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I am breastfeeding so he has to go when I have to go I haven't been able to find any info on this so far and I'm afraid it messes with him too much to have to go again. I'm wondering if I'll just have to try and stop breastfeeding for a few days, go on my own, and then get back to it when I come back? Or can I just take him along again? I am not aware of any issues related to frequent jetlag other than the usual issues associated with sleeplessness for either adults or infants. If it were my child, I would not be concerned about taking another trip, but you should consult your doctor if you are worried.

We have just come back from a 2 week holiday to Malta 8 hr time difference where my 12 month old slept wonderfully. We visited family where she was a human pass-the-parcel for the whole time, if she made any noise, some-one came running to entertain her and pander to her every demand. While she was kept in her normal sleeping routing while away - this was the main difference. In addition, we were all sleeping in the same room, where, if she woke in the night, I was right next to her cot. She has been sleeping 12 hours since 3 weeks of age but since getting home she has been difficult the put to sleep day and night time, and at night has been waking at midnight and 3am, screaming non stop for hours on end.

She has her own room at home. As with Melissa above we have tried everything from not letting her sleep more than her "normal" nap length during the day, ignoring her screams, giving her milk, panadol and bonjella not all at the same time to help settle her, holding and rocking her to sleep in our arms, and by 4am we're so exhausted she ends up in our bed.

Last night when we put her in our bed, she started laughing. This is not a practice we want to get her in the habit of as we're not sleeping either! It has been 4 nights now and we are stressed, exhausted and at our wits end. Nothing seems to be working or improving.

Any words of wisdom? Love your website. In October Ill be travelling with my 14 month little girl from Australia where we live to England where Im from to visit freinds and relatives. We will be there for 10 weeks so plenty of time to adjust. What tips do u have for adjusting to the major time difference complete opposite and a 24 hour plane trip. She will have her own cot and room at mums place and I intend to take her sleeping bag and comforter so it feels familier Cara on June 25, at a. Debbie, Hello, I love this site. I"m full of great information now, but still have one question.

SHould you wake up your toddler?? We just came back to OHIO for the summer after living in China, which we will return to in the fall and she doesn't take afternoon naps. Hasn't for a couple of months now, even tho she is just to. But would go to bed at 4pm and sleep till 6am. Now that we are stateside, I put her down later, slowly trying to adjust, but she treats that as a nap, and is back up around midnight, not wanting to sleep again till 2am, then sleeps till 1 in the afternoon. Should I wake her??

Her room is very very dark. THanks in advance! Tracy on August 4, at p. You just have to know that for most parents those first several days will be difficult. If you go into it with that mental framework, it will make you less frustrated and thinking your trip is the pits. Irene G on August 5, at a. Thanks for a fantasic website. I'm so happy that I have been able to find such a useful and informative site.

In a few weeks time I will be travelling from Australia to Cairo 24 hr flight with my two little girls aged 3 yrs and my youngest is 18months. I'm really nervous about the flight given that I wil be travelling by myself. Do you have any tips on how to survive the flight and the jetlag? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. You should expect that the Jet Lag will affect your children's sleeping patterns once you return hom, but that with some patience and firmness things will return to normal over the course of your first week home.

Cicely on September 3, at a. Hi, Debbie. This is very helpful information. I am planning to travel with my 10 month old son from Atlanta to LA in October to visit my sister. He currently at 8 months old sleeps about 11 hours at night and is breastfed times a day. The trip is going to be 5 or 6 nights I haven't decided which day to leave. I saw at the beginning of your post that you recommend trying to keep your home schedule if the time change is 3 hours or less.

That would mean us waking up at LA time. Do you think it's possible for him to adjust to a new time schedule with such a short trip time? I want us to enjoy this trip, but I also want to be realistic in my expectations. Do you recommend a longer trip time to make adjustment easier? Stephanie on September 3, at p. This is a great website! I'm so glad I found it. We are leaving next Thursday from Boston and landing in Hawaii at p their time p Boston time.

Our 8 month old goes to bed at 7pm. I'm guessing he will probably fall asleep once we get there and get moving in the car. Should we let him sleep as long as he wants or wake him after after a bit and treat it like a nap rather than bedtime? If he wakes on his own due to movement, sunlight, etc do we keep him up or put him back to sleep? I think it depends a lot on your child. Some children will respond to a later bedtime and darkened skies by sleeping in a little, while others wake up like clockwork at the same time every morning.

You could try to gradually adjust his schedule by an hour or two before you leave home, or you might just have to wake up early and keep him quietly entertained until the sun is up. The upside to that early rising, assuming your son will sleep in a stroller, is that he will be asleep for the night by the time dinner is served in LA - making it easier for you to enjoy an evening out. This is always tricky, but I would treat that first sleep when you arrive like a nap. Your child will probably be excited about seeing his new surroundings, and that will make it easier.

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Be careful not to keep him up too long, though. A sleep deprived 8 month old is not only un-fun, but also gets sick more easily than a well rested child. Andrea on September 11, at 9 a. This is a great site and I am so glad that I found it. She will be just turning one year old at this time. We plan to go for 3 weeks.

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There is a 17 hr time difference. How long do you think it will take her to adjust to local time, once we get there and then when we are home again? I am really nervous about going, as I am traveling by my self. Once I get there their will be family yo help out. Any suggestion would be greatfully appreciated, on ways to help her adjust to complete opposite and ways to entertain her on the plane and help her sleep on the plane.

It usually takes about days to adjust to the time change - of course every child is different. I wish you luck! Magda on September 25, at a. Nothing I've read on babies and jet lag takes into account the parents' AND baby's desperate need to sleep, regardless of time zone. Instead they say keep the sun shining during the day so your baby can adjust. That's all very well, but if your baby is keeping you, and himself, up til 6 am you can't just open the shutters and let neither you nor your baby get a single minute of sleep.

That would just make everyone involved weak and eventually sick. A far as sleeping on planes goes, with airplane staff making endless noise for useless things such as selling duty free items, turning all the lights on for breakfast when it's finally bed time in your infant's time zone, it can be literally impossible to get a baby to sleep AT ALL on a flight.

This is what happened on my last long haul with my 4 month old who arrived at destination completely exhausted having neither been able to get a nap because of the noisy coming and goings of the duty free carts, nor a single minute of sleep at bedtime because then the lights went on for "breakfast". As a result he arrived exhausted, with a cough and a rash which he's never had before. And this is a baby who normally sleeps long hours at night already. Airlines should change their stupid service policies to accommodate for basic necessities like sleep.

John McConnell on September 28, at p. My wife and I are going to the philippines this 3 November with our baby son who will turn 1year old on 6 November. Debbie on September 28, at p. John, I don't have a medical background and would be unable to advise you about medical issues. If you don't feel satisfied with the answers you are being given, you might consider visiting a travel medicine clinic instead of your family doctor for a second opinion. I found this site after I got back from a 3 week vacation and it is great! I live in Israel and went to visit family in the U. My 3 month old baby was definitely out of sorts the first few days.

