be certain to lend a hand.

If the help you're giving them doesn't seem to be doing the trick, give them different help! If they've got a place to live, a job, and they still don't turn up for work, get them some counselling.

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Get them the help they need to keep going to the job. Friends don't just shrug their shoulders, go "meh", and walk away. They don't "get tired". They keep helping.

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What you described is not a friend. Re:How Strange Score: 4 , Insightful. Some people are not "sane" for want of a better word enough to make good decisions, interact successfully with other people, function in society or look after themselves. These same people are not "insane" enough to be a d. Hear, hear. Although I believe it's P.

Just walked away from a good friend after three years of struggling to help him as his mania caused him to lose jobs, steal things, cheat on and beat on his girlfriend, break and steal my things, physically assault people, etc. He's bipolar and won't take his meds. I'm done. It's a shame, but his illness makes him an asshole and he refuses to address it. I'm DONE. Especially after he tried to ruin my marriage -- dave,. Have you ever actually had a friend in such situations? Other people can only help so much. There's a point where any additional help only perpetuates certain patterns of behavior, and being a "good friend" only ends up dragging you down with them, in which case you then have two screwed up people instead of one.

Yes, it's important to be a good friend and help out when the situation is truly desperate, but eventually it's the responsibility of the person in trouble to figure out how to sustainably impro. It doesn't matter if one friend is Hitler and the other Mother Theresa - motives, feelings, pizza preference, whatever - it doesn't come into it : One of my brothers is probably in worse shape than Capn Crunch, since he doesn't even have any "skillz" at all. He had every opportunity in the world to make something out of his life and he has consistently refused to do so.

There isn't one of us that he hasn't lived with and robbed. He's been sent to rehab several times and prison several more. This is all over a period of more than 20 years. We have all tried many different things to help from simply providing money, food and a place to stay, to helping get him jobs, to paying for education, tutoring and the like. So, while it's nice to believe that people can always be saved from themselves, I don't believe it. Given 20 years of Meth addiction, his brain is well and truly fried.

He, for the most part, can't even string together words into meaningful sentences. And goes to prison for. With no concern for the consequences, or the fact that it's his own family he's destroying. So, there is no way in hell his friends and family are going to be able to pull him out of this since he has no real interest in pulling himself out. At some point, in some situations, your best course is to just let them make their own way for better or worse. So, while I find your sentiment admirable, I also find it rather naive.

Friends don't just shrug their shoulders, go "meh" Score: 2 , Informative. He obviously didn't make smart business decisions and chose to go to a rave instead of a business meeting and now he's paying or not for it.

Re: Score: 3 , Interesting. Price of an interview Score: 5 , Interesting. Back in the middle 80s, when I was writing for computer magazines, I was amazed that a young pup writer like me could get an interview with someone as famous as Mr. I remember reading the Esquire blue-box article when I was a teen. I met him at a trade show. When I asked for some time to sit down for the interview, he insisted we go back to his hotel and conduct the interview in the gym.

I balked, eventually only getting a few quotes and a picture. It took me a while before I figured out what he really wanted. Apparently Mr. Crunch thought I was cute. Well if he's gay and people knew it that probably wouldn't have helped him in the s corporate world much either I imagine. Sorry , but it could have made a big difference to his image. He might possibly have been seen as more of "one of the boys" and in corporate circles thats a Big Deal.

I call fake. Mod parent down as troll. Re:Price of an interview Score: 5 , Interesting. He's definitely into young boys. When I met him, it was pretty obvious that he was a big pervert. Even worse, he seemed like a total fake. He could take credit for things he picked up from other people, but didn't seem to be able to do himself the kinds of things he talked about. The thing that struck me as odd is how he didn't get how I was bouncing between machines at Netcom without using a password since they deleted any. I would think the mythical Crunch would realize that a. Re:Price of an interview Score: 4 , Interesting.

Actually, not a troll at all. The same thing happened to me. I was hanging with friends in the Bay Area one night when one of them said "Hey, there's captain crunch". He was just hanging out. So I started talking to him and he offered to show me some things and talk to me more. Being 19 and so excited to meet one of the all-time heroes of phreaking I followed.