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Hence, they are safe. As I understand, there are plans to provide hill country irrigation water to Northern regions. Jaffna must say NO to hill country irrigation water unless it is rendered safe. Otherwise, Jaffna will suffer the same consequences as the unfortunate NCR rural communities who grow rice and vegetables in these toxic soils and fall victim. It can be prevented as Dr Hoole claims. But if the water were to be used for rice cultivation rice-water footprint which is litres per kilogram magnifies the water-cadmium effect. Perhaps ever since Sri Lanka started using chemical fertiliser in the s, paddy fields that used irrigation water from hill country has been accumulating toxins.

Typically, the contribution from rice is about 50 percent, vegetables etc about percent, and from water percent. A most welcome comment from the South, emphasising that we are one country, and that we should be helping one another. Eusense has as usual! I will leave it to the scientists to sort this one out! A cursory search for peer reviewed publications by Gammampila did not get any results. Just many youtube presentations and articles in Sri Lankan newspapers. SM You are a foolish sinhala man. You have still not learnt how Tamil Separatists operate. Imagine, the yet not well understood and unsolved CKD problem of north central province happened in Jaffna first.

What are their backgrounds? What peer reviewed publications do they claim? In my mind the only sensible contributor seems to be sbarrkum. As for Dr Gamampila he certainly is a serious-minded guy who was in school with me more than fifty years ago. How valid his Science is, is something that he will now have to demonstrate.

The Moneragala District is definitely Dry Zone, but these are relative terms. The Bandarawela area has two further problems. Over the years population has swelled because we are reputed to have one of the best climates in the world. Fertilisers have been used here. All of this is collective foolishness. We are paying now for collective irresponsibility. We have two good houses with one inhabitant in each.

But that is sent for about 30 hours; those who have invested in 20, liters of storage capacity PVC tanks — how safe?

Kidney Disease Symptoms in Cat & Dogs: Detecting this Silent Killer

I have little idea how the poor are going to manage — unless we become wiser and straighten out our priorities. I was very surprised to read your facts on water! Thank you. You have shown that there are major problems in other parts of the country that we or I did not know about before. In rural Jaffna the poor and even the not very poor use plastic containers especially the yellow veg oil containers to fetch drinking water of dubious quality from far away. The water comes through pvc pipes, and is metered.

I can, and do, run down to Colombo, if I run short of water. We are increasingly dependent on plastics. Chemistry never appealed to me as a school boy, there seemed to be so much to memorise. However, I now look at the re-cycling numbers at least:. There is an array of such blogs. It is unfortunately in the interest of industry to keep manufacturing plastic containers, so they will NOT encourage re-cycling. When they take away 5 kilos of plastics, they give you a basin in exchange — with no re-cycling number — perhaps they make it with a mix!

It is safest to stick to glass. To recycle the jam jar itself the government should insist on ONE design only — for almost all time! There are other ways of being creative! We train too many accountants, too few economists.

Salt: the silent killer at your table | South Coast Herald

PVC tanks — with us to stay, I fear. Quality of the water? Trust the Water Board! I was told that these fish need no food, partly true of one, where leaves fall in! The other: a hundred rupees of fish food I find lasts a year. Rain water harvesting is a must — almost not done! Someone once told me that gutters around houses are not allowed because they allow mosquitoes to breed. Balancing these menaces is the problem. Tube wells — being thought of now, but again, how sustainable? Little planning for great, great grandchildren!

So, as a kid, I remember how we had no electricity, and we mainly harvested rain water. Drinking water was fetched in metal buckets from a neighbour who had invested in a Diesel generator, which pumped water up the steep hill. With the coming of electricity my father, who had prepared himself for that development by obtaining a water permit, installed an electric pump. However, with the coming of State supplied water, the pipe line was not maintained.

Squatting on public land became common because there was less respect for laws, but ALSO there was no planning for population expansion and no sale of state land in a disciplined fashion.

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Rain water harvesting requires discipline; with relative prosperity and globalisation I mean half of all English-speaking families have now migrated — never to return for permanent residence , we lose respect for old-fashioned ways. For our area what they say is that the three inch pipe bringing water to our area from the main reservoir above the railway station has to be replaced by a six inch pipe which will bring FOUR times as much water.

Right now, they tell me, even it the main reservoir has water, the amount that can be sent this way is fixed by that 3 inch pipe. These local problems can sometimes be very difficult for others to understand.

Are your kidneys functioning properly? Read on to learn more!

The crux of the matter is that WE are the problem. We expect governments to supply everything.


That may apply everywhere. Here we have the Uma Oya folly. Is there no water for a better Water Board service? They should be able to give you information on the water quality. I think that rain water harvesting needs an investment of 60, but of course depends on size. The second is brought about by ecosystem changes produced by human activity that create the conditions that allow vectors to move into the population.

