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The standards do not define how teachers should teach, the entire spectrum of instructional content, the nature of advanced work beyond the core, the interventions needed for students who may need them, and the full range of support for English language learners and students with special needs CCSS, p. An effective curriculum will delineate these areas. Together, standards and curriculum provide a process that includes a shared vision of expectations with multiple pathways for attaining them.

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The curriculum framework offered here is a model for planning and implementation that can be adapted to K in self-contained or departmental settings. Curriculum planners will find it helpful to begin by reviewing the key design considerations, stated in the Standards and their implications CCSS, p. These include:. Curriculum Planning as Professional Learning and Collaboration. Throughout the planning process, teachers, administrators, and others responsible for curriculum should be involved.

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In an era of increased attention to educator evaluation, it is important that all involved share the same information and expectations. Classroom organization should provide for various aspects of differentiated instruction to accommodate diverse needs.

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  6. Scaffolded Instruction. Provide guided support for student learning. Modeling the processes involved in reading complex texts — such as previewing, summarizing, and applying various word recognition strategies for addressing difficult vocabulary and concepts — will help reluctant readers attempt more complex texts, especially when many of these concepts have already been introduced through whole group exposure and discussion.

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    Use of Technology. The selection and use of technology for whole group, small group, and independent activities should be integrated throughout. Embed periodic formative assessments throughout. Link to the key CCSS addressed. In this way, students will benefit from meaningful assessment of their learning relative to the key standards addressed in this inquiry and, at the same time, engage in meaningful preparation for the types of items they will encounter in the future. The first two serve to inform differentiated instruction decisions for individuals and small groups.

    The third helps to inform needed adjustments to the curriculum.

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    Dorothy S. Strickland, Ph. Common Core State Standards Initiative Author Interviews Meet your favorite authors and illustrators in our video interviews. Book Finder Create your own booklists from our library of 5, books! Themed Booklists Dozens of carefully selected booklists, for kids years old. Nonfiction for Kids Tips on finding great books, reading nonfiction and more. Skip to main content. You are here Home. By: Dorothy Strickland. The curriculum framework offered here is a model for Common Core planning and implementation that can be adapted to K in self-contained or departmental settings.

    These include: An integrated model of literacy. The language arts — listening, speaking, reading, and writing — should be integrated with each other and across the curriculum. Response may take the form of written or oral explanation and argument. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration with peers.

    A cumulative model of expectations. Instruction should address grade specific standards in tandem with the broader goals of college and career readiness. Sometimes referred to as spiraling , similar standards are expressed with increasing complexity from grade to grade, providing an ongoing and cumulative progression of mastery that is refined and applied at increasingly higher levels for various purposes and in a variety of contexts. Shared responsibility for students' literacy development. Teachers in self-contained classrooms are generally responsible for the integration of curriculum.

    However, grade level planning among groups of teachers could facilitate the process. Research and media skills blended into the standards as a whole. Critical thinking with texts in all forms of media and technology is emphasized. Texts may be oral or written and make use of a variety of types of media and graphics.

    Forms may be combined for a specific goal or purpose.

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    An equal balance of literary and informational texts is desirable. Greater use of on-grade-level texts. Emphasis is placed on helping students become proficient in reading complex texts independently and in a variety of content areas. Texts representing a range of complexity should also be available for independent reading and response.


    The planning framework Initial planning Select a theme or topic of inquiry based on the local standards for your grade-level in the target content area e. Focus on key content goals relevant to what students are expected to learn or know at the end of this inquiry ex. State Standards for Social Studies: Grade 4: learning about our state.

    Free, interactive grammar instruction and practice tool. Fosters literacy through personalized reading and learning. Tool that helps student develop english literature skills. Literacy-focused modules for individual students. Facilitates student note taking, outlining and writing. Language acquisition and literacy program fosters English language skills in Pre-K and up. Research-based vocabulary instruction tool that teaches words through analagous visuals. Digital early age reading program for K-2 students designed to close the achievement gap.

