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Roger Rabbit - Illusion in a Bottle

Snuggle your bunny and let's have a big welcome back party when we return. We will miss you! You can search for previous posts that may be of help to you - the best way to do this is:. My new rabbit who's only thirteen days into living here seems to always be thirsty.

No Leak Rabbit Water Bottle

His bottle isn't going down in water correctly day to day and when let out he gulps from the spare water dish for my dog. He does try to drink from the water bottle but he gets, I wanna say, really mad? He grabs the nozzle and thrashes it, shaking it violently and getting angrier and angrier. He's drinking but it's not enough if he's bolting out for the water dish right away each outing he gets to become used to his new home.

Harvey's very invested in the bowl, down to chugging it dry tiny bowl for a Chihuahua, holds half a cup of water at the time and is always refilled , then throwing the empty dish around until I refill it. Should I just give him a bowl or implement some kind of cup or bowl waterer? He's obviously drinking just not enough from his normal waterer. Is this a concern? He seems parched constantly.

I've dealt with gluttonous bottomless pit animals a lot, and I'm not sure if he can overdrink but he makes loud gulps and chugs until he's very full of water, sometimes only stopping when I cut him off. Is there any suggestions for him? He's not yet three months old, but none of my other rabbits have struggled to drink properly like he has. Any suggestions on this then? Such as getting a rabbit who won't drink from a bowl to drink?

With any other animal the option is weaning or elimination, but I've found rabbits are stubborn and will just shove stuff in their water or tantrum when bowl switched. My idea was to give them all bowls of water, but there's the shoving hay, food, etc into the water. I suppose I could elevate the dish, but Nimo is fond of lifting his hay and food up in his mouth and dropping it into things.

I know not every rabbit can be made to do something they don't want. Nimo chugs his bottle down daily and has no qualms with gulping every drop as often as he can get a new full bottle. Given Harvey is very small and seems to be stretching out and learning how to push off the ground and reach things, he might hate the bottle for being higher than him or because he's short and its at a reasonable level, not too high, but head-level.

Very strange, I've never had neutering or spaying in any animal affect their diet, just their temperament. Most often I'd see fixed animals overeat or gain weight but never seen them like stuff they hated or had no interest in because of fixing. Given how stubborn they can be, I've come to realize that if I cannot please one with a bowl or fool them with the proper methods, if a bottle will be what they prefer, I'll supply it. I'm going through a lot of toys testing who likes what and what gets thrown aside and never sniffed again.

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Some of mine hate flat surfaces for their food to be on with a passion so I assume that's life, figuring out how to make them happiest. Thursday, June 27, Login. You are not authorized to post a reply or you have not verified your email address.

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Previous Next. Author Messages Scarlet. Dee Upton, MA. My rabbits all liked bowls- only thing is you may have to get a heavy bowl with no lip on the edge, so your bunny can't grab it and tip it over. I use heavy glass bowls that hold about 20 oz of water- there is no chance of my bunny tipping them. You might want to mention his extreme thirst to your vet, but I would guess he is just frustrated from not being able to drink fast enough from the bottle.

If he was an older bunny, I would be concerned about kidney problems, but he is very young for that. Oh yeah- I've had a couple rabbits who were loud drinkers and their bellies made weird noises as they drank. Apparently it was normal. Bowls are far better than bottles.

Bottles are simply too much work for little pay out - meaning they have to really work at the nozzle to get any out. Drinking from a bowl allows them to drink without having to work hard, and therefore they can drink more. She refused to drink from anything but a bottle unless it was ice cubes in the summer. She was sort of a learning curb as she hated almost all veggies, peels, and everything but things by the book food in a bowl, water in a bottle, sod off and let her be.

My other rabbit at present is fifty-fifty on bowls, he will drink from them, but he prefers the bottle, bowls are for hot summers. Bottle is better, he has a borderline attachment to his bottle and shoves hay in bowls put in his cage for too long. I presumed he was also a learning curve with me as he hates his food besides oats and veggies on a flat surface. Harvey isn't much for throwing his bowls unless empty and bone dry.

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He seems to either not have the hang of drinking or just not like the bottle. I'm going to try adjusting the height for him and giving him bowls for a short amount of time so he doesn't throw them or make them messy until I can get a properly weighted one for him if adjusting his water bottle's height doesn't make him less furious.

I am learning a lot about just how dang different each of them can be because he's prone to snubbing things and then in secret eating or drinking behind my back. So I'm not sure if he's actually having trouble drinking -I just know his bottle is only half empty and it has been four days now- or if he's being picky as heck and darting to the water dish to get his water how he prefers it.

It's not really being picky. Drinking from a bowl is far more natural than from a bottle. Do you provide fresh clean water every day? You said the bottle is half full and it's been 4 days?

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I figure bowls are what would be preferred, the fact two out of three have either snubbed completely or half-snubbed implies they're picky because logic would say they would prefer the bowl to a bottle. When I first gave him the bottle it was snubbed, changing the water seemed to aggravate him and make him antsy. When he did not settle down to water changes and I couldn't get him to be okay with them, I decided to let it go for a few days and watch if he'd drink it more if it was untampered with.

It's only a slight increase. The temperature is very cool a pleasant with some 40s , so I figured it was a good time to see if maybe he just hated me touching his water in general and that was it. Keeping a rabbit well hydrated helps maintain their overall health. Water Bowl or Water Bottle? Studies have shown that a rabbit with access to both a water bowl and a water bottle will prefer the bowl.

Heated Rabbit Water Bottle, 32 oz

Also, a bottle forces the rabbit to tilt the head up in an unnatural position, making it highly uncomfortable. Even though nothing can fall into a bottle and soil the water, it is much more difficult to clean, so bacteria and algae will often develop and soil any fresh water that gets added immediately. Some rabbits love to throw their bowls around or manage to quickly fill it with bedding, hay, or other material. In those cases, try placing the bowl on a slightly elevated surface away from bedding and hay. Choosing a heavy water bowl filled with water should prevent the rabbit from throwing it around.

Or you could also get a bowl that can be attached to a cage wall. Many people like to offer water in a bowl and have a bottle nearby as a backup option. What kind of water is best? Most people offer their rabbits tap water. It is fresh, contains important minerals, and is generally safe to drink if you live in the US. If you suspect or fear bacteria or excessive amounts of chlorine, nitrate, or lead in the water either due to the region you live in, a recent warning, or old pipes that may leak , filtering it before offering it to your bun can help reduce any risks.

Water that has been sitting in the pipes for a while is also more likely to be contaminated, so letting it run for a minute or two before filling the bowl is a good idea. If you are worried for yourself or your bunnies, testing the water is easy.