Looks like the developers are doing a better job than the parasites of nature when it comes to negatively impacting the quality of our lives. Here is an idea of how to solve these serious problems following the culture and traditions of our province. The Honorable Ministers and leading government servants of the Provincial Ministries of Agriculture and Health together with the heavy weight experts from the relevant steering committees of the said ministries should form a joint task force. This task force of a minimum of eminent persons of respected Jaffna pedigree should be sent abroad to discuss different solutions with leading Tamil experts of respected Jaffna pedigree in Diaspora.

All expenses should be paid by the NPC and at least but no more than 1 one woman should be included in the task force provided a female volunteers and is able to type the minutes. As is well known Canada has plenty of water, snow and ice and many Tamils. The goal of the conference is to find out how Diaspora Tamils can finance a permanent solution to various problems related to kidneys and water in the province.

It is an established fact that only Diaspora Tamils can help us with any and all problem we have. The rest of the world is against us! The PPD Private Public Diaspora initiatives should include creating massive dialysis centers in remote private rural hospitals that would charge a fee that looks reasonable for a professional working in Canada. Another PPD initiative is to convert Delft island into a huge Reverse Osmosis oasis from where low cost water can be pumped to the main land.

On the main land the water will be distributed in three wheelers in traditional clay pots to all the families of the province. Using clay pots and three wheelers will create employment for many. The price of the water will be lower than the price of premium imported mineral water from France. The clay pots will have a deposit and can be refilled at least 99 times. It is important to create only sustainable PPD projects. As a temporary solution there should be a resolution from the NPC declaring that all our water in the province is safe enough to be consumed and all health problems related to kidneys are caused by unknown factors that are beyond our control.

The resolution should include a call for all Tamils living outside of the province to send bottled water for friends and family. The water should be sent in BPA free plastic containers. Thank you for the links. There is a wealth of knowledge on water problems but very little political will in the North. Two including the Provincial Minister of Health have sent the information. I have found a link only in Tamil so that will not post it. Nice to see RTI action in Jaffna. I think that kidney disease is already rife in Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura.

At one time the Chinese government was going to build a hospital there specifically for this problem. Which ever want you want to talk spin it about Jaffna water is contaminated and becoming more so. Wigneswaran and TNA to serve their own political agendas are ready to sacrifice current and future generations of Tamils to ill health and low IQ because they do not have clean drinking water.

Disclosure: I am not an academic living in an urban area. I live in the dry zone of SL with hard water from dug or deep wells.

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  6. However, this area is blessed. It has two reservoirs fed by rivers from the hill country. The villagers and I drink water from dug well near these reservoirs collected in 25L cans and brought to the house by three wheeler. One of the poorest villages historically. Now getting ahead because of a fancy road built by the last govt. Another point, I would guess most other commentors live out of SL. According to Dr. Many fertilizers, he says, come from China.

    This may be the source of the problem, in my opinion. In China, when it comes to industrial standards, quality control is very poor. That is why there is so much pollution there, to the extent that people in Beijing wear face masks. I have read stories about dog food and toys exported to the States containing dangerous chemicals.

    So it is logical to infer that these pesticides imported from China contain unusually HIGH concentrations of dangerous chemicals, such as cadmium and arsenic. This is not a difficult problem to solve. A chemist can easily find the concentrations of chemicals in a can of arsenic.

    It is then up to the Government to ban imports from such countries, if necessary. The reports involve more than 6, dogs, 26 cats, three people, and include more than 1, canine deaths. The kidney problems are often similar to Fanconi disease. Fanconi disease is an inherited disease in which electrolytes and nutrients are lost in urine. The following July, Kim went into surgery at approximately 8 a. Kim said they stayed in hospital just a few days before they were both able to return home to continue their recovery. Hayter said half of the money raised at the walk goes to research and the rest stays in the community to fund services for kidney patients.

    PMorden postmedia. Share Adjust Comment Print. Paul travels for work, and regular dialysis could force him to leave his career. It was their worst moment, Kim said. Paul was taken to hospital in London where his condition monitored closely.

    Will you recognise your heart attack?

    More than 50 percent of sepsis deaths in children occur within 24 hours so it is essential parents are aware of early symptoms and seek urgent medical care. Providing more community and peer support for survivors of sepsis and their families. Many are left with horrendous life-changing conditions, including amputation and PTSD.

    Establishing a nationally recognised clinical standard of care for sepsis detection and treatment, and improve in hospital care by establishing dedicated sepsis teams. Setting up a national sepsis body to drive and co-ordinate research, to measure the true incidence of sepsis by improving reporting, and to introduce alert systems in hospitals across Australia to ensure treatment starts as early as possible. Related Contacts:. Julia Timms. Senior Media Advisor. Related people:.