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Genius Hour projects can bolster student voice and agency, especially if they're integrated with design thinking principles. What does a student's day really look like at a personalized-learning school?

Four ways to help students, including English language learners, find the spark to power their own development. At one school, an individualized homework experiment creates excitement about learning. Paul Emerich France.

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Students are shortchanged when educators see personalization and standardization as antithetical. How one teacher revamped a project-based assignment to boost student creativity and agency. Personalization in the classroom need not be an all-or-nothing proposition. Horn and Julia Freeland Fisher.

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Seeking greater levels of personalization, innovative schools are finding new ways to combine online and face-to-face learning. A district retools teacher professional development with an eye toward supporting personalization. Read the Abstract Request Permission Personalization vs. How People Learn Benjamin Riley. A counterview: Everything you've learned about personalized learning is probably wrong.

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Designing individualized learning experiences entails not just knowing students well, but also being willing to learn from them. For educators and students alike, personalized learning requires a willingness to stumble. Teachers have to give students the guidance and tools they need to navigate their own paths. Watch the Video.

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The Station Rotation model, enhanced by technology, can facilitate flexible, customized learning. Tips from school leaders on forging stronger bonds with students' parents. Instructional decisions must account for teachers' varying needs, interests, and points of entry.

Supercharging the Classroom: Using Technology to Support Personalized Learning

A Vermont law requires districts to pursue three "pillars" of personalized learning. A middle school project team shows how it's done. The Gates Foundation has invested a vast amount of resources into developing personalized learning and making it available to students in the public school system. According to K In , Pane and his RAND colleagues completed the most comprehensive study of personalized learning to date. A summary of the findings includes this statement:. Pointing out the fact that the study was funded by the Gates Foundation, a leader in the development of personalized learning tools, Education Week cautions their readers against putting too much faith in the RAND findings.

Education Week warns readers that at best the results are limited and should be considered inconclusive. The study, according to Ed. Week, merely showed that the type of schools studied, high-functioning charter schools, were successful with the variety of instructional techniques used. The schools in the study were not limited to use of personalized learning tools.

Some of their education practices are regularly used in traditional classrooms. Harold, Recognizing that the philosophy of personalized education does not differ much from that which the best teachers already embrace, beware of any tool that looks too good to be true. You will have to research the tools available in light of your situation and resources.

Personalized learning is one of the best ideas incubated in the digital space. Although there is more to learn from it I applaud the steps taken by Bill Gates and like-minded individuals who want to bring positive change to the students. The Edvocate.


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