Then I could put him back to sleep for a little bit but he'd be up again. I remember trying to soothe him back to sleep countless times but as soon as I'd put him down, he would wake up and cry. The first night I didn't sleep at all. The second night I think I slept better, but after 4am I just gave up putting him to sleep.

I remember staying up with him watching movies to keep myself awake! Now I am back in Israel. Both of us were exhausted after the flight. He managed to sleep for about 3 hours but I couldn't. Since being home he hasn't really napped during the day even though I've tried to soothe him to sleep. At some point in the morning I put him in bed with me and we've slept until 12pm. I tried soothing him to sleep earlier at night--and he was tired believe me--but he wouldn't stay asleep on his own.

And I know I should get out with him in the morning to help readjust his clock but the last two days I've just been too exhausted. Last night I just rocked him to sleep and he slept on me from am. After that he was wide awake so I just played with him and fed him until 4am. Today I've gotten a babysitter to take him for a few hours and I've told her to get him outside in the sunlight.

I am also going to try and take him for a walk at dusk later. Tonight I will try to make things more conducive for sleep by using a lot less light in the apartment and keeping our bedroom totally dark he is still sleeping in our room, but I will transition him to his own room once he is on a better sleep schedule. Hopefully I will be able to get up a little earlier in the morning to help him readjust as well. On a side note I've also noticed my baby is having some tummy problems. Yesterday he had some gassiness after breastfeeding, which went away after I burped him. He also had some diarrhea.

I figured it had to do with traveling and changing time zones since that happens to both both my hubby and me when we travel and change time zones. We just returned from a one month trip of Europe with our 10 month old son, and as others have expressed here, we are finding it very difficult to get him back to his schedule in Vancouver. He is getting sunlight, air and we are keeping things dark and quiet at night, but his internal clock is getting him up all through the night and my wife and I haven't slept at all since returning 3 days ago.

I know this will work itself out and I know there is not much else we can do but, I thought I'd write in if for no other reason to let others know they are not alone in this situation. Having said that, if you have any further advice, we sure would appreciate it. Debbie on November 5, at p. Good luck Tom, hang in there - just like teething, the sleep disturbance that comes with crawling, and all the other nighttime dramas this will work itself out over time.

Anet on November 17, at p. I wish I had seen this site two weeks ago! We returned to Asia from South Africa on Sunday morning. It is now Wednesday and our 1 year old is really having problems adjusting. It feels like it is getting worse or maybe we are just more tired? We played, tried to get her back to sleep, played again etc. She screams, throws out her pacifier and kicks when we put her to bed - something she has never done before - until we pick her up. When she finally goes to sleep, she sleeps deeply. Should I wake her up at 7am - her normal wake up time? First off, welcome home.

I'm sorry that your daughter is having such a tough time adjusting. If she were my child, I would get myself ready to walk out the door in the morning, and then wake her up and take her outside in the sun. Edhi on January 19, at a. Great tips. I will add one thing to avoid jet lag for our children. Me and my 21 months old daughter just came back to vancouver, canada from hongkong and jakarta. Its a 16 hr difference Thanks for this post. Especially important to read was about breastfeeding and the impact of production based on time change.

Some babies take longer than others, but she will return to her usual schedule with your help. Jennifer on February 12, at a. I am so glad I found your website. I know I will have to deal with the jetlag with the kids once we arrive but I am hoping it is a smooth transition. Your website has been so helpful to help us prepare but was thinking you may be able to give us some tips or things to watch out for before we go.

Thank you so much! Krista on March 15, at p. This has been a great website to find, but I'm still a little confused :. We are going to fiji next week, they are 2 hours ahead of us. Our 6 month old usually wakes at 7am and is in bed by 7pm. Should I keep him on his home routine which would mean up at 9am and down at 9pm or adjust to local time. We are only away for 6 nights. Like many of the previous comments, I have a good sleeper and am concerned about sleep regression. Also, any tips for having a baby in the hotel room with you. I'm thinking of sleeping him in the bathroom?

Debbie on March 15, at p. For a two hour time difference, I would use the blackout drapes in the hotel and stay on your home schedule. You'll probably notice that your 6 month old's schedule changes a bit due to the trip, but hopefully not much. Sho on April 5, at p. Hi Debbie- thrilled to find your post. My husband and I have a five and a half month daughter who is an amazing sleeper We are thinking about going to japan next week since we have the time now, but I'm worried that well ruin our very happy healthy sleeper. Also, if she's going to be up all night there, it might not be worth us taking this amazing vacation.

She is currently only breastfed, but we may introduce early solids before we go. We would leave NYC on the 15th and return on the 3rd. Can't decide if we should bite the bullet and go or settle for someplace closer. Would love your thoughts. We seem to have tried everything to get her to sleep at night rather than during the day - plenty of fresh air, watching the sun set, low lighting at night, only feeding in her room at night, trying to stick to her routine during the day, trying to keep her awake during the day this seemed to work once and she slept from 11pm to Next night was back to being awake at night again , waking her for feeds, not waking her for feeds, expressing milk for when she's too tired to wake up for long for a feed She's definitely getting enough during the feeds as she's a strong sucker and still has the same amount of expressed milk when we give her a bottle.

I'm a bit sleep deprived and desperate now! We did the whole 'newborn feeding every 3 hours' thing 2 months ago and she was definitely growing out of it! Any tips? Thanks, Jo. Martha Gates-Mawson on April 15, at a. Hi Debbie,. So pleased to have found this site. My daughter, son-in-law, and grandddaughter 7 months have just returned home to the UK after an day visit with us on the East Coast of the States. My daughter reports that my granddaughter, who was on a very good schedule prior to the trip, is now staying awake until midnight and having trouble getting back into the routine.

How long should it take and what are the best ways for them to help my granddaughter get back on schedule? Suz on April 26, at p. I have a business trip to Japan and my husband is planning on joining me. We are considering taking our, just turning 4 years old daughter. The trip is only a week and we are concerned about jet lag we live in NY and impact on enjoying Tokyo. What can we expect from a 4 year old in terms of sleeping at night and wake and present during the day? I'm going with my husband and our 7 months old son from Spain to Korea for 20 days and after reading about your experiences, I am not afraid anymore.

It was nice for me to read that my intuition told me well, when we went to Israel 1 month ago and I kept my watch all the time on the "home" time - despite all the light saving clock changes. Thank you again and I hope I will not write desperately for help form Korea : we're going to enjoy this experience thanks to you. Before our holiday he was a great sleeper - down at 7pm and rarely wakes in the night, waking a 7am in morning. On holiday he slept in our room and for the last week of our holiday the bedroom was quite light at night. Most nights he slept pretty well.

On returning it's been a nightmare. He wakes frequently and screams hysterically. For the first 2 night he ended up in bed with us at some point in the night something we rarely do and the last 2 nights he just doesn't seem to want to be on his own in his own bedroom.

Flyrant on June 15, at p. You have all given me great stories for my FlyRant. I'm a cranky traveler even without the kids.

