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Rome has one of the highest crime rates in the world. What were we meant to do? Walk about with our backpacks and also drag our suitcase around the city?? Really put a damper on this trip. If you are doing a contiki make sure you NEVER leave anything on the bus as they don't have cameras nor do they stay with the bus! Ahhhh no thanks and what a slap in the face. Take some responsibility! The trip was awesome The trip was awesome. We went to so many amazing places that I never thought I would go! The itinerary was so precise and exact, everything was self explanatory, trip manager, Chloe Lindsay was great fun and very approachable!

European Explorer plus Greek Island Cruising. Since , Contiki has been a leader in providing exceptional global experiences for year olds. What Makes Contiki Stand Out? Contiki offers a huge amount of tour options tailor made for younger travelers. They pride themselves on creating lifelong memories among international groups of like-minded travelers. They offer a comprehensive selection of trips, over of them, all over the world. Make sure to read the details of each trip and choose the right one for your travel style.

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Who Will Enjoy Traveling with Contiki? Sociable, spontaneous, and easy-going travelers who are between the ages of will definitely love the Contiki travel experience. These are trips for those young people who travel for the sheer joy of meeting locals, experiencing the nightlife, relaxing in the sun, and pounding the pavement for the next unique local gem. Having a good time, being active, and spending less time in museums is something to expect on a Contiki tour. They are especially popular for young travelers looking to explore Europe and Asia.

Contiki Travel Style Contiki trips keep budget very much in mind when designing their trips.

Expect a mix of 2 to 3-star hotels, guesthouses, and hostels on most trips. Contiki uses a mix of private coaches and public transportation to get around. The Contiki travel style is designed to allow for spontaneity - appreciate and get to know the culture through immersive activities, outdoors adventures, and local gems, off the tourist path.

Contiki trips can be found in 6 broad themes: 1. Discoverer - For the widest mix of sites and activities. These trips are multi-country and city, jam packed with attractions and hidden gems. High Energy - For those travelers who are all for maximizing their fun day and night. In Depth Explorer - If cultural travel is what you gravitate to, these trips are going to suit you the best. Independent Insider - For if you value a lot of free time to explore, setting your own schedule and curating the experience for your interests.

Camping - Truly budget travel, sleeping under the stars, camping trips with Contiki are currently available in Europe. Sailing, Cruise, Beach - If being out on the water is your bread and butter, and suntanning on the beach calls your name every time you travel, these trips are for you. Contiki will help organize these often confusing and crowded events.

Why Choose a Tour With Contiki? Contiki is a great choice for younger travelers looking to socialize with others during their trip. All of their travelers are between the ages of , and having a good time is one of their primary reasons for traveling with Contiki. They have lots of experience leading cultural tours in different parts of the world and have a wide range of options to choose from. Topdeck 4. Travel Talk 4. Exodus Travels View Profile. Bad trip leader experience The activities were a mixture of good and repetitive and the description of the game drives seems a little embellished.

We didn't encounter hardly any elephants and the leopard sighting is apparently not as common as one might think a week according to local guide. While we were "fortunate" to observe one, it was so far away that only a mm lens would get to see it, but that's after you fight through about 40 vehicles all converging to a single space in order to catch a glimpse before the park warden hurries you on because your time is up! It's also a madhouse trying to get into the park. There is no orderly fashion while up to a hundred vehicles all vie to be first in the gate this is at Yala.

The biggest downside to the trip was our trip leader. On two occasions when we had questions about the activities, he became very defensive and argumentative, and when trying to walk away from the conversation so that it didn't escalate further, he followed us intent on exclaiming what a good guide he's been and that we were the problem. We walked away again, and yet he still following us turning the conversation into harassment.

I was glad when the trip ended to get away from him and if it weren't for having another back-to-back Exodus trip see Maldives review immediately following this one, I would have never wanted to travel with Exodus again given that experience. All food was at hotels so not much of a variety or local fare encountered.


Lovely country and lovely people though and group was great! The most stunning trip of my life Its been a long held dream of mine to go to the Antarctic and the trip I booked via Exodus far exceeded my expectations. Amazing scenery, captivating and exciting wildlife, a plethora of facts, figures and general education from the on board experts and I can claim a world first to boot from my holiday to the Antarctic and below the polar circle.

