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In fact, Dirk aims to become the Antichrist and Satanic Pope! Despite a great deal of awkwardly formal speech, this is a tense, atmospheric thriller that gets entertainingly trippy at times. When Marquise de Langrune is murdered, her friend Rambert accuses his son, Charles, of having committed the heinous crime. He is modest, empathetic, un-dashing and un-athletic.

H puts himself imaginatively into the minds of criminals. That is to say, he is prejudiced! Faustroll, Pataphysician The scientist-inventor Dr. Faustroll travels — in a high-tech capillarity, surface tension, equilateral hyperbolae are involved amphibious copper skiff — from the Seine from point to point through the neighborhoods and buildings of Paris. Spoiler alert: Dr. Faustroll dies! But he manages to send a telepathic letter to Lord Kelvin describing the afterlife and the cosmos.

Fun fact: Jarry is best known as the author of the proto-Dada play Ubu Roi. This posthumously published novel is regarded, by exegetes, as the central work to his oeuvre. Will Tarzan assume his rightful role, as Earl of Greystoke in England? Or will he remain in the jungle? Fun facts: Serialized in All-Story Magazine. Having assembled a crew of adventurers, the brilliant, blustering physiologist and physicist Prof. Challenger journeys to a South American jungle… in search of a lost plateau crawling with iguanodons.

Plus: Battles with proto-humanoids! Fun fact: Doyle followed up this bestselling novel with The Poison Belt and The Land of Mist , as well as two short stories about Challenger. Reissued by Penguin Classics. Will he and Jane fall in love? Fun fact: One of the most influential western novels. Riders of the Purple Sage has been filmed five times; a comic-book version was published by Dell in The barbaric, nomadic Green Martians are 15 feet tall, with six limbs; they inhabit the abandoned cities of Barsoom that is, Mars.

It was originally titled Under the Moons of Mars. Which may sound like the set-up of The Shining , but in fact this is an apophenic adventure. Is everyone involved in a crime caper of some kind? What are they up to? Fun facts: Before Earl Derr Biggers invented his famous detective character Charlie Chan, this was his most popular book. It was adapted by George M. Cohan as a hit play, then several times as a movie; the version written by Cohan is the best-known of these. One day, however, a Mr. Sleuth arrives at their door and offers them a generous monthly fee for the use of their rooms.

Slowly, Mrs. The pace is slow, the tonality brooding and melodramatic. Hitchock also adapted the story, in , as the first installment in the radio drama series Suspense. Bourgeois morality and complacent religiosity do take a beating, here. Our fourth protagonist is Protos, a con man who poses as a Catholic priest raising money to rescue the true Pope from the Freemasons; and our fifth is Lafcadio, a teenaged would-be ubermensch who reads nothing but adventures like Aladdin and Robinson Crusoe , and whose goal in life is to perform an acte gratuit — whether for good or ill.

Gide was among those few French writers of the early 20th century who took inspiration from pulp fiction, as a rebuke to the earnestness of highbrow European fiction. When mining engineer Richard Hannay discovers the existence of a ring of German spies who have stolen British plans for the outbreak of war, he is framed for murder. Fleeing to Scotland, he must elude not only spies but the police. Adapted into a humorous adventure movie of the same title by Alfred Hitchcock.

Can Hannay and his companions stop the plot in time? Fun fact: The character of Sandy Arbuthonot is loosely based on the extraordinary real-life Orientalist and British diplomat Aubrey Herbert. At the outset of the First World War, Captain King, a kind of secret agent for the British Raj, is ordered to investigate the possibility that Turkey might try to stir Muslims into a jihad against the British Empire. Is Yasmini loyal to the Raj… or is she trying to raise an army of her own? Hmmm… A. The scientist Dr. The Dweller has the capacity for great good and great evil, but over time is has tended to become evil rather than good.

The adventurers must persuade or coerce the Dweller to become good — but how? Fun fact: Merritt was a best-selling author during this period. The British and German sailors agree to work together, under Tyler, to survive Swiss Family Robinson-style until they can somehow refuel the U-boat.

However, when Lys is captured by proto-humans and the Germans abscond with the sub, Tyler must set off into the interior of the island. Reissued by Bison Frontiers of Imagination. He has been hunting for Ekstrom, the Prussian spy responsible for the brutal death of his wife and child; however, Ekstrom has fled to America. The action is non-stop!

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Will the Lone Wolf revenge himself? Fun facts: There were some two dozen Lone Wolf movies made. Henry B. Standfast In his third outing, Richard Hannay — the unwilling British agent who exposed a German spy ring in The Thirty-Nine Steps , and thwarted a German-backed Muslim uprising in Greenmantle , , is recalled from active service on the Western Front, where he is a Brigadier General, and tasked with raveling around Great Britain in his least likely undercover role yet: a conscientious objector! Another terrific character is the pacifist and mountaineer Launcelot Wake.