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Prabhaharan on June 25, at a. Our four year old is off schedule, sleeping at 2 p. After that, she is up the rest of the night. Do you suggest we just not let her sleep and just keep her up whatever it takes to keep her up so that she doesn't start sleeping until her pre-Asia trip bed time, which was p.

It's hard to get any rest when the 4 year old is up and needing to be supervised. Any suggestions as my wife and I are not getting any rest. Lisa on July 9, at p. I travel from Europe to North America twice a year with my little ones and common sense has to prevail. You need to know that if you child sleeps for longer stretches than normal during the day that they will keep you up at night. We have had great success with getting the kids accustomed to our new time zone by simply not letting them have long naps during the day when it is nap time.

It is also very important to strategically place the nap at a similar interval from waking as they normally have in their schedule at home. Because they are waking up earlier and have travelled, we know they can't go all day long without sleeping so we let them have a nap that is early enough in the day and wake them up after they have slept their usual nap length. It is tough to wake them sometimes, but you can! After a few days there are huge benefits and we are able to slowly get them on track without being stressed out.

Another tip is don't put them to bed to early because then they just wake up wide awake a few hours later. Be patient and put them to bed 1 to 2 hours earlier every night. If they have had a properly timed nap during the day then they should be so tired that they'll sleep a nice long stretch. Indrani on July 17, at p. Its about 12 hours difference! Meaning his days-nights are going to be reversed : Ishaan my baby is also all about crawling and starting to cruise right now and Im not sure how to handle that either.

Hamish on August 7, at a. Wow - great post and comments. I'm another parent up at 2am with an alert baby 6. Staying philosophical now that she's sleeping on me while I comment too. Funny that our trip away was terrible - no sleep, bad habits - but she adjusted to the new TZ immediately. Now after a dream trip home - great sleeps at the right times - she is up and about.

Thanks for the tips! Hi there, I am travelling to australia from nz in a weeks time and am wondering if it is worth trying to change my 11 month old to australian time? They are only 2 hours behind us but i don't really want to her waking at 5am or going to bed at 5pm. We are only going for 10 days. Should we stick to home time? Debbie on August 8, at p. Jo, I think that with a 2 hour time change, your child will gradually adjust to local time on her own. I'm not sure how much you can alter that.

We leave in Australia and just came back from a 4-week holiday in France with our breastfed 5-month old. He sleeps a lot in general and adjusted to French time on the first night there 8h time difference , sleeping through the nights. But back home is another story. Since we're back, he feeds every 1h30 during the night, falls asleep to wake up only 30min later.

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I have to wake him up from his naps during the day or he would sleep all day long though! I was wondering how long I should let him sleep during the day? I have been waking him up if his nap is longer than 2 hours. Debbie on August 11, at p. Peggy If he's feeding that much, my guess would be that he's having a growth spurt or ready for solid food possibly? Miriam on August 19, at p. Hi, I'm about to travel from France to the US for a month, alone with my 2. I'm really apprehensive, not only about the flight how will I go to the bathroom but even moreso about the jetlag and the effect it will have on us.

I get very bad jetlag anyway, but right now I'm also severely sleep deprived since my son is a very difficult sleeper requiring long periods of walking and rocking to get into a deep enough sleep to stay asleep. He does sleep at night though, from about pm to am with a feed I'm exclusively breastfeeding around I guess that means he'll be up from 1 or 2 in the morning eastern time and crash around 2pm. Should I go with that or try to put him immediately into US time, which seems very difficult also because of the breastfeeding schedule.

I've also just managed these last few days to get him into a schedule with decent naps during the day and I'm afraid that will be compromised too since we'll be seeing lots of family and I'll be moving around quite a lot. I'm also concerned about my milk, since I feed every 3 hours during the day but then go 8hrs and 5 hrs during the night.

Won't my supply also get messed up by the jetlag? Any advice you could provide would be much appreciated. I'm starting to think this trip was a mistake but my whole family is anxiously awaiting to meet him. With respect to the breastfeeding - be careful to drink lots of water on the flight and for the first several days.

Flying is dehydrating for both you and baby. It usually takes longer for baby's stomach to adjust thank for his sleep patterns to change. I'd expect that you'll be feeding him on France time for several days at least. Since baby won't switch over to US time right away and might take even longer with an interrupted nap schedule you should try to nap during the day if you can.

I bet the trip will be great! You'll be tired, and you might end up feeding baby at night for a little while, but you can always get him back on schedule when you return home. One thing I try to remember, especially with such a young baby, is that they go through lots of different sleep disruptions as they grow. You get them adjusted for a little while, and then they start teething, crawling, walking, etc.

So this is just one in a long series of sleep disruptions. Hope this helps! Lisa on August 30, at p. Hi My daughter is 14 months and we're travelling from Dubai to Australia. Any advice? Carla Measer-Costamagna on September 3, at a. Your blog is amazing! I am so happy i found it. I am a new mom of the 3 month old baby girl. She still does not sleep through the night and wakes up 2 times or so.

We are hoping to start sleep training her when she is 4 months old and it;s been a source of stress just thinking about it because it is very hard to get her to fall asleep right now. Also, to add to this worry my father who lives in Brazil is sick and I have to go see him soon. He has never met his granddaughter and I want to take her to meet him.

We are thinking of traveling in December when she will be 7 months. I am worried about how the change of time zones will affect her and if it will regress any progress we will hopefully have made with sleep training. Also, I am worried about being on a plane for so long with such a small baby colds, flu, viruses in the air from other people , not to mention the looks on people's faces if she cries. I am always mortified in the supermarket if she starts crying too loudly.

Maybe it;s a new mommy thing? I am a world traveler myself and want my kids to be like that too. Just need some advice on how to get started. Debbie on September 4, at a. Lisa, you might try eliminating that afternoon nap for a short time in Australia so that she is tired enough to sleep through the night once she finally does get to bed. You can always put the nap back in once she gets adjusted.

Carla Sleep training is an ongoing process at least it was with my kids teeth, developmental milestones, travel, and age all cause disruptions. I wouldn't worry about that too much - if you are consistent it always works its way out. With respect to the flight, I wouldn't worry too much about the germs as long as she has a healthy immune system ;. We've just returned to the US East Coast from the UK - our 13 month old has done the trip twice before last time 4 months ago and always adjusted pretty well on her return.

This time she is waking in the night on UK time zone , her appetite has dropped a little partic in the evening , she has diarrhea and she is not taking her bedtime bottle Debbie on September 27, at p. A disrupted schedule for eating isn't unusual though usually the total amount consumed doesn't change. However, I've never heard of Jet Lag causing diarrhea so she might have a bug - If I were in your position, I would watch for signs of dehydration and check in with my doctor. Tom, Kaz and May on September 28, at a. We are presently going through a difficult time with our 5. We had a 2.

We did the wrong thing for sure and napped as we arrived home early on the Sat morning. Our daughter didn't sleep much at all on the plane, neither did we - we were stuffed. We slept for probably 4 hours during the day as did our daughter. Now 4 days in she has been a doll during the day we've tried not to let her sleep much during the day but difficult during the night. She'll go down relatively well at night around 8 and then wake 1. She'll then go down anywhere from 1. After this she'll then wake again for a similar amount of time after a similar amount of sleep time.

