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Choose your prefered store and click check availability. Please consider verifying with the store that the product actually is in stock. Anointing oil symbolizes the Holy Spirit being present to minister by power and might.

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Perfume is the fragrance aromatic substance used for religious, health, personal and funeral purposes and by adding fragrance has added pleasure, a sense of significance and a distinctive association with our Scriptures. Free National Shipping on Orders over R! Myrrh represents our need to be purified for the service to God and symbolized the suffering of Jesus on the cross.

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  6. His act of love for sinners is the sweet fragrance offered to God. Calamus represents the maturity we must develop in your walk with Christ. Cassia signifies our walk in the spirit.


    We are not only operating as the temple of the Holy Spirit, but spiritually speaking we are also operating in the office of a Priest. Have you heard of etheric cord cutting? When we consider that everything in the universe is comprised of energy, in explaining etheric cords, I am referring to non-tangible energetic attachments. These attachments may be between two people or it may also be from a person to an inanimate object.

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    June 28, Last year I received a gift. Although I have not read the wildly famous Harry Potter books, I have watched and enjoyed every movie ever made in that series many of them a few times over. Talk about having imagination! June 7, Have you heard this said before?

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    How do you feel about that statement? When you hear that, does it resonate-sound right to you?

    When I began to really think about expectations and what it means to have expectations, I started with the definition. Simple Definition of expectation noun. The Elevator Ride.

    Read More. What is Etheric Cord Cutting?