There are codes to be broken, amazing chase scenes and close shaves, and an eerie chateau near the Western Front! Who is half-heartedly wooing Lolita, beautiful daughter of a caballero who has recently lost most of his land and wealth; Lolita, however, would prefer a much more passionate lover. Fun facts: Serialized in in All-Story Weekly. She persuades one of the scientists to modify some Robots, so that their souls might be allowed to develop. Fun fact: R. Their ancestors were right to invent a more equitable social order, the female revolutionist I tells D During the Revolution, Moreau emerges from hiding and goes into politics… he has become an idealist!

However, he must fight a duel to the death with an old adversary. Fun fact: Scaramouche was worldwide bestseller for Sabatini, rivaled only by his other adventures, including The Sea Hawk and Captain Blood Published between the third and fourth of his tremendous Richard Hannay novels, Huntingtower was a departure for John Buchan. However, the two join forces when they discover that an exiled Russian noblewoman has been imprisoned by Bolshevik agents. He is arrested, convicted of treason, and sold into slavery on a sugar plantation in the Caribbean.

Fun facts: The novel, which first took the form of stories published in —, was very popular; Sabatini was inspired, in part, by the real-life adventures of Henry Pitman. Dorothy L. Wimsey cracks the case — which involves an eminent member of London society who is secretly a lunatic with delusions of grandeur. Wimsey — the character was influenced by the high-spirited, literature-quoting protagonist of E. Not one of my very favorite Wimsey novels, perhaps, but every one of them is fun. Fun facts: Sayers was one of the first women to get a degree from Oxford University.

In the fourth and final Psmith story, the monocle-sporting, adventure-seeking titular character has fallen on hard times; he has just quit a job working in the fish business. His school chum Mike Jackson, married to Phyllis who incurred the wrath of her mother, Lady Constance, by eloping with Mike , is also barely scraping by as a school teacher. Fun facts: Psmith first appears in Mike ; in , confusingly, the second part of this book was republished as Mike and Psmith , then in Psmith in the City and Psmith, Journalist This story was first serialized in the Saturday Evening Post in One of the relief infantrymen vanishes, and the fort seems haunted!

Ronald Colman starred in the silent film version; William A. In this, his fourth outing, Hannay — now living in rural wedded bliss, is called upon to investigate the kidnapping of three young persons. Hannay must infiltrate a diabolical criminal gang, whose leader, Medina, is a master hypnotist seeking to control the disordered minds left over from the war. But now with the general loosening of screws they are growing shaky and the two worlds are getting mixed.

It is like two separate tanks of fluid, where the containing wall has worn into holes, and one is percolating into the other. The result is confusion, and, if the fluids are of a certain character, explosions. Sandy and Mary also go undercover, unbeknownst to Hannay. In the end, there is an exciting hunted-man episode, as Medina stalks Hannay across the craggy Scottish highlands.

The author was best known, at the time, for his semi-comical thriller Seven Keys to Baldpate ; it was adapted into a hit Broadway play and several films. In , Biggers read about the exploits of Chang Apana, a shrewd, tenacious Chinese-Hawaiian detective in the Honolulu Police Department; he inserted a similar character into the thriller he was writing at the time. Along the way, he encounters adepts from two mystical orders — a White Lodge devoted to good, and a Black Lodge devoted to evil. An adventure of the soul, the story involves both a grueling journey through the Himalayas and a quest for ancient spiritual wisdom.

There are also a number of Jimgrim short stories. Dispatched to Lucerne, Ashenden, who does not use a weapon, must resort to bribery, blackmail, and sometimes luck in order to succeed in various counter-intelligence operations. The Austro-Hungarian forces break through the Italian lines in the Battle of Caporetto, and the Italians retreat; this section — in which Frederic kills one of his own men — is sometimes described as one of the great fictional depictions of warfare. Happy ending? Fun facts: Hemingway drew on his own experiences serving in the Italian campaigns during WWI; he was not, however, involved in the battles described.

The book — which was adapted as a film starring Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes; the remake with Rock Hudson was not well-received — was his first best-seller. What fun! Jonsen tries unsuccessfully to unload the children at their home base of Santa Lucia; later, he delivers the children to a passing British steamer — which leads to his capture and trial. Does she even know what the truth is? Fun fact: Grittily realistic, morally ambiguous, the book is considered by aficionados to be the standard by which all subsequent American mysteries must be judged.

And, of course, the film adaptation by John Huston is a masterpiece. Because he glories in proving his superiority to everyone around him, tough-guy Harrison Destry has few friends and many enemies in his hometown of Wham, Texas. Six years later, Destry returns — intent on demonstrating that the men who set him up and falsely convicted him are no good. One by one, he gets his revenge. Along the way, he comes to the realization that his scornful, superior attitude was wrong-headed, and that he must change his own ways.

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But he has one formidable opponent left to battle: his best friend. The movie of the same title, starring Marlene Dietrich and James Stewart, features an entirely different plot. It takes time — Bickleigh influences Julia to take ever larger doses of painkillers. However, we also begin to see that Bickleigh is a self-centered sociopath, a serial philanderer. When the woman Bickleigh loves announces her engagement to another man, we wonder: What next?