This is very trying for my wife especially. What would you recommend. It seems as though sun or daylight exposure is very important. We are in winter at the moment, if sun isn't out will normal daylight suffice.

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Also, she was a great hours a night sleeper prior to our trip , will she return to this routine. We're very nervous that she's in this routine for good. Melanie on October 6, at p. Nice web site Debbie, we'll follow your advices when we go to France for 5weeks with Luca who will be 8months by then. For Tom, Kaz and May, Are you sure this new broken sleeping pattern is due to the jet lag? I know that around 6months babies start to sleep in sleeping cycles like adults, that is 2hours by 2 hours, so even if your daughter was a good sleeper before she might need to re-learn to settle by herself in between every sleep cycle at night I would recomment Tizzie hall book: "save our sleep" for advices.

Good luck with it all Mel. Kerry Dowling on October 28, at a. Hi Debbie We need your help, we have just returned home from Canada to the UK with our 19 month old daughter, she is going to bed at her normal time 7. She is then only napping for about 1 hour during the day, we are all totally exhausted and in serious need of some advise, please help Thanks Kerry.

I'm sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time! What are you doing when your daughter wakes at night? One thing that helps is to offer food or milk immediately, keep the lights dim, and choose soothing activities instead of exciting ones - her body will gradually adjust back to sleeping during that time.

Joanna on November 21, at a. Hi Debbie, My daughter is 16 months old and has never been a great nighttime sleeper, but has gotten much better in the last month or so. We are planning a trip to India Total flight time will be 18 hours 8 hours to Europe, 2 hour layover, then 10 hours to India. Is it worth trying to adjust her to local time for such a short trip or should we just let her sleep when she wants and go to kind of a hybrid schedule in order to make it easier to get her on track when we get home?

The trip itself will be very uneventful, mainly spending time with family in their homes. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you, Joanna. I think you'll find that she naturally starts to adjust within a couple of days, and also that it's difficult for you to be up at night with her, but if your days aren't too taxing, I suppose you could try keeping her on the same schedule and see what happens!

We are due to go for a holiday in January with our son who will be 18 months at that point. We've been away before when he was 4 months and then 6 months. Since this is a big break between travel I wanted to see how he will react to being away from home at this age so we just did a "trial run". We did not go on the plane but instead booked a bed and breakfast an hour away from home in a scenic part of the state.

We stayed for two nights. While there was no time change, the experience seemed to have unsettled our son.

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He was okay during the day but woke up every couple of hours at night even though we co-slept which we do at home too both nights and stayed awake clearly distrubed - looking around, sometimes crying. It took some effort to calm him down as he seemed so unsure of the unfamiliar environment. Moreover, when we got home, he also took two nights until he became his normal self again, waking up frequently. So what it tells me is that at this point in time he seems sensitive to change.

I feel he is in a strange stage - he is a kind of young to fully prepare him with talk but already very aware of his surroundings. Do you have any suggestions on how to make him more comfortable? We just got back from India and its been about a week but my daughter shows no signs of getting over jet-lag : she sleeps through the day and is awake at night. It does not help that she is sick and does not eat and we are in gloomy seattle in December- so no sunlight. I woud greatly appreciate any advice. I'm so sorry to hear that your daughter is having a tough time. If she is sick, that is the issue you would need to focus on first.

Unfortunately, she's probably not going to fully adjust to the new time until she feels better. I live in gloomy Seattle too ; Sometimes it's possible to find a sunbreak and go for a walk during that time. Hi Debbie, you're site is very helpful. BB slept a little less than usual en route but when we arrived she slept 15 hrs straight. Gary on January 1, at p. Hi, Our family lives in Finland and we recently went to the States to visit my family with our 1 year old.

She has never been a terribly good sleeper, but before we left she was sleeping a good 7 hours per night at a time at least. Generally, about 7pm to 6am. On arrival to the US, she adjusted in about 2 days. Again sleeping pretty well there. Since we have returned, however, it has been a different story.

It took her over 2 weeks just to get to bed at the right time again. It has been over a month now since we have returned and she is still not sleeping more than hours at a time. And she seems to wake up sometime between 2 and every morning wide awake! We were very worried abou throwing this time change into her routine since she had only barely began sleeping so well. After reading this blog post to not worry that it will not disrupt the babies sleep pattern overall we felt better, but now it seems that our worries were founded Since we have been back she is sleeping terribly and we really are at a lose what to do now.

In the US, it was very sunny and she was outside quite a bit, which I am sure helped. But now back in Finland, we are having the darkest days if the year "daylight" from to only and temperatures of to C 15 to F so it's not so easy to get her outside now. Ellie on January 7, at a. We just made our return trip from the US to Paris where we currently live. My kids now have their nights and days mixed up and I don't know how to fix it!

They have been going to sleep at 5am the last few nights after just sleeping a few hours from 8pmpm. Should I wake them up early in the morning so that they can be awake with the sun even though they went to bed at 5am? And they will for sure need a nap in the afternoon, is this okay? Cher on January 7, at a. I recently travelled with my 9 month old baby to the Philippines from Canada. My baby is a good sleeper 8pm-7pm and is breastfeeding up to now. For the past 3 days, she has been following her feeding and nap time schedule pretty well but I am having a difficulty at night.

Last night was the worst. She didn't want to sleep from pma. She just kept crying because I didn't want to play with her. Please help me! Debbie on January 7, at a. Gary, stick with whatever sleep-training routine you were using before the trip. She'll get back on track! Ellie, you don't say what age your kids are, but I would wake them up at a normal morning hour and then allow them to take a midday nap. Cher, hang in there, your baby will adjust to the new schedule, but if she really cannot be lulled back to sleep it's ok to play some low-key games or read books together.

Great site, just wanting to know if you have any advice as we are travelling with a soon to be 1 year old who currently sleeps 12hrs a night. She is breast feed only morning and at tea time and is slowly being weaned off this. She is fine on planes as we travelled to Japan only 1 hour difference when she was six months old and we had no troubles.

We are travelling to Perth australia from Melbourne and it's a 3 hour delay We are hoping that she will adjust without her waking too early in the morning As I know she will not have long enough to adjust. Debbie on January 10, at a. Ben, For a short stay with just a 3 hour time change, I would probably keep her on her home schedule. You can use blackout drapes to darken your room when it is supposed to be night time.

You may notice that she adjusts somewhat to the new time, but you'll be able to get her back on schedule gradually when you return home. Rachel on January 12, at a. Well I feel much better after reading this now!!! We just flew back from Canada to Italy where we are currently living with our 27 month old daughter and it has been AWFUL since we got home. But I'm happy to see that its the same as everyone else who has travelled eastwards has described!!!! At first we fed her, then gave her milk and now we're telling her no which I'm not sure is the right thing to do but we're going on day 6 now of being home and still no sign of things returning to normal.

