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Men with Balls oozes with, well, balls. It is definitely a must-read. Required reading for anyone who loves sports, and any athlete who knows how to read. Being a professional athlete isn't easy. Sure, they have money, ice-sculpture busts of themselves, and free use of team whirlpool facilities for their extramarital liaisons. But they also have obnoxious fans, conniving groupies desperate to get pregnant, and hardass coaches.

It includes tips on how to: --Recover from rookie hazing rituals like the Broomstick Olympics --Showboat using classical pantomime techniques --Respond to Internet rumors about your sexual inadequacies Featuring made-up advice from notable sports figures and scores of sophomoric yet informative illustrations, MEN WITH BALLS is essential reading for any athlete who wants to avoid prison, paying child support, or playing in Utah.

Pro athletes don't need books. Athletes must have superior athletic talent and an extensive knowledge of their sport. They usually get such knowledge through years of practice and experience at lower levels of competition. Employment of athletes and sports competitors is projected to grow 7 percent from to , about as fast as the average for all occupations.

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Competition for most professional athlete jobs will remain very strong. Explore resources for employment and wages by state and area for athletes and sports competitors. Compare the job duties, education, job growth, and pay of athletes and sports competitors with similar occupations. Many people dream of becoming a paid professional athlete. Few people, however, beat the odds and make a full-time living from professional athletics—and when they do, professional athletes often have short careers with little job security.

When playing a game, athletes and sports competitors must understand the strategies involved while following the rules and regulations of the sport. The events in which athletes compete include team sports, such as baseball, softball, hockey, and soccer, and individual sports, such as golf, tennis, swimming, and skiing.

The level of play varies greatly. Some athletes may compete in regional competitions, while other athletes compete in national or international events. Being an athlete involves more than competing in athletic events. Athletes spend most days practicing their skills and improving teamwork under the guidance of a coach or a sports instructor. They review videotapes to critique and improve their own performance and technique. Athletes also must study their opponents' tendencies and weaknesses so as to gain a competitive advantage.

Some athletes work regularly with fitness trainers and instructors to gain muscle and stamina and to prevent injury. Because of the physical demands required by many sports, career-ending injuries are always a risk. Even minor injuries may put a player at risk of replacement.

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Because competition at all levels is extremely intense and job security is always in question, many athletes train throughout the year to maintain or improve their form and technique and remain in peak physical condition. Very little downtime from the sport exists at the professional level. Athletes and sports competitors held about 11, jobs in The largest employers of athletes and sports competitors were as follows:.

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Athletes and sports competitors who participate in outdoor competitions may be exposed to all weather conditions of the season in which they play their sport. In addition, many athletes must travel to sporting events. Such travel may include long bus rides or plane trips, and, in some cases, international travel.

Athletes and sports competitors have one of the highest rates of injuries and illnesses of all occupations. Many of these workers wear pads, gloves, goggles, helmets, and other protective gear to protect against injury. And although fatalities are uncommon, athletes and sports competitors experience one of the highest rates of occupational fatalities of all occupations.

During the sports season, they usually work more than 40 hours a week for several months as they practice, train, travel, and compete. Athletes must have superior athletic talent and extensive knowledge of their sport. They usually get such knowledge through years of experience at lower levels of competition. Although athletes and sports competitors typically have at least a high school diploma or equivalent, no formal educational credential is required for them to enter the occupation.

They must have extensive knowledge of the way the sport is played—especially its rules, regulations, and strategies. Athletes typically learn the rules of the game and develop their skills by playing the sport at lower levels of competition. For most sports, athletes compete in high school and collegiate athletics or on club teams.

In addition, athletes may improve their skills by taking private or group lessons or attending sports camps.


It typically takes many years of practice and experience to become an athlete or sports competitor. Some sports and localities require athletes and sports competitors to be licensed or certified to practice.

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For example, race car drivers need to be licensed to compete in the various races. The governing body of the sport may revoke licenses and suspend participants who do not meet the required performance or training. In addition, athletes may have their licenses or certification suspended for inappropriate activity. Turning professional is often the biggest advancement that aspiring athletes can make in their careers.

They often begin to compete immediately, although some may spend more time on the bench as a reserve to gain experience. In some sports, such as baseball, athletes may begin their professional career on a minor league team before moving up to the major leagues. Professional athletes generally advance in their sport by displaying superior performance and receiving accolades; in turn, they earn a higher salary. Others may receive endorsements from companies and brands. Nearly all athletes and sports competitors must possess superior athletic ability to be able to compete successfully against opponents.

Athletes and sports competitors must be extremely focused when competing and must block out distractions from fans and opponents. The difference between winning and losing can sometimes be a result of a momentary lapse in concentration.

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Decisionmaking skills. Athletes and sports competitors often must make split-second decisions. Quarterbacks, for example, usually have only seconds to decide whether to pass the football or not.

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Michael Phelps, the American swimmer broke the record when he won 6 gold medals at the Olympics. He passed the ball to his teammate who then went on to score the winning goal. He pitched the ball so fast that the person batting was unable to hit the ball. Record: N The best performance of goals, medals, speed etc.

Referee Ref : N The person who makes the decisions during a game. The referee signaled the players to stop and he gave the player a yellow card for kicking another player. Serve: V To throw the ball up and hit it at the start of play e. Shoot: V Shot N To hit, throw or kick the ball to try and score a goal or point e.

Michael Jordan is famous for scoring long distance shots and taking three points for the team. The spectators at Wimbledon are usually very calm compared to the shouting ones at a rugby match. Sportsmanship: N To have good or bad sportsmanship is your attitude and your respect for the other team or player when you win or lose a game.

He tried to tackle Messi, but Messi was too fast and continued to run with the ball. Christiano Ronaldo is often criticized for his lack of not enough teamwork. He prefers to do things alone. Tournament N : A number of games and competitions between a certain number of teams or players to win the championship. The Champion League tournament in Europe is probably the most famous European soccer tournament that is held every year. Most winter sports teams train through the summer months so they can build their skills and fitness.

Whistle: N To blow the whistle Phrase The small tool that makes a sound that the referee or umpire blows during a game.

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The referee blew his whistle and moved his hand to show the start of the match. These are just a few of the words in the field of sports. Build your vocabulary today so you can chat with your friends about your favorite hobby or watch your favorite team take the championship. If you like learning real-world English, you should also check out the FluentU app.

The FluentU app makes it really easy to watch English videos.