He is considered a key figure in the development of crime fiction. Adana is the last of a race of superintelligent serpent people whose servants, the Old Race, are immortal. Although possessed of fragments of their superior science, they are now obsessed only with sex, hunting mutants with dinosaurs, and dream machines. Fun fact: Merritt was once considered the greatest living science fiction and fantasy writer; he even had a magazine — A.

His first mission is to investigate a crime ring — led by Jill Trelawney, a beautiful young woman who has sworn revenge on Scotland Yard — which helps its members evade police dragnets and ambushes. Adapted, in , as a film starring George Sanders. They pursue drug traffickers across the Middle East and India. The League of the Last Days — an international band of 1, brilliant scientists, action heroes, and fertile women I exaggerate, but not much — hatch a desperate plan, and set about designing, constructing, and outfitting rocket-arks. It was drawn out egg-shaped. The cracks girdled the globe.

A great section of the Earth itself lifted up and peeled away…. Sequel: After Worlds Collide Onboard a train from Ostend, Belgium to Istanbul: an accidental collective of lost souls. Myatt, who faces anti-Semitism both on and off the train, travels back to Subotica to rescue Coral, when she disappears. The devil looks after his own and I succeeded in both aims. Caillet wanders around France, on a murder and terror spree, seeking to tame the raging beast within with whom he cannot communicate.

Fun fact: A 1 New York Times bestseller upon publication. Mallinson falls in love with a young Manchu woman, Lo-Tsen, whom he wants to take with him when he escapes; Conway, meanwhile, gets to know the High Lama, from whom he learns the amazing secret of Shangri-La. When Mallinson organizes an escape plan, will Conway go with him? Or will he remain in the valley, and take over as High Lama? Fun facts: The novel was a huge popular success, at the time.

Crane exploited the possibilities of a full newspaper page to their fullest: As R. When Easy leads a cavalry charge or paddles a canoe down a lazy river, the panel is as wide as the page, giving panoramic sweep to the scene depicted. Crane quit the Sunday strip, and in quit Captain Easy altogether.

Superman co-creator Joe Shuster cited Crane as an influence. When Frank Chambers, a small-time con man looking to go straight, winds up stranded outside of Los Angeles, he accepts a job pumping gas and washing dishes at a roadside filling station and tavern. Alone, neither of them would have contemplated murdering Nick; together, though, they become a murderous duo. She looked like the great grandmother of every whore in the world.

Will they live happily ever after? The novel was banned in Boston. Terry Lee, a bright-eyed teenager, and his mentor, the handsome but hot-tempered writer and adventurer Pat Ryan, arrive in China in search of a lost gold mine. Connie, a buck-toothed, pidgin English-spouting comical character, becomes their interpreter and guide as they tangle with pirates, warlords, and other villains such as Papa Pyzon, Captain Judas, Klang, and the cold-hearted but beautiful Dragon Lady.

Pacing his plots like the adventure serials which ran in movie theaters, and conducting meticulous research into Chinese current events, Caniff gave us one of the greatest adventure strips of all time. In , when a dispute between Japanese and Chinese troops escalated into the battle that marked the beginning of World War II, Caniff turned the Dragon Lady into a freedom fighter; once the United States joined the war, Ryan joined the Navy. Robert E. Conan is paralyzed by an extraterrestrial fiend, and his consciousness is blasted by the advanced technology of Xaltotun.

With the help of a beautiful slave girl, he escapes a pitch-black dungeon. Disguised as an executioner, he rescues a countess from an iron tower. He is shanghaied, only to lead a galley-slave rebellion. He is pursued by relentless Khitanese Chinese assassins. He does battle with a Poe-esque murderous ape, a ghoul, a giant snake, and a Haggard-esque vampire queen.

The fifth and final Hannay adventure is partly set in that part of the world about which the author wrote best: the lush, hilly Scottish borderlands. Asked to protect the son Haraldsen and granddaughter Anna of an old Nordic friend from a sinister conspiracy, Hannay and his teenage son Peter John, along with Sandy Arbuthnot whom we first met in the novel Greenmantle comes out of retirement. John P.

Moto espionage adventure Thank You, Mr. Moto Probably the best of the six Mr. Moto novels, though it follows the same formula as the others. Best is killed, and someone tries to kill Nelson, too. Was it the polite, but sinister Japanese operative, Mr. Moto, as ever, is an intriguing figure: He is pro-Japan, but not anti-China. Fun fact: Originally published in serial form, in , in the Saturday Evening Post. Loosely adapted in , as the movie Thank You, Mr. Moto starring Peter Lorre in yellowface.

Part of the expedition is massacred — and it appears as though some of the frozen creatures have come back to life! The Elder Things battled both the Star-spawn of Cthulhu and the Mi-go; and as the Shoggoths gained independence, their civilization began to decline. Hello, Planet of the Apes.