The landscapes and wildlife. The scenery is breathtaking, from the continent itself to the many islands and icebergs floating away from the land mass and glaciers. I have never seen anywhere quite so remote and in many ways barren, yet at the same time rich in life and activity.

And you will never get over the amazing shapes of the ice along with the vivid blues you see in the glaciers and icebergs. Quite sensational. The penguins are of course the stars, but the frequency of whale sightings and fluking along with seals and many type of birds including the mighty albatross just make the experience even more rewarding. The tour leader is in effect an Expedition Leader fronting a large team of professional from a range of countries. Ours was wonderful. An enormous personality and with the best sense of humour coupled with safety and huge amounts of professional integrity.

The people in the expedition team were sensational. They come from a mix of backgrounds, however all have skills in subjects ranging from glaciology to water sports instructor, polar researcher to the armed forces, historian to nature and much more. Not only do you get the chance to attend lectures and learn from them on a really diverse range of topics, but they also accompany the trips off the ship and interact with you during meals and drinks as well as on time when you are cruising.

They have both professionally and also personally empowering stories to tell and they really enhanced my trip in a way I did not think possible. If you want to do any of the activities then book them up as soon as you make your reservation. Spaces are limited and I was unable to camp on the ice or take part in kayaking.

Don't worry about being cold. Its not actually as cold as you imagine and the ship is fantastically warm and homely. The jacket and boots they supply you with are excellent. Concentrate on buying good quality thermals in layers along wit6h waterproof trousers and gloves and a warm fleece or wool hat. Edit your photos as you go along and always be ready to shoot stuff. The onboard team will help you with this as they have photographers ready to help with your trip.

I was in the first group of paddleboarders believed to have ever paddleboarded south of the Antractic Circle. Not only had I never done it before, but we got to claim a world first. Finally don't delay going any longer. It may not be a cheap trip, however it is so amazing and experience that you will not regret the time and expense in going.

A magical trip! One of my best ever! This trip far exceeded my expectations on every level. The underwater wildlife encounters were superior to any other snorkeling I've done. There's an abundance of things to see and coupled with the chance to scuba dive and excellent water conditions - it's a top notch destination.

The boat was very comfortable, the crew was excellent and took care of every need, and the food was awesome. Ranks as one of my all-time favorites! Details Value 5. What Makes Exodus Stand Out? Daily events might involve cycling, walking, hiking, safaris, historic sites, photography, winter activities including polar expeditions , cooking classes, wine tastings, local encounters or a mix of all the above activities.

Exodus is perhaps most well-known for their range of cycling, walking and trekking tours around the world. These active adventures vary by way of difficulty from level , attracting casual cyclists and hikers as well as enthusiasts looking to really push their physical limits. The majority of trips have a maximum group size of travelers, with an average of In short, Exodus covers just about all the bases for adventure-minded, ecologically sensitive and responsible travelers.

Who Will Enjoy Traveling with Exodus? The Exodus traveler is very active, loves being adventurous, and will be less invested in luxury accommodations or a lot of museum time. You are game for anything, love the travel experience of getting to know a new destination through outdoor adventure, and learning about the culture from local guides and experts. These trips are great for those who already have a base level of physical fitness, and enjoy meeting new physical challenges. Exodus provides physical fitness guides are provided to give you a sense of how much training you should expect to do prior to departure.

Exodus travelers are a diverse bunch, and average between years of age. From African safaris, to walking and wine in Italy and France to the sun-drenched Croatian coast, to trekking Patagonia, wildlife cruises in the Galapagos and cycling in Vietnam, Exodus has built out their global presence and has active adventures for every style of traveler. Exodus Travel Style Mode of transport ranges from two feet, to two wheels to private van.

Accommodations are typically charming locally run star, with some premium departures available, and the company strives to offer unique accommodation experiences whenever possible. Why Choose a Tour With Exodus? Exodus is an experienced operator when it comes to this style of travel and is quite well-known in the UK, Australia and emerging as a leader in North America.

