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Think of it this way: Your spiritual name is like your favorite food or snack. When you say it out loud, it needs to make you hum inside.

How to find your Magic Name. Your true identity - Magical Recipes Online

When you close your eyes and sing it or think it, it makes you truly happy. I do advise avoiding cutesy sounding names like Moonbeam Rain Bunny. You want a name that speaks with that kind of authority in your spells and rituals. Refer back to the name books to determine meanings, as well as any books that include metaphysical correspondences. Carve that new name into the second candle and put both on your altar. Start with the mundane self-candle lit. This invocation starts in the east because it marks a new beginning for you.

A Journey to Finding my Magickal Name

By the way, other rituals sometimes begin in a different Quarter because the energies present in that Quarter accent the working more strongly. The winds of morning reach across the horizon, To join me and witness my naming, Be welcome! To the South: The sun shines on this moment Its rays beam down with warmth and joy, To join me and bless my naming, Be welcome! To the West: The water sprinkles gently around the sacred space Cleansing and healing, To join me and prepare my spirit for a new name, Be welcome!

To the North: The seed of Magick planted in my heart opens The earth blossoms excitedly, To join me and give foundations to my new name, Be welcome!


Get comfortable and begin to breathe deeply and evenly until as one breath ends, the next starts effortlessly. Then, as if by magic, as soon as I had this realisation, my name came to me.

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There it was, shining like something that had never shone quite like it before. But the name is nothing that I would have chosen consciously … not even close.

Finding Your Magical Name

Now I know the true power of a magickal name. Michelle Marshall is a multi-passionate writer, entrepreneur, life-coach and tarot reader.

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  5. Readings, information and empowerment can be found at www. She has such a great way of putting things simply. It allows the reader to answer a lot of questions they might have had about themselves and their chosen path. RavenWolf, and her book but she does say that choosing a name to use for Magickal purposes is important it should be something that a witch can identify with.

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    I think of its being born again and having to be named. I believe it is important to pick something that feels right to you and that speaks to you if you are in a solitary path. Some covens will give you a coven name, a name that will be used when you are together or doing rituals.

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    It is okay to have more than one Magickal name. You can have one for when you work alone, and one for when you work with others, so if you do end up in a coven where they give you a name, it is okay for you to have one for yourself. RavenWolf and others say, that it is traditional for covens to wait for a year and a day before initiating their new members, to allow time for the initiate to be sure, and to begin to learn. In this initiating time is when a name will be discussed and chosen.