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Despite waves of pride and disappointment, there is nothing they could do to ever diminish my feelings for them.

When Your Job Doesn't Spark Joy: Marie Kondo Secrets For Your Career

I delight in loving every aspect of who they are and who they are becoming. My son is on an incredible journey of living his dreams in a public setting. I am so proud of his accomplishments but, as a parent, I know that he is so much more than what people see. Because of constant judgement, the weight of his world is sometimes heavy.

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Yet in my presence, I hold each burden so that he is free to have peace, be loved, laugh, grow and to just be. Being a father is a tremendous responsibility not to be taken lightly. Take something as seemingly simple as sleep training. There are very different schools of thought on this.

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When they are little do you let them cry it out? Take them out of the crib to hold or rock them?

Bring them in bed with you? Our youngest daughter is three years old. But our kids seem pretty well adjusted — at least so far. You can relieve some of that pressure by realizing that there are no perfect parents, so every parent will inevitably do something that your child will talk about later in therapy.

Taking on the responsibilities of being a father can add a layer of meaning and purpose to your life. I definitely would not recommend someone becoming a parent solely because they are looking for a purpose, but once someone has decided to become a parent, purpose and meaning is a benefit that comes with the territory.

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Malcolm Merlyn : With your trial. You didn't think that jury acquitted you without a little persuasion? Moira Queen : Dear God. What do you want, Malcolm? Malcolm Merlyn : I still have resources in Starling. Including one in the D.

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I followed Mr. Donner's investigation of you with interest. The ease with which you lied about us for years, it made me wonder whether you lied to me.

When Your Job Doesn't Spark Joy: Marie Kondo Secrets For Your Career

Moira Queen : No. Malcolm Merlyn : It was a matter of a simple surreptitious genetics test to confirm my suspicions. Moira Queen : Don't.