Their trips have deep cultural components and are based on principles of responsible tourism. Before joining the company, team members have been professional archaeologists, wildlife guides, overland driver's, mountain guides, diving and ski specialists, and mountain bike gurus — so they know their stuff when it comes to traveling to the wilderness and the far reaching corners of the world, as well as providing the kind of expertise you need to truly come away with appreciation for what you've experienced.

Uniworld View Profile. Highly recommend Me and Nena are in cruise business more than 38 years and booked so many river cruises in Europe and charter ships in Russia, India, Egypt and Ukraine. Uniworld offer excellent cruise and we highly recommend this great company. Professioal, friendly and unforgetable experience for the cruise The facility on ship was good. Staff servicing us were very professionally good. For the meals it was indeed very nice especially the kitchen was able to provide some Asian dishes that is fantastically great.

Amazing time, Amazing ship I had never been on a river cruise before and did not know what to expect. After this cruise, I was ready to sail right back with Uniworld. Everything on the ship, from the food and amenities, to the excursions and especially the crew, made the week one of the best I've had. Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection, part of the giant Travel Corporation umbrella of tour companies and cruise lines, is a luxury, all-inclusive line offering itineraries on a total of 22 rivers in 29 countries worldwide. What Makes Uniworld Stand Out? Uniworld provides the pinnacle of luxury river cruising.

They are known for their attention to detail, and extremely warm and attentive customer service. Traveling with Uniworld is to enter another world and experience the joy and comfort that comes with unpacking once, and really catering the journey to your pace. Many excursions are available during the cruise, as well as top line on-board activities and dining. Like other Travel Corporation brands, Uniworld contributes to the not-for-profit TreadRight Foundation, which works to promote sustainable tourism projects worldwide. River cruising with Uniworld is a luxurious experience.

Staff are attentive, everything is crisp and clean, and much attention to detail is paid to make sure your experience on board is enjoyable and every possible need is met. Where you can enjoy fine wine, food, and appreciate a bit of a throwback feel. During the days many active travel opportunities can be found such as cycling and walking tours, or if you prefer you can dial it down to enjoy at your own pace.

Travelers are often older, in the 50 plus range, many couples, and some friend groups. Top Destinations? Uniworld Travel Style Uniworld ships average a maximum of passengers, and the staff-to-guest ratio is very high. The line is noted for its service and cuisine and has won numerous industry awards. All-inclusive pricing includes unlimited beverages aboard, shore excursions and gratuities, with just a few exceptions.

Why Choose a Cruise with Uniworld? These trips are best suited for active older travelers. There are many excursions available and the amenities on board, service, and culture all create an unforgettable luxury river cruise experience. Tweets by UniworldCruises. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. Best Vacation Ever! The guides were awesome! So knowledgeable, funny, and resourceful.

The food was better than most restaurants and my kids loved it as did I! The River Jester Lily was such a sweet yet stern and fun lady that kept the kids entertained and they loved her. They setup camp for us each day at these amazing beaches! I have never been rafting, and they were there to make it seem easy and doable! I loved that they taught us about the local history and environments. A stop at Spalding was awesome start to the trip!

I enjoyed the paddle boats, inflatable kayaks, and the oar boats. I even became part of the swim team but it was a good experience having the guides there to ensure our safety. I loved cliff jumping, the short hikes, swimming the rapids, and swimming in the river with the kids. The time with friends and family was great. It was so relaxing and good to meet so many different people I feel that I can call my friends now.

Best part was sleeping under the stars with my family hearing the rushing river next to us. The guides made the trip so personal and they were caring! Absolutely recommend going on a trip with ROW and I plan to with my children again, it was worth every penny! Thanks Jason for helping plan the trip for me! My husband and I were both river newbies and we had a blast. All of the guides took very good care of us, the lunch was very good, but Eric is hands down the best guide ever!

Established in , by ROW Adventures began as a whitewater rafting company, which now offers many different kinds of active adventure trips. ROW Adventures has grown over it's 30 years as a family owned business to include all sorts of adventure travel offerings. They have a high guest to guide ratio, and specialize in small, customized tours, highlighting history and culture with the help of authentic local connections.

