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Using copywriting templates and examples from other successful marketing campaigns can help to inspire you and breathe new life into your marketing copy. If you want to write better headlines , these templates will jumpstart the process. In addition to headline copywriting templates and formulas, it includes guidance on how headlines work, and where to get more inspiration. Direct response copywriter Dean Rieck reveals winning headline copywriting formulas, and explains why they work.

If you want to try some different headline templates, check out this guide. The article includes a couple of examples of each. These formulas are subdivided into 6 categories for easy reference. It provides 51 copywriting formulas, with a filled in example for each. The article also includes guidance on using emotional words in headline copywriting. For marketers, email subject lines are just as important as headlines for other content.

The purpose is the same: to get recipients to open emails and read more. This section contains email marketing swipe file examples you can use to nail those subject lines. We also cover the psychological reasons why certain subject lines work and give plenty of examples you can use for inspiration. Since they sent more than million emails in , they know what works. The post also includes their best subject lines from , with email swipe file PDF downloads available for each year.

Then check out this list from Hubspot. They also explain when and how to use each email subject line.

69+ High Quality Copywriting Templates Proven to Work

It gives you the stats on certain subject lines, and gives examples you can copy for your own use. In this section, we look at a few resources to help you do that. What to Write in Your Emails — The course outlines the emails you need, and includes 45 email copywriting templates you can fill in. These are proven to work for product launches, improving registrations, and more. They analyze why they worked, which will help you to adapt them for your own use. That makes it easy for you to apply these email copywriting formulas and templates in your own campaigns.

The call to action is an essential element of successful, high-converting copywriting. In this section, we showcase some call to action copywriting formulas you can use to inspire your audience and customers to subscribe, sign up, or buy.

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  • Are you using these 5 essential headline strategies?;
  • How to Write Truly Great Headlines (Plus 21 Creative Headline Examples);

She provides some rules for writing them, along with call to action examples. Click on the ones that interest you, then opt in to get them. Product descriptions help buyers imagine using your products so they want to buy them.

Here are a few copywriting templates to help you write better product descriptions. How To Write Product Descriptions To Grow Sales — This resource by BigCommerce includes a simple copywriting formula for effective product descriptions, and gives examples of how to build on that to make your descriptions work even better. It consists of 17 questions you have to answer to make your product descriptions work. This copywriting template includes guidance on SEO and how to focus your description.

Social media can be a great way to grow your email list. Get some inspiration with our list of social media copywriting formulas and templates. Buffer has you covered with this free resource. It includes the ultimate headline formula and lots of examples you can swipe. This article also includes guidance on hashtags and character counts. Jonah Berger found that longer content was Aim for at least 1, words per post.

Setting a featured image ensures your social shares include an image. Data from BuzzSumo found that infographics generate 2. Like any content — if you want your infographic to go viral — you need to bring it. If it takes someone more than a half-second to find your share buttons, put them in a more prominent place. This applies to text content like a blog post. But also works if your goal is to create a viral video. What matters is that you elicit an emotional response. And Dr. Berger found that 3 specific positive emotions — awe, surprise and anger — stimulated the most shares.

A while back I published a case study that revealed how Jimmy generated 36, visitors and 1, email subscribers from a single post. He reached out to let them know. Because I have readers from around the world, I tend to publish my posts around 8am Eastern time. Dan Zarrella analyzed 1. Like short paragraphs, subheadings and bullet lists. Adwords ads are designed to maximize clicks. Base your SEO title and description tags on Adwords ads to maximize traffic from search engines. And when you use their copy in your meta tags, you have a result that people love to click on.

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For example, I recently published a post that shows people how to increase traffic. So today I have something to help you implement the content from this guide: a free PDF checklist. Well done Brian, outstanding stuff. Combining both together I will try to create my own epic post. Thanks for inspiration! Sounds like a plan. In my opinion those 2 make a huge difference. I like your strategy of keeping demand high by publishing after long time and keeping quality high.

Thanks Atul. Some people have success publishing all the time.

Are you using these 5 essential headline strategies?

But this approach works well well for me. Amazing post, Brian. As always, you always over-deliver with the content you publish. I am going to use Technique 8. More engaging pictures in my content!

2. Be mindful of the number of headlines to test.

Never really the artistic type, but I will be now after seeing these numbers. Thanks Miguel. Once again Brian an insane yet actionable content. I just wonder how long does it take for you to create such an epic content. I hope someday I will create content like you do. Hi Brian, Another great research. I am already working on an article using your SEO copyrights secrets. Now I will focus on these three and other technique as well 3. Use Short URLs Get Emotional Mention Influencers. Wow, thank you so much for this post — a lot of great ideas backed by solid research…..

The research is out there for sure. But no one to this point has put it all in one place. Hence this guide. Another awesome post! I really want to get into this infographic game. Thanks Franklin. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. In fact: According to new research, viral content tends to contain specific elements that push people to share.

Numbers get more clicks. What about the even number vs. Sure, I occasionally use an even number in my headlines… …but most of my posts use odd numbers 17, 21 etc. Like Outbrain, I find that odd numbers work a little bit better. Question is: WHY? Is your post an infographic? A case study? A free ebook? The brackets let people know… before they click.