She missed nursery school today and I feel like I might be slowly losing my mind!!! However, I am very comforted that this is "normal" and I'm sure this too will pass. Thanks for all the great information :. Cherry on January 13, at p. Hi there, We have just returned home to the uk after 3 months in New Zealand. We are of day 3 at home and our 15 month old is currently in her room talking it's 3. She's not crying, just awake. She went down fine at normal bedtime and has all three nights. However, she keeps waking.

She napped twice today; the first time we woke her after 3 hours the second after 1. Any tips on what we can donto fix this? She's always been an awesome sleeper before now. Thanks, Cherry. Thanks for the great advice so far! We usually let things slip for a few days - it probably makes the jetlag adjustment take longer, but I worry that if the kids get too run down they will get sick.

Also, those long daytime naps are a great time to see a museum or get a nice meal. Tara on January 22, at p. I am 9 months pregnant and about to pop! Five weeks after the baby is born we are moving back to NYC from our home of three years in London. If a new baby isn't stressful enough, the international move is!

Question, will a 5 week old have any issues regarding sleep patterns and jet lag? Should we try for a NY schedule from birth? Should I be concerned with breastfeeding and traveling so early after the baby is born? Good news is once we arrive we are staying put and no return flight! Debbie on January 25, at p. Tara, For a 5 week old, I would not be worried about jetlag or any schedule at all since the baby will be sleeping and nursing around the clock at that age. Jackie on February 21, at a. Thanks so much for this info, though I fear I found it a bit too late.

We traveled from the US to the Middle East for 2 weeks and our 19 month old never adjusted. Her appetite dropped quite a bit and was mostly just nursing usually has quite the appetite. We have been home now for 4 days and things aren't much better, long naps during the day and she isn't sleeping much more than hours at a time when she usually sleeps 12 hrs at night w a 2 hour nap during the day. She still isn't eating much which isn't helping. Any suggestions for us at this point in all of this? I haven't noticed a change in overall appetite due to a time zone change, it seems worth giving your doctor a call to see if there's any other reason her appetite might have changed.

We are going to maui next week wiht our 8 month old son. He sleeps great at home, in his crib, in his dark room. I was not able to get a suite. What do you think about putting the crib in the bathroom until we go to sleep? Debbie on March 10, at p. Putting the crib in the bathroom works great - you might try asking for a handicapped room. The extra wide doorway will make it easier to roll the crib in and out. Lili on March 13, at p. Hi, we live in DC and we are going to Spain with our 22 months old son. Our flight leaves at pm and he sleeps now from pm to am. I want to keep him up for a little longer and put him to sleep once we are in the plane, so we will get there at noon local time about am our time, with a connection to barcelona, hoping he will be ok and ready for breakfast, I am planing on start his day there with breakfast and fan, then stay awake on second flight only 2 hours -a movie, games on the ipad and running while we can at the airport - and we will get to barcelona at , give him lunch and take a nap with him for 2 hours, wake up and keep him active and running until night, then try to have a local time day.

Do you think that,s too much for him? I travel a lot to Europe, so I know that if Can sleep during flight and take a quick nap I can be up the rest of the day, but tired, I wi guess it will be worse for him, but I also understand that a kid can adjust easier to changes. What do you think? Am I too off? I think his behavior will tell you whether he needs more sleep ; As long as you have a sling or a stroller, you can always put him to sleep even if you are out and about.

We are in jet lag hell at the moment. We just returned from 3 weeks in Asia and my 20 month old, who actually slept great while in Asia, is now up from anywhere between 10pm-4am. We wake him up by 9am every morning. He naps 3 hours a day, but would love to nap more. I'm trying to get him back on his usual schedule, but he just keeps waking up.

Kind of a problem when my husband and I had to go back to work on Monday. Any other tips or tricks with toddlers that you can suggest? We are going on day 5. Katie on June 1, at p. Hey, im flying with a 5month old from London to California which is an 11 hour flight i think. When is the best time to fly so that i can minimise the distruption to her routine? Debbie on June 1, at p. Sometimes that helps send a signal about nighttime being rest time.

Katie I usually like overnight flights best, but you may not have that choice flying from London to California. A five month old is usually pretty flexible about sleeping in strange environments, so being awake or asleep on the plane isn't a big deal. Possibly the most important thing is to time things so that you're schleping through the airport at a time when baby would normally be awake. I wish I'd found this before our 2-week visit to the USA. He's also feeding manically through the night which is exhausting.

It's not been like this since he was a newborn and I wake up in pain every Irving now. It's been 4 days. How do I speed up the process? How do I get him asleep at 8pm like before as opposed to midnight? How do I keep him asleep? He's exclusively breastfed by the way. If it were me, I would try to gently reduce some of that night feeding - either by eliminating the feeds that are shorter, or by cutting down the length of each feed.

I would also offer more feedings during so that he is full before he goes to bed for the night. If you are comfortable pumping and offering a bottle, I might do that for the last feed before bedtime since baby is likely to consume more and not drift off to sleep half-sated with a bottle. Do you have any thoughts on whether it is worth trying to shift toddlers onto the new time zone ahead of travel?

I have read elsewhere that moving some way towards the new time zone can mean you hit the ground running when you get there. We will be travelling east next month where we will experience a 7 hour time difference. It's worth a try. For my kids their internal clocks don't seem to shift much until we get to the destination - putting them to bed later or waking them earlier just means that we get tired kids.

Still, as my oldest matures, he's starting to be able to sleep in when he's tired, and if your kids are great at doing that shifting before you go might help reduce jet lag. LPK on July 24, at a. I am going to paris with my son on his 2nd birthday. We will be there for a month. He would normally wake up at 7am, lunch at noon, nap from 1 to 3, dinner at 7 and sleep by 9pm. I would try to get him out for some time in the park when you first arrive, but don't worry if he's ready for a nap pretty quickly. Try not to let those daytime naps drag on for too long, but with a two year old, I'd go ahead and let him sleep when he gets tired - otherwise you run the risk of him getting sick or being unhappy.

Zai Floyd on August 13, at p. Thank you for the tips. We are traveling from North Carolina to Hawaii and I wasn't sure what to about the flight and the trip. Do you still recommend Chiang Mai for older people? I need to quit working. Do you think health care is decent? Do you know any older Americans there? Hi Candace! How do we do this? Hello, thank you for taking time to post some of your know how to live comfortably in Thailand.

I am interested in living in Thailand for at least three months get out of cold in michigan and maybe longer. Thank you, Bill. Thailand is a great place to go for three months— you can get a feel for the country, see a lot if you are keen to explore, or settle into a three month apartment rental and begin to feel like a local by the time you leave. Work visas are tricky and require some extra obstacles to jump through if you are keen to find work in Thailand, otherwise you could definitely find volunteering to do nearly anywhere in the country! Thanks for all that useful information Shannon.

We wonder how much savings we should take with us to cover for the first 2 months of job hunting… Bangkok seems to be more expensive but with more job opportunities. Would be nice to get your opinion on that. How many hours a week do you need to work to live that lifestyle? Seems like I got the same in Bangkok but things are more expensive. Hi Isabel! Thanks for commenting and sharing your situation. There are definitely teaching jobs in Chiang Mai, I have several friends who work as teachers, but it is competitive and you should give yourself time and perhaps time your move to when schools hire new teachers after breaks maybe, not sure when that is.