Arriving at the estate of Dr. The action then moves to a Scottish coastal village — perhaps inspired by Castlebay, in the Outer Hebrides — where Tintin and Snowy infiltrate a half-ruined castle, on an island, guarded by a gorilla! Meanwhile, detectives Thomson and Thompson are in top form. Fun facts: Dr. In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit: Bilbo Baggins. Tempted out of his sedate village by Gandalf, an itinerant wizard, Bilbo joins a company of dwarves on a journey across Middle Earth — to a destroyed dwarvish kingdom under the Lonely Mountain, where a hard of dragon-guard treasure awaits.

Along the way, they encounter high elves and wood elves, man-eating trolls, giant spiders, and wart-riding goblins. Once the dragon is defeated, and the treasure recovered, Bilbo and the dwarves find themselves at the center of a major battle between what are essentially the Allies and Axis powers of Middle Earth. How is a hobbit supposed to survive? Will they make their parents proud? Many readers consider this, the seventh installment in the Swallows and Amazons series, the best of the bunch. When the Wart, a young squire-in-training living under the protection of Sir Ector, in early 13th-century Britain, encounters the eccentric, time-traveling and time-confused wizard Merlin, little does he suspect what kind of tutoring that he and his foster-brother, Kay, a knight-in-training, will receive.

This is a leisurely, episodic yarn with an eye-opening reveal. Fun facts: This is the first installment in a tetralogy, collectively titled The Once and Future King ; the next book in the series is The Witch in the Wood White wrote most of this material while living in Ireland, as a de facto conscientious objector during WWII. Gatien from Nice on Tuesday, the 14th of August. I was arrested at a. As ever, Ambler is sympathetic with the plight of stateless individuals. In this unusual Horatio Hornblower adventure, Hornblower has surrendered his ship, the Sutherland after the Battle of Rosas Bay, recounted in the previous series installment, A Ship of the Line , and is now a prisoner in a French fortress.

He and his first lieutenant, Bush, who lost a foot in the battle, are to be taken to Paris and executed on charges of piracy; even if he did make it back to England, Hornblower will face a mandatory court-martial for surrendering his ship. Will they ever make it back to England? Fun facts: Published as the third installment in the Horatio Hornblower series, Flying Colours is eighth by internal chronology. While in Milan, Nicky Marlow, a young engineer selling British grenade-making machinery on the eve of another world war , is approached by German, Soviet, and Yugoslavian agents seeking his aid in gathering intelligence from Italian armament manufacturers.

When Marlow and Zaleshoff flee the city, heading through northeastern Italy, by train and on foot, to the Yugoslavian border, the story kicks into high gear. This ordeal is already an amazing one, well worth the price of admission. David Morrell, author of the hunted-man thriller First Blood , has acknowledged being deeply influenced by Rogue Male. The novel was adapted for the screen in starring Dick Powell and starring Robert Mitchum. Fletcher Pratt and L. He is recruited by Titania and Oberon, who send him on a secret mission to the totalitarian Kobold Hills… where it is rumored that swords are being forged for war against the fairies who cannot resist metal , and where an ancient enemy may have returned.

Along the way, Barber encounters dryads and sprites, nympholepts and leprechauns, ogres, and a talking whirlwind. Fun fact: First published in the October issue of the fantasy magazine Unknown Worlds. Cover art shown here by the great illustrator Boris Artzybasheff. Frans G. We first meet Orm as a youth, when he is abducted by Vikings.

He and his crew-mates are captured by Andalusian Muslims, and serve as galley slaves in the Mediterranean. Later, after the reconquest of that part of England in which the laws of the Danes held sway, Orm marries Ylva and moves to Sweden. Having converted to Christianity though he never entirely loses his pragmatic Norse paganism , in addition to raising a family Orm converts heathens. Some years later, he heads into what is now Russia in search of buried treasure.

Fun facts: Published in two parts in and ; reissued not long ago by the New York Review of Books. In , on the eve of a summer hiking jaunt in Germany and Austria, Oxford professor Richard Myles and his wife, Frances, are asked by a friend in British Intelligence to obtain information about a spy network. Although Europe is on the brink of war, the brave anti-fascist couple is eager to do their part.

Trailed by Nazis wherever they go, Richard and Frances travel from one clandestine rendezvous to another, witnessing the rise of totalitarianism — and, in the end, fleeing for their lives. The couple spoke fluent German and spent their summers travelling in Europe. Song Susie. Perenna, and her sulky daughter, Sheila; retired Major Bletchley; a young German refugee, Von Deinem; an elderly woman and her hypochondriac husband; and a devoted mother, Mrs. Sprot, with a lisping toddler, Betty? Who are the spies? And how does each one of these characters feel about the war?

Did you know? One of my favorite Shute adventures! Howard agrees to take two English children with him. We learn that Howard is a widower, and that his son, an RAF pilot, was recently killed in action. Bertrand Corlay, an injured Breton soldier, happens to look remarkably similar to Martin Hearne, an Englishman who works for British Military Intelligence — and who speaks fluent French. So Hearne is parachuted into occupied northern France, in the summer of , with the assignment of passing information about German troop movements back to HQ.