Most trips involve some camping, but lodge-based options as well - higher end lodging, motels, and ecolodges are available as well, depending on the location and type of trip. At first blush, ROW Adventures may seem to only be intended for hard core adventure travelers and adrenaline junkies. In reality, they are less niche focused - striving to create active tours that will appeal to a wide range of travelers.

If you are active travel minded, relatively physically fit, and enjoy being outside - you will definitely find a tour to enjoy with ROW Adventures. ROW is particularly well suited to travelers who maybe have hesitated to book active travel tours in the past out of fear that cultural travel experiences will not be included. Almost all trips take place on or around water, and many involve kayaking, rafting, or other multisport activities.

Among some of the most popular activities offered are sea kayaking in Baja, kayaking with Orcas in British Columbia, and they are the world's only tour operator through which guests can beach camp inside of the Galapagos National Park. Many trips utilize self-powered means of transportation, either sea kayak or raft. Others are cruise or yacht-based, hiking-based, or are supported by gear boats. All trips are accompanied by an extensive support staff. In fact the impressive guide to guest ratio on ROW Adventures trips is a huge plus for travelers.

Accommodations on ROW Adventures trips are quite varied depending on the trip theme, time of year, and budget. You can find everything from luxury yachts in Croatia to camping the stars along the Idaho River. Whether you are a thrill seeker or just dipping your toe in the waters of adventure travel, ROW has the trip for you. With their focus on authentic local experiences, highly qualified guides, and intent to make each trip as special and personalized as possible, they are one of the best choices available for your next adventure trip.

G Adventures 4. National Geographic Expeditions View Profile. I spent a lot of time on a crowded bus. Some of the accommodations were two star, peeling paint, smelly rooms, poorly catered. This was an expensive trip all my girl friend and we spent 17, dollars for the two of us. Some of the guides were actually wrong about what they were saying about the history of Sicily, and you did not have to be an expert to realize this.

There were a number of representations that tour operators made that turned out to be less than accurate. The tour group one night was having dinner in Sorento, and I asked about the wine they were serving, that is the grape and vintage, the only explanation I got was "its red". In another circumstance, the tour operator lost guests at Pompeii, and then threatened to leave them.

It was a mess. I could go on, but I would cross this trip off the list. Aamazing experience We just returned from an amazing experience exploring the Galapagos Islands then following up with another awesome week in Peru -- highlighted by touring the ruins of Machu Picchu. The naturalists, local guides and expedition leaders were outstanding! We'll be talking about this trip for years. This was our first experience with National Geographic Expeditions and loved it so much we've already made reservations for our next trip! In , National Geographic launched their own tour company component: National Geographic Expeditions.

Since then they have expanded to offer trips on all 7 continents in over 60 destinations. Recently they partnered with G Adventures to provide even more variety to their devoted customers. With National Geographic, you can travel by small, expedition-style ships; classic train journeys; land tours; active adventures; photo tours; family-oriented trips; or private, independent expeditions based on your desires and budget. Wherever you go with National Geographic, which has been in the tour business for 15 years, you can expect doors to open: entry to research sites, archeological digs, private homes or special events.

Many expeditions are accompanied by a National Geographic expert or expert team who share their knowledge and passion for a region and help make each experience enriching and unforgettable. They cover a wide range of topics, themes, and travel styles, with the educational aspect always prevalent yet not overbearing. If you love feeling like an explorer and an adventurer when you travel, and love learning about the world from experts in a variety of fields, National Geographic is the perfect place for you.

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This is a company for those who want to dig deeper, like getting the inside story from multiple perspectives - historical, cultural, political, economic, scientific and more. National Geographic trips are also extremely popular with photographers - novice photographers will enjoy their photography-centric tours, while many dedicated hobbyists can be found on their other trip styles as well. In the same way that National Geographic magazine has always inspired and furthered conversation and discourse, so too do their trips.

The spirit of learning about the world is intertwined in every itinerary, so if you consider yourself a lifelong student, you should definitely consider traveling with National Geographic Expeditions. Top Destinations National Geographic Expeditions go all around the world, and cover almost every travel style imaginable.

