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All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. Join us. Add new song. Easy Silence lyrics. Sort order. View all 4 comments. Angela Huth is a talented writer; I'm not disputing that. But so many of her books are so This one, especially. It started out typically enough: an old married couple named William and Grace who still love each other in that comfortable old way that's like putting on your favourite worn slippers that most of the fuzz has rubbed off but they're still the coziest blah blah blah.

The introduction of a young female character Bonnie who William finds himself falling for So Angela Huth is a talented writer; I'm not disputing that. Sound familiar?

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Well, then it took a turn for the nasty. How did you arrive at the conclusion that this would solve all your problems, William?

He even has a conversation or two with himself where he decides this is a stupid idea. Yet he abandons that rationality soon thereafter. It hardly dominates the story, but he makes three attempts to murder Grace and after each time he thinks, "Oh dash it! I almost just killed my wife; that would've been dreadful!

I love my wife! Hmm, but let's see I don't care how normally he behaved the rest of the time, he should have been carted away in the end with Lucien to the lunatic asylum.

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Oh, speaking of Lucien I just don't even want to go into that storyline. Even though it was strangely enjoyable to read while at the same time extremely unpleasant. Like I said, Angela Huth knows her art! Apr 18, Brown Catherine rated it really liked it.

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I found it a little difficult to get into the story but am very tired so could be related to that rather than the author , and then suddenly couldn't stop reading. Well written, I found William Handle very touching.

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Good story. Jan 20, Yolande rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

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Certainly a very different book in the way it turns from sweet tale of contented retirement to a tense story of menace and danger. I was a bit incredulous at first in what I was asked to believe about William, but it made me think about how people can 'take leave of their senses' temporarily and how we deceive ourselves. I liked Grace. C'est pas fabuleux, mais c'est pas ennuyeux.

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Sep 14, Donna rated it really liked it. A lovely musical dark comedy. Jun 25, JenniferB added it. Good Authress but story very dark. Feb 22, Annest Namata added it. The lyrics themselves and the way they break the song up and use different instrumentation makes the song truly beautiful. I think something else important to talk about is how this song is placed on the album. The song has a verse-chorus-bridge layout. It starts out with 11 seconds of a simple instrumental segment featuring a simple guitar strum and accented piano notes.

After the chorus we get a lovely second instrumental piece where a triangle is played for only that 12 seconds. After the instrumental we move into the second verse, which has the exact same setup, volume and instruments played as in the first verse. Then at the very end of the second verse the couple lines leading into the chorus we all of a sudden get a bass drum in the mix. And then throughout the chorus which is louder and more emphasized than the verses this bass drum is still being carried through.

After this chorus there is a second instrumental part where Emily Maguire comes in playing the violin, with also the triangle in the background. After the beautiful violin instrumental the most important part of the song comes on. Everything goes quiet and its just Maines and the accented piano sound with an occasional guitar strum for the bridge. I believe that the Dixie Chicks played only the piano and made it really quiet because they wanted these lyrics to really be focused on and taken in.