But the girlfriend turns out to be a secret Nazi sympathizer; and Corlay, it seems, was not what he claimed to be. Betrayal and violence ensue — and we grow to appreciate the grim camaraderie that arises among an occupied people. Also, we learn quite a bit about Breton language, customs, and history. Fun fact: Serialized in The Saturday Evening Post in ; the book was required reading for Allied intelligence agents sent to work with the French underground. Despite, or because of the peril he faces, Rowe finds himself coming back to life.

Is this a comic farce? A psychological thriller? But will he let the spies triumph? James M. They then arrange a railroad accident for their victim. Everything goes well, but Phyllis, it seems, never had any intention of splitting the money with Walter.

Will the conspirators end up trying to kill one another? Fun facts: A shorter version of the story, based on a case that Cain covered while working as a journalist in New York, was serialized in Liberty magazine in The novel served as the basis for the film noir of the same name, adapted by Raymond Chandler and directed by Billy Wilder. When she is found murdered, Janoth puts Stroud in charge of investigating the murder.

Meanwhile, Stroud is the chief suspect. In a dual race against time, Stroud must both clear himself of murder charges and track down evidence to convict the real killer. Invited to postwar Vienna — divided up between the Russians, British, Americans, and French — by his lifelong friend, the multitalented Harry Lime, upon arriving Rollo Martins discovers that Lime is dead.

Fun fact: The novel grew out of a treatment prepared by Greene as he was writing the screenplay for the terrific movie of the same title. What is The Martian Chronicles? While on a train to see his unfaithful wife, Miriam, architect Guy Haines tells a stranger, Charles Anthony Bruno, that he wants to divorce her. It will be the perfect crime: Neither of them will have a motive for their murder, and both of them can establish alibis. Bruno demands that Guy fulfill his part in the bargain… will he do it?

Fun fact: Adapted as the classic film of the same title, in , by Alfred Hitchcock. In , slug-like creatures arrive in flying saucers and begin to take over. Even as the Old Man directs government efforts to combat the invasion of these body-snatchers, Sam is puppetized by a slug! In , George Ericson, a Merchant Navy officer, is recalled to the Royal Navy and given command of the Compass Rose , a corvette built to escort convoys. His sub-lieutenants, Lockhart and Ferraby, are inexperienced.

Slowly, the crew is knit into an effective team. Fun fact: Adapted as a movie in , with a screenplay by Eric Ambler. I read this as a teenager, and remember being devastated when some of the characters were killed. Taking him for a poacher, he fires some painful but harmless buckshot at his backside… but the man falls onto a spiked device he was setting up, and is impaled. Taine buries the body, then waits for police inquiries… which never come, because the man, for some reason, is never reported missing.

What appears to be a crime novels turns into a political thriller when Sandorski, a freelance secret agent from Poland, arrives on the scene. When a bright meteor shower or did orbiting weapons accidentally detonate? Navigating a London gone haywire, Masen rescues Josella Playton, a wealthy novelist, from a blind man who has forced her to serve as his guide… and the two of them plan to join a colony of the sighted outside London.

Instead, they are kidnapped by a group that chains sighted men and women to groups of the blind, and forces them to scavenge for food and supplies. Masen eventually escapes and helps establish a self-sufficient colony in Sussex… which, unfortunately, is menaced not only by hordes of triffids but by a militarized rival colony!

A cartoonish but far-out police procedural — one in which we immediately learn who the murderer is. Fun fact: Winner of the first Hugo Award. His application was denied. In the mids, when I was in college, Black Lizard Books reprinted several Jim Thompson novels, including this one, and the obscure pulp writer was suddenly hip. As he cheats on his girlfriend, abuses a prostitute, blackmails a rich man, murders, and and frames others for his crimes, do we root for Lou or not? Its a tough one. Was he a con man? Fenno 1.

Beginning in , some of the earlier volumes were reissued with new volume numbers and four new volumes were added The new series consisted of the following titles. Dates shown for volumes are for the reissued editions. Who's Reading Darci's Diary? Carter Bros. Nellie's Stumbling-Block 5. Note: Although Suzy's Sacrifice was copyrighted in , the American Catalogue also lists it as the last volume of this series, which was published from Blood Sport R. Century 1.

No Children! Another title may be related: Daisy Travers; or. Who Killed Daddy? Note: Girls' Series Companion lists volume 6, but no other information has been found to verify publication. Doris Fein: Legacy of Terror. Lothrop Co. Note: Advertisements note that "odd-numbered volumes have heroines; even numbers feature boys. Who Cares about Espie Sanchez? Ester Ried appears only in the first volume; the other stories trace the lives of related characters. The latter three may contain related characters. New York Book 1. Crowell 1. Fairmount's Quartette. Me and Fat Glenda 2.

