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Finally, despite her outlandish regimen for maintaining her complexion and ankle-length chestnut tresses, Elizabeth is never less than beguiling. In The Fortune Hunter she weaves a rich and textured tale of desire and ambition. Sizzling with energy and passion on every page, Goodwin's characters compel the reader to fall in love with them. This debut's strong character development and sense of place will please fans of historical romance, including book club members.

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Read the first chapter here. My Last Duchess, her first novel, charted the rise of Cora Cash, a brazen American heiress looking to buy her way into the English aristocracy.

In this second novel, we are presented with Sisi, the 19th-century Empress of Austria, an emotionally charged heroine who, in the German-speaking world, is viewed today as the equivalent of Princess Diana. Set in the s, and based on a true story, The Fortune Hunter is a period drama aimed squarely at Georgette Heyer fans — a comfort read that mixes historical fact with themes of love, duty, betrayal and passion. Get The International Pack for free for your first 30 days for unlimited Smartphone and Tablet access.

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At bedtime her ankle-length hair was suspended in two long ropes from the ceiling, and her choice of facemask was bizarre, to say the least. Slices of raw veal were placed over her cheeks and forehead and held in place by a leather mask, which failed to prevent the veal juices running down her neck and onto the sheets. Makes a jar of cold cream and a pack of wet-wipes look distinctly limite. All the characters are good fun.