Regardless of where you travel, you will be sure to get off the beaten path and discover unique cultural landmarks, meet interesting people, and enjoy a sense of adventure. Small-ship expeditions, done in conjunction with Lindblad Expeditions, can take you to Antarctica, the Galapagos and points beyond.

Active adventures might take you hiking in Bhutan or meeting Berbers in Morocco. Land tours could take you to Tanzania, Peru or the Grand Canyon. National Geographic Expeditions Travel Style The travel style with National Geographic Expeditions has an aura of old fashioned exploration with a modern twist. National Geographic Expeditions is a family friendly outfit, offering a wide range of prices and trip styles. Trips vary from mid range budget to higher. Physical level is usually light to moderate. By virtue of their longstanding presence in the world, National Geographic has a wide reaching global network to lean on for incredibly unique and authentic lodging options, knowledgeable guides, and VIP access to historical and archaeological sites.

They have several broad travel styles you can choose from: Land Trips - National Geographic Land Trips are immersive explorations, often covering nature and wilderness points of interest such as national parks. They also dive into ancient cities and cultures, with trips exploring everything from monks in Burmese mountainside temples to the lives of nomadic Mongolian peoples.

Most trips are around 11 days and physical level is between light and moderate, with some trips featuring moderately challenging hikes in various altitudes. Currently they also have 1 river cruise in Asia, along the Irrawaddy. These trips are typically between 7 - 11 days and feature wine tasting, history tours, and very light physical activity.

Private Expeditions - If you and your family, significant other, or a few close friends are looking for a more intimate travel experience than a group of strangers, Private Expeditions are a great way to travel. These trips are customizable, and can be crafted to perfectly suit your interests and dates. Photography Trips - National Geographic has consistently featured award winning travel photography. They run regular contests for those inspired by the thousands of groundbreaking and historic photographs taken by journalists and travel photographers around the world.

On National Geographic photography trips you can actually learn tricks of the trade from real-world photographers and improve your skills. Train Trips - Travel was revolutionized with the implementation of the railroad, allowing people to travel in what was then a rapid pace from destination to destination. Today this ideal has been flipped on its head, and train travel is a leisurely paced excursion allowing time to relax and appreciate the slower meandering through beautiful countrysides. National Geographic train trips cover the classics, such as the Trans-Siberian railway and the Rocky Mountain railroad.

Accommodations are comfortable, around a premium level, with options to upgrade. Active Expeditions - For those who enjoy a bit more of an adrenaline pumping and active travel experience, National Geographic also has trips for you. These trips feature multiple active outings, such as kayaking, hiking, and caving. Expect to explore the outdoors covering unique natural phenomena and gaining insight into how and why the landscape has been shaped the way it has. These trips also feature cultural insights, just to a lesser extent. Family Expeditions - National Geographic is the perfect company to travel with when you have curious and adventurous youngsters eager to see the world.

These trips are specifically designed to be hands on, allowing everyone to get involved and learn about how things work. Private Jet Trips - For a luxurious and more lengthy travel experience, nothing beats a Private Jet tour. Journeys - Part of a partnership with G Adventures, these trips are adventurous and immersive small group excursions imbued with the spirit of National Geographic.

The best of two top travel worlds! When you travel with National Geographic you are participating in and contributing to a spectacular legacy. Over the years National Geographic has cultivated a reputation for being about cultural exploration, scientific advancement, and broadening perspectives. Their travel experiences are perfect for anyone wishing to get back to the roots of what adventurous, experiential travel really means and enjoy discovering the world from multiple angles. Really one of the best parts about traveling on a tour with National Geographic Expeditions is the sheer breadth of knowledge, personal and professional experience their guides bring to the table.

They help provide richly detailed context, historical information, and dive into the details of local life, by showing and doing as well as explaining. You the traveler will have the true experience of getting to know a place from the inside out. My girlfriend and I are experienced backpackers. Some are just common courtesy.

Guides, especially, should not be teaching future backpackers the wrong mentality about leaving our wildernesses as pristine as possible. LNT states it should be at least feet away from water to minimize pollution of water. They cooked and washed dishes and brushed their teeth 15 feet from water. People were putting on sunscreen and then going swimming very shortly after.