Hey Remember Fat Glenda? Fat Glenda's Summer Romance 4. Fat Glenda Turns Fourteen Archway PB 1. The New Girl 2. The Surprise Party 3. The Overnight 4. Missing 5. The Wrong Number 6. The Sleepwalker 7. Haunted 8. Halloween Party 9. The Stepsister Ski Weekend The Fire Game Felicia 2.

Felicia's Friends 3. Felicia Visits 4. Felicia Cartwright and the Frantic Search 2. Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Missing Sideboard 3. Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Green Medallion 4. Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Uncut Diamond 5. Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Frightened Student 6. Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Twisted Key 7. Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Dancing Fire 8. Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Lonely Teacher. Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Troubled Rancher Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Hungry Fiddler Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Antique Bookmark Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Lost Puppy Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Knotted Wire Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Honorable Traitor Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Black Phantom Felicia Cartwright and the Lone Ski Boot Felicia Cartwright and the Case of the Pink Poodle Faking It Betsy Haynes 3.

Rent-a-Star Saunders 3. Crazy Campout Norby 4. Twin Trouble Saunders 5. Star Reporter Norby 6. The Goofy Gamble Douglas Kitty Carter, Canteen Girl 7. Navy 8. Dick Donnelly of the Paratroops The Party 2. The Dance 3. The Graduation The Burning Land 2. Survivors 3. Thunder Mountain 4. Shockwave First Love, True Love 2. First Orchid for Pat 3. First Love, Farewell Five Little Starrs 2. Five Little Starrs in an Island Cabin 5. Five Little Starrs in the Canadian Forest 6. The Case of the Haunted Health Club Florence and John 2.

Grimkie 3. Ornkey Islands 4. The English Channel 5. The Isle of Wight 6. Florence's Return. Violet's Idol 2. Daisy's Work; The Third Commandment 3. Rose's Temptation; The Fourth Commandment 4. Lily's Lesson 5. Hyacinthe and Her Brothers 6. Pinkie and the Rabbits Summer in the Sun 2. A Stage Set for Love 4. Sun, Sea and Boys 5. Far Away Loves 6. Take a Chance on Love 7.

Racing to Love Let's Be Friends Forever 2. Friends to the Rescue! Keeping Secrets, Keeping Friends 4. That's What Friends Are For 5. Friends Save the Day 6. New Friends Blues Viking Easy Reader 1. Frances Takes a Chance 2. Frances Dances 3. Frances Foureyes 4. Frances and Friends Francie Again 3. Francie Comes Home Mark Erskine 4. Mary Bell 5. Beechnut 6. Caroline Freshman Dorm 2.

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Freshman Lies 3. Freshman Guys 4. Freshman Nights 5. Freshman Dreams 6. Freshman Games 7. Freshman Loves 8. Freshman Secrets 9. Freshman Schemes Freshman Changes Freshman Fling We'll Miss You 2. Yours 'Til the Meatball Bounces 3. Sealed with a Hug 6. Friends til the Ocean Waves 7.

Friends 4-Ever Minus One 8. Mysteriously Yours Bright Days 2. Fripsey Summer 3. Fripsey Fun 4. Leave It to the Fripseys A Frontier Girl of Virginia 2. A Frontier Girl of Massachusetts 3. A Frontier Girl of New York 4. A Frontier Girl of Chesapeake Bay 5. The Computer Caper 2. The 3-D Traitor 4. The Treasure Code 5. The Computer Game Murder Gidget 2. Cher Papa 3. Gidget Goes Hawaiian 4. Affairs of Gidget 5. Gidget Goes to Rome 6. Gidget in Love 7. Gidget Goes Parisienne Ginger at Dogfish Bay 2.

Ginger in Alaska 3. Ginger and the Turkey Raiders 4. Ginger and the Glacier Express 5. Ginger and the Witch Doctor Ginnie and the Mystery Cat Ginnie and the Mystery Light Janet: A Stock-Farm Scout 3. Norma: A Flower Scout Girl Scouts in the Magic City 7. The Mysterious Camper 3. The Camp's Strange Visitors The Girl Scouts' Problem Solved The Girl Scouts of the Cardinal Patrol The Girl Scouts at Mystery Mansion Shanty Brook Lodge 2.

Castle Camp 3. Toplofty Western PB 1. Welcome to Junior High 2. Face Offi 3.

The New You 4. Rebel, Rebel 5. It's All in the Stars 6. The Ghost of Eagle Mountain 7. Odd Couple 8. Stealing the Show 9. Peer Pressure Falling in Like Mixed Feelings Drummer Girl Twins for President The Great Earth Day Affair Here Comes the Bride Star Quality Keeping the Beat On the Air. Note: Although advertisements have been seen listing volumes , no information has been found to verify publication.

Pollyanna at Six Star Ranch Pollyanna of Magic Valley Pollyanna and the Secret Mission Penn 1. Glenloch Girls 2. Glenloch Girls Abroad 3. Glenloch Girls' Club 4. Making Waves A. Chandler 2. Balancing Act Rebecca Larsen 3. Summer Dreams Bill Gutman 4. Out of Control Sam Bittman 5. Bareback Merilee Steiner 6. Thin Ice E.