Web design is a lot harder — there may be companies needing that, but at the same time Chiang Mai bussiness-wise is a lot smaller market. Has your boyfriend considered freelancing for any past clients he had so he is making a stronger currency? And lastly, consider the non-profit community for opportunitites—CM has MANY more non-profits and organizations like that and you or your boyfriend could look into that route as well.

Thanks for taking the time to write this up!! I am an American Expat living in Pattaya. No two peope have similar tastes, so hence individual cost of living vary. During the past coupe of years there has been a steady rise in inflation. The dollar has fallen in value, and the Thai Baht has gained some strength. Excellent medical services are available at a lesser costs. Cheers and thanks for providing yourself as a source of help! Living in Thailand for years on end, just on visas, is difficult.

Easy solutions are often simply taking a language class a few times a week. It can be done and you can look around the heaps of advice in the forum for some other ideas :. Hello Shannon, Thank you for this great blog info on living in Thailand. I have a question about the banks, if you have a short list of good reliable banks there?. Best Regards, Brian C. In the post I link to a lot of things you should look at — other budgets, rental houses, condos, agents, etc.

There is a lot in between as well. I know there are specific banking requirements if you retire there, so best to read through the forums and ask for recs! Best of luck :. Sorry if you get two responses from me, I responded to the wrong one at first! I know there are specific banking requirements if you retire there fees, and it has to be a government bank I believe so best to read through the forums and ask for recs so you know all the nitty-gritty specifics! You should always be aware of your surroundings, and any place that is fine during the day could be different at night, but I generally feel very safe in many parts of the country and have walked home with friends from bars in Chiang Mai without a second thought.

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and costs on living in Chiang Mai.

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Eight weeks is a really great starting point, and you may very well fall in love with the city. As you said, you only live once, so embrace the adventure, and I wish you so much luck on the trip. If there is ever anything I can do to help, let me know! Do you think your health has suffered from such a poor diet of 30b fried food?

YOu dont look There are many more options than just the fried dishes. Cheers and good luck. Really fantastic BLOG. Though I prefer the cool, dry season, it can be a wonderful place to live year-round. Thank you so much for the conformation! I have been looking at both Vietnam and Thailand but have been worried about the employment should I decide to stay long term. Can you put me in touch with some of your connections or friends that teach conversational English so that I may properly prepare?

My email is hansbergquist yahoo. Hi again! Now, there are many people who also want to teach, but if you have the qualifications, the time to look and apply, and patience, you can find work in Thailand and Vietnam, China, etc. Hey thanks so much for giving up your time so patiently. Hubby two kids and I are making plans for a move early next year and finding so many positive people who are Expats in Thailand is clearing away a lot of my fears.

Thailand has an enormous expat community, and if you are sending your kids to an International School, you will have an even more instant community to tap into. So much good luck with the move, and I hope you enjoy your time over there :. Once again thank you your site has been very helpful! I think cm may be a great place to start! We are planning on spending 4 years in S. Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines are also on the list before we go to Europe. Where are you going next and will you be doing a similar blog?

That is a fantastic length of time — you will see and experience a lot over four years! I am unsure of my next plans, but they may include South America I think, and I will continue to update this site with stories and photos as I travel. Also any other suggestions as to cheap areas to rent fir 10, or less? Thanks again! Chiang Mai is a great spot because it straddles the traditional culture and Western conveniences. But know that electricity in Thailand is really very, very expensive! Do you know what the average monthly rent is in bkk and cm for bedroom with AC? House or apartment would both be fine.

I was in Thailand last November and fell in love with the way of life and how cheap everything was! Unfortunately I do not have a college degree but with my professional experience I was told it should be est to get an English teaching position with the tesol. Is that correct? Also what might I expect for a salary? November is a beautiful time of year in the country rivaled only by December I think and I loved the Lantern festival they hold at the beginning of the month, I hope you were able to see it?

As for teaching English over there, a TEOFL is the core requirement, so if you take that course there is a good chance that you could easily find a job. Good luck finding work and with the move! Thanks for posting your experiences and costs for what looks like a wonderful life in Thailand! Good luck with the work, teaching English is a great route to go! I have noticed some places will let you pre-book. You can find it for less, and I generally recommend that you book a week in at a guest house in town and then go look in person at a few of the popular areas.

Even in high season, there is a good deal of housing in the city and you will find a place to stay. The GotPassport link at the end of the post has a lot of spots you can check. Personally the idea of eating Thai street every day sounds appealing as I hate cooking. The visa thing, can you renew that indefinitely i. Any suggestions? Are many people bilingual there? Can you buy beer by the case more inexpensively and bring home like you can here lol? As for the visas, you can not review the tourist visa indefinitley, but once you are there, there are few different ways people stay.

You can like get nearly two years of double entry tourist visas, or you can pay to go to a language school a few times a week and get a student visa…that tides people over for a couple years as well! But for baseline, the least you are paying with your own lifestyle heaped on top —well, I think my estimate is pretty good. And for me, I try to make my gadgets last somewhere in the five year range :. And the big one is the cost of visas. The actual runs and cost to do a border run.

I spend 36,b on it this year. Flights abroad to a con-solute, hotels, tuks tuks, visa fees, cross the border every and buy visas every 90 days, drive there. You are suggesting to be in Thailand with out medical insurance as well. The costs can add up, particularly if you fly, I have always made a mini trip out of the border runs though, and went overland to Loas, which kept my daily costs down a bit. And you only need the major border run ever days, otherwise the cheap daylong run to Burma and back is a mere at the 90 day mark.

I have friends teaching in CM who live on the budget I suggest, but since they are teaching they have year-long visas that they do not pay for, the schools do , so that is a non-issue for people working there. Most of my friends working in the country have visas handled for them.

I listed a couple links in the post to friends who had blog posts with links to apartments and that sort of thing. Also, some friends have used agents if they were looking for a nice rental also linked at the end of the post. Nice one. Do you want the author of this website to do your washing for you also? There seem to be some people who are asking questions here that live with their mother — it is obvious — before you move somewhere — do a recky and check the place out. No problem Shannon — I need some help actually — apologies.

As said I am doing my 14 months in CM. Just the visa issue. I hope I am making sense here — the link seems like an expensive way around this. I am not near a Thai Embasy so kind of stuck for my options. Thanks for any help. Would like more info on the food. How much would that add to my cost of living if I ate different?

Beef is not very popular in SEA or Asia for that matter but pork and chicken can be found everywhere! Hi Randy! Um, not really. I am thinking of working at home US for six months then go back to Thailand for the other six on a tourist visa. I plan on doing that for a couple years to travel and enjoy life. Hi Rob! Your 6 months on, 6 months off sounds like a great plan as a way to see places in the world but still fund your travels!

