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Wang Chunyu changed his job to work in Picun because of the group.

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He came to Beijing in and has worked as janitor, gardener and delivery driver. He wrote a poem about Picun that was adapted into a song by another worker.

Telling the Stories

Xiao Hai not his real name has written more than poems during his 14 years of migrant life, many on the bus home from work. He used lines from John Lennon and Bob Dylan to record his own life. Workers have their own journal, Picun Literature, in which they talk about love, about life, about their impressions of the city and nostalgia for their family, under different pen names.

Fan Yusu had been active in the group. Her younger daughter now studies at a school in Hebei. But if she goes back to our hometown, she would not be able to see her mom," she said. China's reform and opening-up drive started in rural areas in with collectively-owned farmland contracted to individual families. This freed about million peasants from farm work.

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A policy change in first allowed farmers to find jobs in cities but the massive migration of redundant rural laborers did not start until after China decided to move to a market economy in According to a report by the National Bureau of Statistics, at the end of , there were million rural migrant workers in China.

Migrant workers and their families face many problems, such as left-behind children and elderly parents, and household registration, or hukou which is a crucial document entitling residents to social welfare in a given city. In fact, Picun is an icon, an example of the life of their group," said their teacher Zhang Huiyu. On the back cover of Picun Literature there is a sentence: Without literature our history will not be preserved; without history we will have no future.

Fan Yusu plans to write a novel based on the real stories of her acquaintances, but she is still not confident about writing.

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I am used to labor work and will continue to be a migrant worker. People enjoy Labor Day holiday across China. Cherry blossoms in full bloom in New York.

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Israelis take part in ceremony marking Remembrance Day. People celebrate Walpurgis Day in Helsinki. Weekly choices of Xinhua photos April 24 - April Artists perform Tango during Brussels Tango Festival Yoga lovers practise yoga amid hawthorn blossoms in Hebei. Across China: Drawing circles -- literary dreams in a migrant workers' village Source: Xinhua Editor: An. Video Player Close.

Migrant Workers

More world efforts needed to achieve denuclearization on Korean Peninsula. While he was there, his father abandoned the family and returned to Mexico. Today, an estimated Hispanics made up a significant portion of the workforce in , federal statistics show. They accounted for Bureau of Labor Statistics. The agency includes undocumented immigrants in their foreign born reporting.

Across the nation, Hispanics are making progress when it comes to educational attainment. The number of Latinos enrolled in two and four-year colleges more than tripled between and He emphasizes to his students at Santa Clara University - including those who are undocumented - that they will contribute even more to society by getting a good education. His writing and research focuses on assimilation, immigration, social mobility, and ethnic and racial identity.

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There were lessons that he and his brothers learned beyond what was taught in their classrooms. One summer, the elder Jimenez took two of his sons to Sequoia National Park.