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Rees Prescription for Success: Amanda's Story 2. Front Page Exclusive: Jill's Story 3. Portfolio to Fame: Cameron's Story 4. Prime Time Attraction: Tracie's Story Thematic: Illustrating the Lord's Prayer 1. Nettie's Mission. Crossing Sweeper 3. Little Margery: "Thy Kingdom Come" 4. Margery's City Home 5. Rosy Conroy's Lesson 6. Ned Dolan's Garret. Troops in the Argonne 5. Quentin 6. Grace Harlowe with the American Army on the Rhine Grandpa's Little Girls 2.

Grandpa's Little Girls and Their Friends 4. Grandpa's Little Girls' House-boat Party 5. Grandpa's Little Girls Grown Up The Graper Girls Go to College 3. Growing Up with the Grapers 4. Beth and Emestine Graper Jean of Greenacres 3. The Greycliff Girls Ranching 8. The Greycliff Girls' Great Adventure Sendi Lee Mason and the Big Mistake 4. Sendi Lee Mason and the Great Crusade The Beginners 2. First Meet 3. Nobody's Perfect 4. The Winner 5. Trouble in the Gym 6. Bad Break 7. Tumbling Ghosts 8. Captain of the Team 9. Crush on the Coach Boys in the Gym Mystery at the Meet Out of Control First Date World-Class Gymnast Nasty Competition Fear of Falling Gymnasts Commandos The New Coach?

Gypsy from Nowhere 2. Gypsy and Nimblefoot 3. Gypsy and the Moonstone Stallion Alma at Hadley Hall 2. Alma's Sophomore Year 3. Alma's Junior Year 4. Alma's Senior Year The Astonishing Stereoscope 4. Little Friends at Glenwood 2. Milly's whims Note: The books were reissued by Caldwell; later Caldwell advertisements show two additional volumes: Lilies and Thistledown and Uncle Joe's Thanksgiving.

Grosset 1. Adventures of the Galloping Gas Stove 2. Adventures of the Traveling Table 4. Adventures of the Sailing Sofa 6. Little Flyaway 2. The Spoiled Picture 3. Fleda's Childhood 4. The Singing Girl 5. Molly and the Wine Glass 6. The Twins Dragondrums Bantam PB 1. Kill the Story 2. Play Dead 3. Speak No Evil 4. Get the Picture 5. Too Hot to Handle 6. Signed, Sealed, Delivered The Ghost in the Attic 2. The Mystery of Misty Island Inn 3. The Ghost Ferry Summer to Summer Carol Ellis 2.

Someday Soon Vicki Tyler 3. Waiting in the Wings Lisa Norby 4. Make a Wish Carol Beach York 5. Spring Fever Abby Connell Note: Each book is two stories in one. The first shows the protagonist's life at age fourteen; the second, at eighteen. No Experience Required 2. The Main Attraction 3. At Your Service 4. Catch of the Day 5. Love To Go 6.


Just Dreams Ring of the Ruby Dragon Jeannie Black 2. Talisman of Vadegarde Madeleine Simon 3. The Secret Sorceress Linda Lowery 4. Isle of Illusion Madeleine Simon Hearts and Diamonds 2. The Four Jessicas 3. Wrong Name for Angela 4. A Boy of Her Own Just Be Gorgeous 2.

Wonderful Me 3. Helen Grant at Aldred House 4. Helen Grant, Graduate 7. Helen Grant's Harvest Year Harriet P. Salt-Water Dick 6. The Little Maid of Oxbow The Coming of Hester 2. Hester's Wage-Earning Hilda of Grey Cottage 2. Hilda of Landis and Co. Hilda of the Green Smock 4. Hilda of the Three Star Ranch A Maid of the First Century 2. A Maid of King Alfred's Court 3. A Daughter of the Union 5. In Doublet and Hose 6. A Maid of Salem Towne 7. Encore Lionel's Courage; or Clementine's Great Peril 4.

Florence Rewarded; or Priscilla the Beautiful 5. Strange Times at Fairwood High 2. The Princess of Fairwood High 3. Triple Trouble at Fairwood High Her First Trip to a Lighthouse] 3. Her First Trip to Reindeer Farm] 8. Honey Bunch and Norman in the Castle of Magic 9. Honey Bunch and Norman and the Painted Pony Point PB 1.

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The Fog 2. The Snow 3. The Fire Horseback Summer 2. Happy Trails 3. Good Sports 4. Surprise, Surprise! Horse Play 6. Riding Home Because of Lissa 2. The Problem with Sidney 3. Gillian's Choice 4. The Two Faces of Adam The Gang's All Here [ 32] 2. Dear Dr. Heartbreak [ 34] 3. Your Daily Horoscope [ 36] 4. So Long, Senior Year [ 38] Numbers in brackets indicate volume numbers within that series. Isabel Carleton's Year 2. The Heart of Isabel Carleton 3. Isabel Carleton in the West 5.