Sounds good , I would like to try it next winter. Then with the rest of your budget you can spend on food, transport, etc, and likely still have some leftover :. I have to say that your blog is awesome, so full of essential information and really interesting and fun stories about your experiences in CM! I am planning to move across there in the coming months, i am a full time internet marketer, so the living costs you have highlighted seem easily affordable to me. Once i have moved out there who would you recommend seeing about rental properties and scooter rental?

Thanks Michael! It can really fluctuate if you plan to go out a lot more, and depending on lifestyle, but I find the above is a great baseline budget to use for a lot of the costs in the area. And for rentals, long-term prices at Bikky are pretty decent and they have multiple places throughout the city! I did love CM when I was there previously; as a just over 40 year old guy I feel Chiang Mai is the ideal place to study and appreciate life. Would be nice to catch up with you and just share some views on life.

Really appreciate your blog — found very interesting. Hi Noodles! Thanks Shannon. The link to any CM facebook pages and contacts would be great. I have been looking at condos — there seems to little competition with regards to costs — I could not afford to take a year off anywhere else and study and have such a good standard of living.

Thanks again for your help. One more thing — intend to get parents over next February — how bad was the pollution then? Was reading about evacuation — looked quite serious for a while. As for FB groups, is one of them. Thanks Neale, I think the real difference comes down to the food you like, and what you consider a good time.

Happy to hear others have found the same here…. HI Erick, if you are a tourist, you are forbidden from working. You have to have a special work visa to do that! Me and My Son are moving to Thailand in the next 6 months as teachers. We have everything sorted just saving up for visa and flights and stuff. Just wondering what the cost of living is? Hi Shannon I am sooo happy for you and your new life. I have been to Thailand many moons ago and would like to have some insight on Chiang Mai.

I would be interested in topics like accommodations, cheapest flight into which city as an entry point……my plan is to stay weeks…. I am definately on a budget as I have obligations back in the US. I would appreciate any imput…….. PS I have a scooter at home, so not a problem for me regarding transportation, although funds favor walking.

So a reasonable distance to ITM would be a preferance. Flights seem to be on the high end so any suggestions???????? Thx Cheryl. Finding a good guesthouse and renting for weeks at a discounted rate is your best bet, if you look around once you get here, you can likely find something great. Here is a longer list of accommodation options:. For flights, flying into Bangkok is often the most budget option, check Skyscanner. Also try Hipmunk. Once here, flying around Thailand though use the discount ones. If you want to be mostly walking distance for the month, making sure you book something near Thae Pae gate is best : Good luck!

Thank you Shannon for you information. It coincides with what I have experienced and what four other links have put out. My girl friend, her son 6 years old and I are considering Thailand for residence. I have been there 5 times for 2 to 4 months. I have done the Myanmar Visa run renewal three times.

My girl friend has not been to Thailand. Your welcome, glad you found it helpful and good luck with the move! There are a lot of expats with children here, particularly if you put her son in an International school, so you will find a great community when you come! I just got back from Thailand a few months ago and did not really get to visit Phuket or CM since most of Bangkok outside of the financial district was flooded. The taxi brought me to Pattaya when I ask to go to the beach lol and stayed waiting for the water to run off in Bangkok. Do you know if Thailand is the cheaper of the three?

Also any other cities I should consider for cheap and good quality of life? I think it really depends on what you are looking for— a lot of expats choose Thailand because there is so much access to Western amenities. But as far as teaching English, both Thailand and Vietnam are really great options and both have large expat communities. I have friends who have lived in Hanoi and really enjoyed teaching there. Same thing with here in Chaing Mai, if you have your TEOFL certification, then you could likely find a job here if you came at the right time while they were hiring for the new school year.

There are many opportunities and I think Vietnam and Thailand likely sound like the best options for price and ease of finding a job! I would love to save as much as I can for the next 5 years and then go there to retire. I do love Thailand and the food. Is there a significant number of long-termers there or should I just resign myself to the fact that bar girls are and if not, girls just looking for a free ride for them and their families all that is available?

This is a great post, Shannon. What are they doing?! This is a rough breakdown of how much I spend figures in yen, which is currently at about 80yen to the dollar. Rent and water, 91, for a pretty good sized two-bdrm apt, one room I use as a classroom Electricity, about 9, on average high because I teach out of my home and need the air con on all the time — it would normally be closer to about yen if I had a normal job Cell phone bill, yen Gas bill, yen Phone and internet, yen.

Bad habit I need to quit, I know! This seems very high to me. As for things not included in your budget, such as clothes, I know that you can get lots of great clothes for cheap enough to almost be negligible. Lasted me ages! Thanks for including your breakdown for Osaka…I had no idea it could be that affordable! As for prices here, there really is a difference between living a bit more local, and the Western conveniences.

I think per month is awfully high for CM, but you could wrack that much up if you are in a nice apt, eating Western food, and consuming a lot buying clothes, shopping, etc. Then there are the visa-runs to factor in, which add a bit to the expenses a quick run to the Burmese border here runs about baht at 30b to the USD, and if you need a Thai visa that could be as much as 2, baht or more for the visa alone. I eat like a local, and live in a pretty small apartment and when this post was rented lived with a room-mate in a house.

A double-cheeseburger at McDonalds is 78 Baht and most western meals not fancy meals btw will run you at least Baht. Forget eating cheese and other western foods while you are there. Fruit is 10 Baht a serving. A latte like the ones that Shannon pictured is 60 Baht. Sugar overload. Thai meals will cost you 35 baht and it is primarily rice.

Karaoke is one of the more expensive things that you can do in Chiang Mai…unless you are renting a booth at one of the malls Airport Plaza or Central Kad Suan Kaew. The women are thin, but they have no muscle tone. Thanks for weighing in, I find you right on a lot of fronts, and grossly different than myself as well.

And, I stand by the fact that:. Very cute studios for 2,b even if outside the moat. And, simply ask for a shake without sugar Mrs. Pa at CM gate does great ones and will point you to the naturally sweet fruits so it tastes good! Get some local friends, eat with them, rent from them, and life gets cheaper :. I lived in CM and Bangkok for a total of 2 years. If you are, you are inhaling alot of carbon soot that will never come out of your lungs.

Have you noticed any decline in your breathing capacity? Fair warning to everyone reading this. The research studies I found showed that your lungs and immune system can recover from just a season or two in it. It is something to keep in mind, and I kept a mask on my face when the levels were particularly bad. I partied like a rockstar and still came in under US per month. Thanks for weighing in Wes and for defending the costs! And good to know that even with a lot more nights out drinking, it is truly affordable.

You definitely are able to include more of the costs if you go out a lot more but still hunt around for a good deal on the apartment. I never made it to your abode, but I know it was near the old city, internet, close to food and reasonably priced. It allows you to have a life, travel and pay for the dreaded visa runs. Glad to see how it can vary if you spend money in different areas and definitely varies if you have a Thai gf, as you noted! Im not from US but I wanna living in Thailand. Nice nature, girls, good costs of living, great nightlife :. By all means, factor is a lot more if you have a different lifestyle, my intention was to give baseline costs for consideration.

