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Car crashes Girl, 16, is knocked down and killed by a truck on the way home from her school prom. The song subsequently appeared on the second Not The Nine O'Clock News LP, Hedgehog Sandwich , albeit dubbed straight from the TV soundtrack rather than remixed for stereo as per other songs on the album - the reason being that the vocals were performed live in front of the cameras rather than during the original recording session.

This - presumably rushed - session meant that Griff Rhys-Jones' slight vocal slip while quoting The Guardian - "Genuinely ch Brewis remembers wishing that the song had just featured Mel Smith solo a la 'All-Out Superpower Confrontation' since Rhys-Jones and Stephenson didn't really display the snarls necessary to carry it, and "let's face it - Griff is no singer! The song was also included on the video compilations in 'Not 2' the second show of the first volume 'The Gorilla Kinda Lingers' , although the BBC2 broadcasts placed it as Show 6 in the repeat schedules.

This version of the piece was also added some stock footage of marching Blackshirts. Mosley's wasn't the only death of a prominent public figure to leave its mark on the series. On the night this show was broadcast John Lennon was shot dead in New York. Eventually it was decided that, with everyone feeling so utterly miserable, it was hardly worth trying to write comedy that day, and so everyone went home again. Even Yoko seemed excited by the idea.

The final sketch in the subsequent show - the last of Series 3 - ended with a respectful fade-to-black and the credits ran to the sound of The Beatles' In My Life. Here Comes Mr. Shuttling between our world and the next, we follow the plight of a young RAF pilot David Niven who miraculously survives being shot down and, as in Here Comes Mr.

Jordan, is mistakenly taken up. George Bailey James Stewart , facing ruin and humiliation in his small hometown of Bedford Falls, feels his existence is meaningless and contemplates suicide. He also contorts the fable to make Death — here personified as a femme fatale in arm-length black gloves — an active participant in a complicated love quadrangle.

The afterworld never felt so alive. Overwhelmed by the loss of her cellist lover Jamie Alan Rickman , Nina Juliet Stevenson is even more pole-axed when he suddenly reappears in her living room one night. Instead he taps the process of mourning and letting go: life after death. Originally called Cello, the film resonates with the truest, deepest, human chords, grounded by superb performances from Rickman, now himself dearly missed, and the astonishing, soul-baring Stevenson. Defending Your Life just happens to make the concept literal.

Here, Brooks pitches up in the afterlife pit stop where the departed must justify their most recent existence in court.

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Succeed and proceed to the next phase; fail, and become a repeat earthbound offender. Not the best time or place, then, to fall in love with saintly Meryl Streep …. Brooks has great fun milking his purgatorial concept, Judgment City as guilt-free holiday resort plus guilt-ridden puritanical trial, where hilarious video clips of his worst moments in life are used to condemn him. What one memory would you take with you? The recently deceased, arriving in a modest way station that resembles a nondescript though verdant Japanese retreat, get three days to decide.

A family event, a childhood delight, a seemingly inconsequential encounter?

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But eventually this memory of choice is then recreated and filmed by a team of dedicated caseworkers, to be your personal meaning of happiness for eternity. He carefully observes the stresses on visitors and staff alike, and the sheer labour — building sets, acquiring props, inventing visual effects — of memory recreation evokes the transient yet immortal nature of filmmaking itself.

The astounding technical ability competes with and often cancels out risible dialogue and borderline exploitative sexual fascination. Ghosts overpopulate stories about the afterlife. But the best ones often show how these spirits are as much haunted as haunting.

In pictures: the magnificent cemeteries of London

Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck play a young couple in small-town Texas. Affleck is killed early on in a car crash and spends the majority of the remaining running time under a Caspar-like white sheet, moored to their house, unable to communicate with his partner.

This Mortal Coil - My Father.

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