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Local Local News. Her chapters flip-flop between mother and daughter, further igniting speculation that she is her character Lulu, and her real-life mother, the mom, Elsie. Print subscribers click here to activate your access If you are not a print subscriber you can purchase an online subscription to get full access to the site. You can also use the form below to create an account an purchase an online subscription.

Renews Monthly. Does not automatically renew. Automatically renew subscription. Discount Code:. Where he drew his modest fame and a good amount of his WAR total was his stunning defense. Can we trust 19th Century defensive numbers?

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Maybe not. Glasscock ticks the advanced metrics, traditional metrics, and anecdotal boxes when it comes to his defensive reputation. Deacon White had supporters for decades. Dahlen has a book written about him.

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Glasscock has nobody. But his greatness is right there for anyone willing to look slightly deeper than the surface. About Bill. Legal Information Privacy Policy Disclaimer. Saves having to wear full leather or purchase full goretex boots. I wear light breathable boots now with the seal skinz. Allows me to get my boots wet but feet dry. I have some Explorer socks to trial as I have only heard of this brand scince being in Oz. But I am a cheap arse and wore issue socks that the ambulance service give and on inspection they are Explorer.

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So its explorer. But never ever with sandles the wife would punch me in the face if I did that. Moondog55 Walkabout. GStone said:. Hope you have better luck than I did. I tried 2 pairs of those after seeing lots of good recommendations , and had them both fall apart after two uses.

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Deleted member Account Inactive. There looks to be some good recommendations here, I'll have to give some a try. Last year I coughed up very unlike me for some Bridgedales. They really have been amazing for me. Just throw em in with the other laundry, no smell and THE most comfortible socks I've owned. Walker John McDouall Stuart. Yep, Explorer socks for me too. Like I've mentioned on other threads, I wear a thick pair of socks close to the skin and a second thin pair of socks on the outer - less friction, so no blisters.

Explorer socks for me. I do like skins as an undergarment as well.

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Bartnmax Richard Proenneke. Joined Aug 3, Messages 1, Reaction score 0. The explorers are always a good standard to start with I reckon. All depends on what you want from your sox. People are often looking for 'waterproof' socks. Haven't had any experience with the Dexshell sox but I wouldn't recommend the seal Skinz for extended walks as I reckon they get too hot. Might have to give a pair of em a try at some stage I think. I have one pair of Bridgedales which I love but due to cost I just haven't yet bought any more.

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If you come acrossa brand of sock called wigwam snatch them up. They are specifically made for hiking and they make a wool and silk blend sock that are the most comfortable thing I've ever worn.