    Adaptive assessment and instruction for math and reading in grades K Research-based curriculum, assessment and intervention program for reading and writing for grades pre-K through Math practice website for elementary, high school students through algebra and geometry. Over 5, free instructional videos and , practice exercises on various topics.

    Social Network for kids for reading and playing games. Lalilo is a web-based app K-2 teachers can use in their classroom to differentiate their reading instruction. Augmented reality activities for math and reading. Supplementary curriculum with interactive resources, leveled online ebooks and quizzes. Games for learning english and understanding arguments.

    Comprehensive learn-to-read app for children ages years. English language arts curriculum and instruction for non-proficient readers in grades 6 and above. Adaptive reading software for foundational skills in preschool and elementary grades. Literacy tool providing standards aligned texts, assessments and data dashboard. Interactive and engaging books for students that combine tech and language arts. Game-based program from the UK used to engage students in learning and practicing language arts skills.

    Collaborative annotation tools for students. Exercises and games for reading and and phonics. Membean is a product that be used by teachers and student as a way to enhance vocabulary learning. It utilizes a variety of vocabulary learning tools and offers test prep for students. Software for reading, writing and math with exercises, feedback and automatic scoring.

    Complete, adaptive K-8 curriculum in math and language arts. Personalized, digitally enhanced literacy and reporting platform for K-8 students. Math and reading curricula supplementary tool that incorporates learning through movement. Differentiated, high-interest texts that are organized by content area and aligned to curricula.

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    Selection of daily news articles for students. Writing platform with tools to guide students through research, writing and annotation. Full web-based curricula for core high school subjects plus LMS. Personalized activities and games teaching young students to read. Library of Common core aligned texts for ELA instruction. Digital math and ELA curriculum that automatically generates tailored learning paths for students based on internal and external diagnostics. Resources for teaching a social justice curriculum. An advanced similarity detection tool to automate the writing assessment process and provide teachers with a detailed similarity report.

    Browser add-on that measures reading activity. Personalized math and english content aligned to common core standards and assessments. Browser add-on that tracks and highlights words in any online text and incorporates them into vocab quizzes. Offers vetted videos and supplemental materials to improve students' critical thinking, writing, and research skills. Online exercises that allow students to learn English grammar by writing sentences and proofreading passages.

    Animated leveled books with pronunciation support and interactive quizzes for grades K CCSS aligned reading platform for grades 4 to 12, designed for readers below grade level. Teacher generated guided reading materials for 4th grade and up. Offers individualized automated coaching for students learning how to read.

    Reading solution with thousands of leveled readers, lesson plans, worksheets and assessments to teach guided reading, reading proficiency and reading comprehension. Interactive reading instruction for primary grades. Interactive reading instruction for upper grades and ESL students. K-3 researched-based, online reading and writing instruction program.

    Online reading instruction and practice platform designed to build capacity, stamina, and motivation. Teaches reading skills necessary to understand science texts. Free database of reading comprehension assessments. Assess and track students' oral reading progress.

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    Online reading comprehension instruction tool that provides strategies and common core aligned lesson plans for teachers. Game-based learning software for student to learn phonics and language arts skills while incorporating use of the keyboard. Adaptive K digital curriculum, blended learning services and professional development. Interactive materials targeted toward building critical thinking skills in all subjects.

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    Adaptive platform for K-8 students to practice math and reading skills. Literacy product with animation, sound and translation tools to teach Shakespeare. Reading and math assessment and targeted instruction and activities for grades K Adaptive software where students learn reading in a virtual world. Digital library that allows teachers to assign and assess Common Core aligned reading and writing lessons. Language learning software that incorporates games and other materials.

    Game-based spelling learning and Spelling Bee Prep. Spelling and vocabulary game for K-4 students. Interactive reading practice for students that incorporates the ability to track progress. ELA curriculum intervention system for students in grades 3 and above. Supplemental ELA curriculum for grades K - 3 that focuses on reinforcing core literacy skills.