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One approach is to use a horizontal timeline with milestones that represent each step. The team measures frustration and delight on the map using a vertical timeline. The higher the point on the timeline, the less frustration and more delight the participant had at that point.

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The resulting map shows the current experience for that participant. The team creates a different map for each study participant and looks for patterns that emerge. When they create more than one archetypal map, they now have multiple personas for their design.

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Step 4: The team studies the archetypal journey map for frustrating dips in the experience. They discuss: What could we do to make each of these better?

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Can we change the design to be more delightful? Is there a way to eliminate the step altogether? By reviewing the unique points of frustration across the archetypal journey map, the team gets a jumpstart on what their overall vision might be. When they do that two or three more times, they start to see a better experience that flows more smoothly. By focusing on all the low bits in the design, the team has a good starting point for a future vision that is a more delightful experience.

Creating a compelling experience vision is a powerful tool for design leaders. The story of a better user or customer experience helps the entire organization appreciate the value of great design.

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  • In this study, the committee explores ways the National Weather Service NWS can take advantage of continuing advances in science and technology to meet the challenges of the future. The predictions are focused on the target year Because specific predictions about the state of science and technology or the NWS more than 25 years in the future will not be entirely accurate, the goal of this report is to identify and highlight trends that are most likely to influence change.

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    • The Panel on the Road Map for the Future National Weather Service developed an optimistic vision for based on advances in science and technology. The National Academies Press and the Transportation Research Board have partnered with Copyright Clearance Center to offer a variety of options for reusing our content. You may request permission to:.

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