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Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading July 11, at This may be done as part of a mind game with rival clubs in other competitions, or for reasons to maintain team morale. Since , the term has been used as a nickname for the Walt Disney World Pro Soccer Classic , a preseason tournament played by teams in the Major League Soccer , a league that itself has been called a "Mickey Mouse League". The terms Mickey Mouse Treble and Mickey Mouse Double have been used subjectively to disparage the winning of what are perceived as multiple lesser trophies by larger clubs in a single season, in comparison to the European treble and the Double.

Such terms are usually applied by a rival club. The term has also been used to undermine football referees. After a questionable decision by an official in a Newcastle United match, manager Joe Kinnear reacted by criticising the quality of refereeing, saying: "It was a blatant foul, a blatant push prior to the penalty, and he ignores it In recent years the term has also become popular amongst Australian Football League fans when referring to the fruitless and seldom taken seriously NAB Cup.

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#WorldCup Brazil 2014 – Rizzoli to Referee World Cup Final

Thus Tottenham Omada romped to a victory in that, with all due respect, might not otherwise have been theirs. Senior teams returned in , with midweek ties accepted. But the and finals were still filed in the scant consolation column, after league let-downs. Unfortunately, most of them came from Hendon, finalists five times and winners twice since They under-achieved this year, leaving Bromley to emerge as finalists.

And, as I may have mentioned once before, we beat the Wands in the league in early February this year. Abbott had enough nous about him not to look foolish. It showed too.

Mickey Mouse cup

We were wondering this, though, from a vantage point of a goal down. Second-choice keeper Louis Bragg played all three games in the run-ette to the final, so got the nod for the big game. But, as the old Chinese proverb says, better to be chaotic than out-of-position when the ball comes in from the flanks, as Ks centre-backs often were. But after the interval, Bromley looked well able to keep their noses — and the rest of their face — in front.

Then… drama. And a third turn sent him clear of floundering centre-back Helge Orome.

#UFC 230 Fallout, Mighty Mouse v Floyd? | IF I DID IT

Fortunately for Ks, this was unbeknownst to Orome, who pulled Okai back by his shirt, and the referee, who sent Orome off. But he could have had one. And Ks deserved credit for fashioning some decent chances against this blanket defence. Young winger Luke Wanadio pinged one against the crossbar. And not-so-young emergency striker Simon Huckle bulleted a header against both post and unsuspecting full-back on the line before Okai slammed home the goal his performance deserved.


But he had barely started his rush back to the centre-spot when the referee blew for full-time. Both teams have, rightly, been effusive in their praise of their fans.