Isabel Carleton at Home Isabelle Shows her Stuff 3. At Greenacres 2. The Queer Little Man 3. The Bottle Imp 4. Poppy's Pluck County Fair 2. Sweet Sixteen Jane Stuart, Twin 2. Jane Stuart's Chum 3. Jane Stuart at Rivercroft 4. Jane Stuart, Comrade Snell 3. Janet Lennon: Adventure at Two Rivers 3. Janet Lennon at Camp Calamity 4. Janet Lennon and the Angels Island in the Day 2. The Honest Dollar 3. A Lesson for Janie 4.

A Matter of Pride 5. New Horizons 6. Visitor from the Sea Jean Cabot at Ashton 2. Jean Cabot in the British Isles 3. Jean Cabot in Cap and Gown 4. Jean Cabot at the House with the Blue Shutters Jean Mary Solves the Mystery Jeanne 2. Jeanne's House Party 3. Jeanne's Happy Year 4.

Jeanne at Rainbow Lodge Jeffrey's Ghost and the Leftover Baseball Team 2. Jeffrey's Ghost and the Fifth-Grade Dragon 3. Jeffrey's Ghost and the Ziffel Fair Mystery The Jennifer Wish 2. Jennifer is Eleven 5. High Heels for Jennifer Jenny Archer to the Rescue 6. Can Do, Jenny Archer The Mystery of the Shining Children 2.

The Mystery of the Hidden Trap 3. The Secret of the Third Eye 4. The Secret of the Invisible City Sooner or Later 2. Waiting Games 3. Now or Never Jessica, the Heiress 3. Jessica Trent's Inheritance Joan of Juniper Inn Elliot 2. Joan's Jolly Vacation Elliot 3. Club , may be related to this series. Anchor for Her Heart 2. Window on the Sea 3. Stars Above 4. With This Ring Joan Foster, Sophomore 3. Joan Foster, Senior 5.

The Case of the Frightened Rock Star 2. The Case of the Counterfeit Racehorse 3. The Case of the Fired-Up Gang 4. The Case of the Wild River Ride John and Betty's English History Visit 2. John and Betty's Scotch History Visit 3. John and Betty's Irish History Visit Johnny May 2. Jolly Good Times at Hackmatack 6.

Jolly Good Times To-Day 8. A Jolly Good Summer Note: This is partly a thematic series. The first two volumes have one set of characters; volumes five and six have another set of characters. The relationship between characters in the other four volumes is not known.

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A Dream for Susan 5. Love Taps Gently 6. Myself and I 7. The Stars Hang High 8. A Bright Tomorrow Here's Marny Moody PB 1. Joy Sparton of Parsonage Hill 2. Joy Sparton and the Vacation Mix-Up 3. Joy Sparton and the Money Mixup 4. Joy Sparton and Her Problem Twin 5. Joy Sparton and the Mystery in Room Seven Joy and Pam A-Sailing 6. Joy and Pam as Seniors The Haunted Road The Trail of the Green Doll The Haunted Fountain The Clue of the Broken Wing The Phantom Fried The Discovery at the Dragon's Mouth The Secret Quest The Puzzle in the Pond The Hidden Clue The Pledge of the Twin Knights The Search for the Glowing Hand The Secret of the Sand Castle Judy of York Hall 2.

Camp Ken Jocky 3. Judy's Prefect Year 4. Camp Conqueror Trusting in the Dark 2. Two of a Kind 3. Change of Heart 4. Tangled Web Junior High Jitters 2. Class Crush 3. How Dumb Can You Get? The Eighth Grade to the Rescue 6. Eighth Grade Hero? Those Crazy Class Pictures 8. Starring the Eighth Grade 9. Who's the Junior High Hunk? The Big Date The Great Eighth Grade Switch The Revolt of the Eighth Grade Who's Haunting the Eighth Grade? Junior High Private Eyes Juno and Georgie 2.

Mary Osborne 3. Hey World Here I Am Mystery at Snowshoe Mountain Lodge 2. Mystery at Bluff Point Dunes 3. Mystery at Camp Windingo Katie and Those Boys 2. Katie for President 3. Katie's Baby-sitting Job Katrinka Grows Up 3. Peggy Keeps House 5. Nadya Makes Her Bow Kay Dale in "South Sea Siren" 3.

Kay Dale in "Mexican Sunshine". Kayla O'Brien and the Dangerous Journey 2. Kayla O'Brien and the Runaway Orphans Rising Star 3. Hard To Get 4. Headliners 5. Double Trouble 6. Paris Nights Who Needs a Bratty Brother 2. Who's Afraid of Haggerty House 3. The Witches of Hopper Street The Rescue of the Red-Blooded Librarian 2.

The Deeds of the Desperate Campers 3. The Secret of the Haunted Doghouse 4.