This clearly pollutes the water. At one point around 7pm, the two guides left the entire group, with their packs on, and did not come back until around 9pm. What if someone tripped and fell and hit their head while the guides were gone? While walking down a really narrow steep section from Mt. Eddy, the group was walking uphill and did not slow down or move over for us at all, forcing us to move to the side. The rule of thumb is that people going downhill have the right away because of momentum. People going up should always yield to those coming down.

The entire group hung and and swam right in front of our campsite, even-though they could have very easily gotten into the water and hung out around the water close to their campsite. People obviously go into the back-country to get away from people. This seemed very rude and selfish. This is the wrong mentality. Maybe she simply got lucky for 4 years. They should inform the guide, and the guide should make a conscious effort to pack it out, versus simply throwing it into a fire pit where a ranger is simply going to spread the ashes away from the pit, later spreading the glass around.

Quark Expeditions is a first rate outfit. Outstanding service, food, and exploration. We were able to kayak on 9 different occasions in addition to our shore excursions. The crew was outstanding and did everything they could to make our trip memorable. I rate them 10 out of When you think of REI, you probably think first of stores that sell quality outdoor equipment and gear. But REI also has a travel division called REI Adventures, which has been leading active outdoor adventures around the world for the past 25 years.

As a company they are dedicated to helping people see the world through the lens of nature and outdoor adventure. Even though this is their focus, they do also enrich their itineraries with cultural encounters, great meals with local touches, and exploring the destination off the hiking trail. Aside from their many trip options, from women-only departures to family friendly outings, they also offer volunteering trips, for those travelers interested in making a difference through their travel.

These are also outdoor focused and involve things like wildlife habitat restoration and trail maintenance. Most trips are small groups, and are intended for those who are physically fit. REI trips are very active adventure focused, with the emphasis is on getting outdoors and enjoying nature. If you are the kind of traveler for whom putting on a pair of hiking boots and hitting the trail for a several hour excursion in the wilderness is an ideal and really, crucial, aspect of your travel experience, these trips are for you.

The space in your suitcase that might have been dedicated to makeup, ties, jewelry, or cufflinks is replaced with outdoor travel accessories. Getting out in nature with REI means anything from hard core activities like extreme whitewater rafting and trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro, to family safaris and cruises to Antarctica. The focal point is being outside, learning about nature, and being active. Simply that exploring culture and history is secondary to the outdoor travel aspect. Everyone from mild adventure travelers to hard core adventurers and adrenaline junkies will be right at home on a trip with REI.

Trips are moderately priced, with several family friendly, solo traveler, and women-only options available. Because their core focus is in active travel, a certain level of physical fitness is expected. A wide range of ages are welcome, though the core age group is between On Family Friendly trips it is recommended that children be no younger than 8 years old.

Not all activities will be open to the younger travelers in the group, but these trips are specifically designed to make sure everyone has something fun to do! Top Destinations REI travels to destinations with an eye toward the outdoor activities to be enjoyed. They offer departures on all 7 continents, with an impressive number of Antarctica tours available.

Trips rated 1 Relaxed and 2 Easy Active are ideal for families with younger kids, older travelers seeking some invigoration without, you know, climbing cliffs or barreling through whitewater, or completely novice active outdoor travelers. Trips that are rated Moderate are also great for novices, but those interested in a slightly bigger challenge physically.

Camping is a common accommodation style for REI Adventures trips - though you usually will not be required to do your own set up and break down, and in most cases not all hot running water is available. Other types of accommodation include rustic lodges, and basic hotels. For an exhilarating and invigorating deep dive into nature and the outdoors, choose REI Adventures. This is their core focus and they do it remarkably well. Travelers who like to explore destinations through the lens of active travel will be right at home with REI Adventures. This is a also a great travel opportunity to make new friends with like interests!

These trips are not for you if the idea of being outside constantly, among the elements, pushing your physical boundaries is less than appealing. If you love the outdoors and being active when you travel, REI is the perfect tour operator for you. Frequently Asked Questions 1. Do I need to be an REI member to go on their trips? No, however if you are a member, you can receive substantial discounts!