If you like to flush money down the beer-toilet, then by all means quadruple that number for sure. Of course, if you go with a group of friends for dinner to a Thai restaurant you could stretch that to about 10 nights out. One beer is baht. In fact, you will end up spending as much as you did in the country you immigrated from. He gets 1ea. Thanks for weighing in on that Chris, I was taking a bit of flack on that one : Cheers and good luck living here!

My Idea of what is entertaining is probably different to yours though Sad, but true! Thanks for sharing! Good luck with the planning! Shannon, What a generous spirit you are! I have enjoyed reading your blog and it is one of the first ones that piqued my interest in Chiang Mai. Reading about your adventures has been really inspiring.

My husband will work remotely and I will be finishing a novel and perhaps volunteering. My question: If we want to stay in Thailand for a year or so, is it advisable to sign a year lease on a house or apt? If so, what expenses can we expect to incur over a year to keep a valid Visa? I know you are busy with your niece. Peace out, Loree P. I also really resonate to your Joseph Campbell quite..

Hi Loree! Thanks for getting in touch and congrats on the move to Thailand, I am pretty partial to the country :. As for visas, that is one of the trickier parts of staying for a year. The double entry visa: Gives you two entries, each on 60 days and each entry can be extended by 30 days…so this is about 6 months. Then you would have to leave and get a second double entry visa.

With this visa, you have to leave the country every 90 days and at least cross a border. All told about 6, baht to buy it and then cross a nearby border. Apply for your first double entry from home! Also, for some more living here type posts and help: This family has some great resources. And as for the house, renting a house can be cheaper, but there are allll kinds of apts here in Chiang Mai, and just a bit outside the moat you can get a pretty great house for the same as an apt in the city, so it really depends on what you want check out the link above, they also have a housing post!

Consider, if you do a apt and commit to 6 months, then you can easily get out of it if you decide to try out living elsewhere in Thailand! Soooo helpful!! I look forward to reading about your latest adventures. Cheers, Loree. Hi Shannon. I was wondering about Health insurance there. I have Insurance here till June and then I have nothing, but after that Id have to figure something out. If my job doesnt offer it can i get insurance there? Also note that small checkups are incredibly cheap here, so your insurance is for the big stuff : Safe travels, let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

That being said, there are a lot of teaching English jobs here, and you could take a contract and save up money, and then leave, not sure what your travel plans look like, but there is definitely work to be found both legit and not all over SEA for backpackers simply asking around :. I was wondering if you could tell me where you rented your scooter.

Did you have a native Thai speaker help you? Nimman is such a great area, very lively and some of my favorite restaurants are over there! Will send you a message about the bikes :. Scooter rentals are everywhere, around baht. You give up your passport until return, get insurance please. Good luck you can get hurt and or killed! Hey Shannon. Thanks for this post and for giving us an insight into your life in Thailand.

My wife and I will be going there again on holiday next April which I just found out is the hottest time of the year. If you visit Chiang Mai you will be amazed by all of the Western comforts when you need them…ice cream is plentiful and coffee is often mediocre, but there are a few pretty decent spots! Let me know if there is any way I can help once you plan to come this way, I should actually be here in April :. I enjoyed reading your blog. I live on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. We have the highest electrical rate in the nation. Our mountain ridges receive more rain than any other place in the world.

You would think we would harness the hydro and go green but the so-called enviornmentalist fight the Hydro Power. So we burn fossil fuel to make electricity… Go figure! One of the guys working on the house is married to a girl from Thailand. They just finished building a home in Thailand.

It is comparable to my home on Kauai. Long story short, my friend and his wife are encouraging me to sell everything and move to Thailand. If there is ever any questions I can answer, just shoot me an email! What do you do in Thailand, job wise? Hi Brittany! I work online, but this type of work is what many of my friends do to get visas and live here long-term! Hello Shannon, thanks for your great articles. Is it a good idea to move in thailand with my wife and my 3 kids? Can I find good school? How much to rent a 4 — 5 bedrooms house? I think it depends on what you are looking for, but there are many other expats with families living here, and numerous high quality international schools that give an excellent education.

The family lives here and you might be able to find some inspiration on their site! Here is my budget when we move to Thailand in March The house is already paid for. That looks doable Bruce! Thank you for the details and the insights : And feel free to ask me about anything at all if you plan to visit my country.

Glad you happened upon the post! Loved reading your story. Can you imagine how I will live in the US on that! Would have lived less well and saved more if I had understood the reality of retirement Thailand is one of the places I have admired from a distance and considered as my retirement place, but making the move without knowing anyone, it is scary, although I did read about the expat clubs there so besides you, there are plenty of English speaking folks around.

I would not want to move without my daughter and grandson, which would mean she would need to find work. Things have to be considerably different there, so doubt you can answer this, but what are the chances for a home-improvement expert and artists to make money there? Thanks for the great articles, DJ. Sounds like Erumdo is a traveler snob. I love those people. There are people for whom it will always be a pissing contest and this post has brought out a bunch of them! I appreciate you sharing your own experience Andrew.

Good luck with the surfing, I have always loved passing through the beach communities that spring up around the great surf spots. Safe travels :. Thank you for sending that link, though I am not at the retiring stage, it is helpful to have that information here. Cheers and thanks :. Would love some advice. Coming for three months with my foster daughter from Ghana so she can do a course at a Thai massage school and although I have been to Thailand twice over the years, wondering what is our best option for housing. I will be doing some yoga and whatever classes may take my fancy, some dental work and medical.

Would love to chat with you. Have responded in email, but for general purposes to have the information handy, I really prefer to find a place in CM once you get there — book a guest house for several days and then do some hunting and you will find great deals :. Waaaa thanks for the info. I just came back from bangkok last week for vacation and fell in love with thailand.

Talk about living cost ggrrrrr. BTW know how much will it cost to open a small business there in CM? I am not sure about the business start up costs, but I know that once you come back you will no doubt be able to find some of the local expats and they will give you candid details on the ups and downs of owning a business there! Also check expat forums and that sort of thing to find current Western business owners : Good luck! Ah, another farang newbie with Jasmine Fever… Do your homework grasshopper, before you turn your life upside down for someone you just met… No matter how well she treats you, now….

Adding Thailand to the list! In the various areas of Thialand. Hi Roger, thanks for commenting, I really think CM rates high in Thailand for quality of living, and because CM is in the north, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities not only with the local Thai communities, but with Burmese refugees as well. Feel free to send me an email if there is anything else I can do to help!

Thanks for posting this. I just showed this post to my husband. I love it when this post has that effect! Thank you for this positive information about living in Chiang Mai! I have spent a few months in the Gulf of Thailand, but have never been to Chiang Mai before. I will be coming to live there very soon and will be working as an English teacher. I was starting to worry! Your information has been very reassuring and helpful. Thank you so much!

So glad this alleviated some of your concerns. The vibe up in the north if very, very different than the islands—but a good different in my opinion : I have many expat friends living in CM right now and they are teaching English and really enjoying it. I just happened to stumble across your site today. Thank you for your honesty and your sincerity. I hope to emulate what you are doing shortly. Hi Russell!