Manual Kaleidoscope: Poems on Life, Love and Emotions

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The lover scared to enter the water with his younger girlfriend. The dominatrix who can no longer resist showing her own weakness. The businessman who loses his car in the labyrinth of a multi-storey car park.

an emotional kaleidoscope: a short collection of poems

Valentine Williams has written a collection of subtle and clever stories which focus on relationships, Submerged is one man s journey across a deserted land in search of his family. Beset by packs of wild dogs, unnerving dreams, and the ping of sonar, it isn t until he returns to the overgrown city he once called home, determined to take his own life, that he realises his demons are not merely external A father tries to care for a son transformed by war.

A young man is caught between new love and his stifling parents. A mother imagines a good life for her daughter.


An old lady contemplates a lost past. Frances Thimann s beautifully written stories explore the impact of change on the lives of a vivid Hellooo nature-loving humans! My name is Jessica Moore and I'm excited to warmly welcome you to my creative space! My creative journey here will continue to unfold through my nature photography, poetry etc.

A Kaleidoscope Of Words - Poem by Richard D Remler

Open heart open eyes open mind intricate beauty and magic of the natural world I feel like I'm often photographing the soul of Mama Nature. I thank you for your generous support for what I'm creating and sharing! I may post very often at certain times, once a day or more and then far less at other times, with days, even weeks going by with no posts.

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  8. An un-tuned late night drumming play. Where city lights ride the ripples. A kaleidoscope of sound and color.

    Review of Kaleidoscope () — Foreword Reviews

    Anya Dec There's crumbs, all over my computer, all over my pants, all over Me Entropy, the natural state is it? Humans attempting to force the unnatural?

    Poet's Notes about The Poem

    Things so large, red, and shiny, that they take up all the space Except the little cracks that we miss, Forget, Or don't care about altogether Because we've got bigger fish to fry Right? But then, If we always keep chasing the dragon, Won't we miss the shooting star lighting up the sky for just a moment?

    As I was writing this I found multiple surprisings interpretations.

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    2. Odd Whitefeather.
    3. Puppenspiel , Broc 2 (German Edition).
    4. That's why I gave it that title, it's filled with meaning yet a random mess at the same time. Stark Nov Rocking your head back and forth Disbelieving faces stare As you cry for mercy Quietly going insane Dropped through the hole Feeling nothing at all As you saw what the world could be Reality and fantasy kaleidoscoping When you awoke-- The brightness was gone Vanished from your mind And your ideas seemed inconceivable --to the others Oh, the others The disbelievers The skeptics The ones that refused to open their mind Possibility spreads like a tree from a single root But they are unable to see it Instead, they dismiss you Send you to the sanitarium Where your screams of madness can be heard Even today.

      Lune Solitaire Nov It was when I was colorless and filled with empty hues that you found my lifeless self.

      The canvas that was sought after— only to stain with abstract lines resembling pain and misery— resides within me. Sweaty palms, heaving chests and hollowed hearts were the things I used to see from the people that held me close.