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Character Recommendations Fans of her like these other characters in entertainment. Title Recommendations Fans of her like these movies, TV shows, books and video games. Still in shock, she allows herself to be taken home while she sees her surroundings are the way they were 25 years before.

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After a rough first night, she decides to have fun with the experience and behave as if everything is normal. However, when given the chance to break up with Charlie, she thinks it might be best since she knows how it will end. Peggy makes friends with Richard Norvik, the class geek and future billionaire , to figure out what is going on with her.

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Charlie gets jealous when she ignores him at lunch and makes arrangements to meet Richard after school to discuss time travel with him. When she tells him her secret, at first he thinks it's a joke. However, she tells things about him and the world that she would not know if she were not from the future.

Although Peggy has decided to break up with Charlie and her eyes have been on Michael Fitzsimmons given this new chance , she's the only one who wants that.

Peggy Sue Got Pregnant

One night after a party, Peggy decides to sleep with Charlie. He then flips out and reminds her that she had rebuffed him the weekend before and therefore believes she's playing games, then drives her home. Instead of going inside, she takes a walk and ends up at an all-night cafe. After finding out they have more in common than originally thought, they ride off on his motorcycle.

In a field, they smoke weed and find out more about one another. When he asks if she is going to marry Charlie, she responds that she already did that and will not do it again. After he recites some of his poetry for her, they have sex. Michael reveals that he wants her to go with him and another woman to Utah where polygamy is legal so they can marry and support him while he writes. After his revelation, she tells him he should go and to write about their night together. In the middle of their conversation, she hears a voice she recognizes singing.

When she looks at the stage, she sees that it's Charlie and realizes that she did not know everything about him. Michael is upset, thinks that she declined his offer for Charlie and is ready to go.

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After they leave, it's shown that Charlie was singing as a audition for an agent and is rejected. The next day when Peggy goes to talk to Charlie, he lashes out at her and she gives him a song she "wrote" for him which ends up being "She Loves You", by The Beatles. She then goes to Richard to say goodbye so she can stop messing up her life and everyone else's since the reason Charlie stopped singing was her becoming pregnant right before they graduated. Richard proposes, but she refuses because she does not want to marry anyone and he has to be valedictorian.

Confused, she visits her grandparents for her birthday. After her grandparents tell her that her grandmother can see the future, she confides her story in them. Peggy is then kidnapped by Charlie, leaving everyone at the Lodge thinking that the ritual worked. He then proposes and gives her the locket she wore at the beginning of the film. When she looks inside, she sees baby pictures of her and Charlie, which resemble their children.

Peggy sees how much he loves her and how much she loves him, and they kiss. They begin to make love, which would again lead to Peggy getting pregnant and marrying him.

In the next moment, Peggy is transported back to