Is airfare included? No, only ground transportation during the trip is covered by the trip price. You are responsible for purchasing your airfare to and from the trip start and end locations. Does REI Adventures provide travel insurance? Travel insurance is required when traveling with REI. Should you choose to purchase independently, know that certain events that can arise from active travel may not be covered, so do so at your own risk. How difficult are REI Adventures trips physically? This will vary by the trip, but in general it will be good to expect some parts of the trip to be physically challenging, relative to the trip classification.

REI separates their trips into five main categories: 1. Relaxed: These trips are ideal for new adventurers with no background in active travel. They usually involve easy hikes - expect to walk no more than 3 miles a day, and to be active between hours a day. Elevation changes are rare, so most hiking and walking is relatively flat.

Great for families with young kids looking to enjoy being out in the fresh air! Easy Active: Another good option for families or slightly older travelers looking to push their limits. These trips are active and exciting without being extreme. Expect to be active between hours a day, hiking up to 6 miles; cycling between miles. Expect to be active between hours most days, and covering distances of up to 10 miles for hiking; between miles for cycling. Moderate plus: Moderate plus indicates that some experience in active outdoor travel would be beneficial.

These trips are a combination of Moderate and Vigorous activities. Vigorous: These trips are best suited to those travelers with a bit of active travel already under their belt, and basic outdoor travel skills are recommended. Or at least willing to undergo some training to be ready and able to keep up with the group. Strenuous: This designation is reserved for long distance trekking, dramatic changes in elevation, and it is required that travelers be fit and able bodied.

Expect consistently uneven terrain, and long days of activity - hiking 12 miles or more, or cycling 50 miles or more. Prepare to be active upwards of 10 hours a day. ROW Adventures 5.

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Say Hueque 4. Intrepid Travel View Profile. An introductory to Vietnam The trip by Intrepid was very well organized. It was for 12 people, so it as a perfect small group size. If you have never been to Vietnam, this trip will highlight Vietnam's top attractions. It is very city focused vs nature. Our guide could have been better. On other tours, the guide usually talked about the country during the drive around places. During long drives, our guide was usually taking a nap. Peter Lerangis. The Queen's Handmaid. Tracy Higley. Five for Silver. Reign of Shadows. Deborah Chester.

Ben Manessis. All The King's Bastards. Chris Northern. The Children of the Company. Kage Baker. Witches' Blood. Ginn Hale. The Holy Road. The Confessions of X. Suzanne M. Koron, Jaws of Death. Adam Blade. Sunrise on the Mediterranean. Suzanne Frank. Formed of Clay. Thea Atkinson. First Bible Stories. Margaret Mayo. According to Mary Magdalene. The Lion Hunter. Elizabeth Wein. The Sunbird. The Road to Alexander. Jennifer Macaire. Maria Turtschaninoff. A Tremor in the Bitter Earth. Katya Reimann.

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The Awakened City. Victoria Strauss. Late Moon. Pamela Porter. Dance of Thieves Sneak Peek. Mary E. Star of Gypsies. Robert Silverberg. Jesus and the Eightfold Path. Lavie Tidhar. The Prophet's Woman. Tamis Hoover Renteria. The Invincible Empire. Tsira Gelen. Taboo — Pledge Book 2-Episode 2. Tara Maya. Star Over Babylon. John Walters. The Rest of the Noah Story. Kevin J Todeschi. Legends of Persia. What weaves together these two stories is the Genesis Secret: a revelation so shocking it may threaten the social structure of the world.

Only one man knows the secret, and he is intent on destroying the evidence before it can be uncovered. Spanning the globe from the ruined castles of Ireland to the desolate wastes of Kurdistan, Tom Knox's intense and compelling thriller weaves together genuine historical evidence, scientific insights and Biblical mysteries into an electrifying tale that grips the reader mercilessly from beginning to end.

Ben Hammott. The Temple Mount Code. Charles Brokaw. Scott Mariani. The Lucifer Code. The Manhattan Puzzle. Star of Africa Ben Hope, Book The Lost Testament.

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